Chickenfoot in Studio Photos

Jun 1 2011
Chickenfoot in Studio Photos

The 'foot has been active finishing up the new album and you can check out some photos that we'll be sharing over on our facebook page. View the photos here.

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Hope you visit Buffalo, NY!!! I'll buy youall a chicken wing to go with the foot. Luv ur tunes hope to see you live. Make it a friday night.

hey guys, igot to see you in grand rapids ,mi a couple years ago was the best,yall are the best.i need a chickenfoot fix.cant wait till 9/27/11!!! peace

Hey Guys,
Can't wait for the album to come out. Will you be holding an early release Podcast or something like that? I hope you come back to Connecticut.

C'mon! I've been getting all of my Chickenfoot updates on the VHND. Let's see the four of you, or maybe the three if Chad is busy with the Peppers, make some kind of announcement regarding a single! Mike told us about the album release date...9/27/11 on the VHND. Can't wait! How about a hint on the touring drummer, hmmm?????

Yeah, so when is the GD album coming out??

darn, i don't use facebook >=:/

nice but a little video and some comments/jokes from the band would sure be appreciated as we all wait on the edge of out seats!!

Excellent!! This gives us a better idea of how your music is put together.
I've seen studios before, but not like that; cool design and atmosphere. (I imagine the wet bar is somewhere behind the camera.) Knowing you guys actually get together and create adds to the sense of authenticity in your art. love it

I second that.