Chickenfoot Summer Tour 2009 Part One

Jun 3 2009

We're happy to announce the first part of this summer's Chickenfoot North American tour! You'll find dates for the month of August over in the tour section and we will have complete presale information coming to you Monday. Most public onsales will be the 13th and presales will begin for most shows on the 10th. If you haven't already upgraded your account to Premium Fanclub status and are interested in the presales, you should upgrade now!

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Davy Knowles will be opening.

He opened the SF, LA, and Chicago shows on the Chickenfoot Road Test tour, and he also opened for Jeff Beck on his recent US tour. He played solo acoustic guitar at all of those shows, but it looks like he'll have his band (Back Door Slam) with him this time. He's a great performer who reminds me a bit of Jonny Lang, but English. You're in for a treat.

Just read the comments below saying that the backstage experience doesn't include a meet and greet; and on top of that, the Aug 10th St. Paul show doesn't include reserved seating, only general admission. So, what does the ticket include, that makes it worth $335.00!? I feel like I was just cheated / swindled.

I have started the process of trying to get a refund for my ticket. So far I haven't had good luck. Ticketmaster transfered me back and forth for nearly an hour before I got someone who would need final approval, which may take up to a couple of days with no guarentees. Hopefully this goes smoothly.

hey sammy, mike joe and chad...when you guys come back up to seattle please DO NOT play at the outdoor amphitheaters...the sound just sucks outdoors. play in a nice medium sized venue like the paramount or the WaMu Theatre please.

We heard from one fan that there was an erroneous comment on one ticketing site offering a Meet & Greet. We apologize if anyone else thought that it included a meet & greet. Please apply for a refund and we'll be happy to take care of it. The moment we were informed of this error we had them correct it immediately and we have contacted the fan and resolved his issues. If you have not had your issues resolved, simply contact Fanfire and they will take care of you. The Chickenfoot Backstage Experience ticket does include the opportunity to be behind the scenes at a Chickenfoot show and collect some exclusive Chickenfoot memorabilia. It also includes an opportunity (by random selection) for 4 lucky fans to be on stage to watch the encore.

I appreciate it. Once you got involved the issue was resolved.

To all,
I purchased two (Backstage Experience) Tickets for $335 a piece from ticketmaster. I just found out today from the folks at Fanfire that this does NOT include a meet and greet. Its just a tour of the backstage. I am a huge Sammy fan and was really looking forward to this but $335 for a tour of backstage. I honestly dont kinow what you are getting for your money. I will be denying this charge on my credit card and fighting it as this is deceptive advertising. Please spread the word.

I had no problems getting my tickets for the House of Blues show in Atlantic City. Maybe it's because I was directed to Ticketmaster and not livenation.

And yes, the prices for the premium packages are a joke. Are we not in a recession??? My name is not Warren Buffett. :(

I just found out that Chickenfoot is coming to Charlotte, N.C. and it’s going to be outside near downtown. And I thought man I can’t wait, but I’ll have to take a day off work cause it’s on a Thursday. And I work second shift as a mechanic. I told my friend who just got laid off from my company about it and told him I would try to help with the tickets, But my god man $131.00 a ticket. DAMN. I am a big big fan of all the guys in the band. 4 tickets maybe 131.00 dollars but not for one. Guess I will miss the show. Keep rockin guys I’ll stick with the cd. I remember reading in Guitar World that Sammy said it's not about the money or fame they all have that, it's about the music. Thanks for letting me post my thoughts, Your greasy diesel mechanic guitar player.

Hi Ozzracing, I just took a quick look and there are tickets as cheap as $17/ea available ($29 after ticket/venue fees) for that show. I don't know how you missed that, but take another look. In fact, I'm shocked that tickets are available that cheaply!

I had my presale code ready and was already signed in to TM before 10 with updated credit etc. I must have tried best available 50 times with 2,3, or 4 seats to find anything. I finally got 4 ORCH Row N at 10:15. Should I be happy? I was hoping for a lot closer but at least I got em.

Either way I am psyched, Filmore NYC was awesome but I never got close.

Well, I got no tickets the last time Chickenfoot came through Chicago. Logged on to Ticketmaster and at the appointed time tried to buy, but got nothing for their Park West show. Of course I could have bought a "premium package" that day and any day right up to the date of the show but decided to pay the mortgage instead. So that day, vowing to never let this happen again, I joined the Chickenfoot Fan Club so I would have access to presale tickets in the future.

Well, yesterday, seven weeks and five days after joining, I receive my T-Shirt in the mail. That reminded me, I should log on and see if any new tour dates have been posted. So today I log on and find out that presale for tickets for an August 7th show in Chicago went on sale yesterday - d'oh! It's a case of de-ja-vue all over again! I can't buy a ticket today because apparently they only release a specific amount for the fan club and those were snapped up yesterday. Remind me again, why the **** did I join this club? For a forty ****ing dollar T-Shirt and a liberal helping of ****-all? Now I have little chance of getting tickets with others at 10am this Saturday morning as demand obviously is outstripping supply.

Sammy, call me, I have the lyrics for a rocking new blues number, called The Premium Fanclub Blues. If you record it and sell it to as many people as have been screwed trying to buy tickets for your Chickenfoot shows, it should be a #1 hit.

Real sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience, Mickey. Ticketing is a challenging scenario since there are so many different promoters and so little control over the ticketing sites themselves, etc. We do remain committed to working hard on making it the best experience possible for the fans-- that's our primary concern. Although there have been a number of people posting with problems, we do know by the number of tickets sold that the majority of people haven't had problems and we have seen a great improvement from the last presales thanks to feedback from fans and hard work from a lot of folks. You can read the more formal response in the latest emailer which is also here in case you didn't get it:

Mickey Mac: And you are pissed why? You bother to join the fan club to have a chance to buy tickets presale and don't bother to keep track when everything goes on sale? Sounds like its all your fault. Anyway, you could buy tickets right now if you have an American Express card.

Got into LiveNation yesterday thru the link here and completed my transaction by 10:07am for Charlotte. 3rd Row!!! WooHoo!! It was a long 7 minutes as it took many attempts to confirm the shipping method, but finally took me to the payment screen, then no problem. Nice for the pre-sale day to happen on the LiveNation "NO FEES" day. 2 tickets for $99.00 is a bargain for good seats compared to what other shows have been going for.


now no show? whats the friggin deal man. also, I still don't have my shirt 8 Weeks 1Day

8 weeks 1 day still no fan club shirt, got shirt at Philly show and bucket hat, have to get another shirt at AC show, g/a tix in less than 5 minutes no problems

at charlotte. woo! livenation was a little shaky, clicking continue and it would never advance. luckily started working before it timed out.

I had third row, but Livenation was screwed up this morning, and by the time I got in I ended up with 5th.

Online at 10am with presale password. Ticketmaster does not respond. Tried eight times before a response. Back of venue left side. Crappy seats for a fanclub. I guess I'll have to get seats through the public sale on Saturday. Ticket-bastard strikes again. How about a refund since I didn't get tickets....

I'm looking forward to the concert and meeting the guys; but I wish the show in St. Paul had reserve seating, considering the price. I'll just have to make sure that I hold my own up front.

I am going to the show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and the show is free. I am planning on going super early and hopefully will manage to get a good spot.

Do you have tix for this show? How'd you get them? Planning on going too but can't get any info on how to get tix other than enter drawing on Sammy's Club 1013 site. Heard that even though it's a free show, you still need ticket.

The prices of the packages are a total joke! No wonder why they didn't tell us the prices before the presale. I spent alot less to see Sammy and the Wabos and was ON STAGE THE ENTIRE SHOW!!!

I am almost offended by the price they put on the vip let alone the backstage thing !!!! WOW !

it isn't right ! not in this economy !

someone should be ASHAMED of themselves for doing this to the club members !

I was going to drive 6 hours to go to the nearest show, but am having second thoughts ....

some of us are struggling JUST TO KEEP OUR HOUSES ! and look to our musicians to help us take some stress out of our lives, NOT ADD STRESS !

I TOTALLY AGREE!! Sammy is usually really generous to his fans. I don't know what happened this time. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!!

i tell ya when i punched in VIP and saw row aa, my excitement overpowered my intelligence, and i ok'd the $400 and if it was $500 i still may have pushed the button...but if i had the time to think about it...well a reg seat would have been fine...i think it was sneeky to lay that on us after we see the seat location especially as fan club members. I intended to go to 2 shows but now only 1. Now Thats in the past..maybe the band will make it a "priceless" event?

Hey axeshredder,

This is your friend from the Fillmore. Hubby and I got row AA too!!! I tried to email you at the address listed on your website, but it got kicked back to me.

does anyone know where I can look at a "seating chart" for the Uptown Amphitheatre @ the NC Music Factory in Charlotte,NC ?

here's a link I found on livenation. you would think that nc music factory would have it on their site and you wouldn't have to go searching for it.

then click on 2d seating chart. it's kinda small but it will give you some idea of where your seats are.

Can't wait to see the foot come down hard in NY and NJ. Lifetime VH fan.(more van hagar than anything). This band has ONE monster lineup. Gonna be front and center baby! I'm counting the days!!

Try to get a ticket and Livenation is not processing correctly.

Here's all I get then Livenation stops processing.
Reserved Price Level 1
Section 102, Row 3, Seat # 14

Row 3. By the time I get a ticket it will be lawn.
And I was gonna fly from Houston to Charlotte just for this show.

MANAGEMENT HAS GOT TO FIX THIS!!!!!!! Why am I a member of a fanclub that I can't even get a ticket to?

Lets see:
1) Shirts on backorder since 4-22-09
2) Livenation is not processing the ticket that they are trying to sell me.

I am so close to being done with Chickenfoot. But please make sure you guys keep my money, that I paid for nothing.

Second time, online at exactly 10am and the Toronto show is sold out. Ticketbastard doesn't know why, Livenation says that the presales get less than 10% of the available tix and why they are once again in a small venue is beyond me (1500 seater this time). Maybe the band and management should let us all know that our chances of getting tix to these shows are 1 in a million before we pay up. Of course we can all go pay up on Ebay, but I refuse. You can have my membership and stick up ur arse..........!! What a fucking joke!

I am able to get a Toronto ticket. Just testing it for you. And it works.
Use this link

Managed to get a pair at 1110am. I guess the system was not working properly. would have been nice of Ticketbastard to mention that when I was on the phone with them?

I tried yesterday and the site wasn't working and when it finally was it still wouldn't work. Apparently you had to put the special code in the presale reg. tix for 2 people and also presale VIP for 2 tickets as I later found out after being on hold with ticketmaster for 30 minutes. The girl had to walk me through it and she wasn't even sure why it wasn't working. So I missed out on tickets yesterday and my husband got two today thank goodness but because of Ticketmaster and their screwups I couldnt even get a chance of getting VIP and they wouldn't order on the phone.. so stupid and very discouraging. I too have the membership but it didn't help..

enjoy the concert you get to see they are unbelievable!! Leah

I just got 2 tix for the Sound Academy show, but I didn't go directly to Ticketmaster. I went through the website here, and looked at the tour dates and locations, then clicked on 'buy' from here...took me directly to Ticketmaster, and bought the tix no problem. Seems for some reason, the presale stuff isn't showing up on the Ticketmaster search...go figure they're having problems!

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! The Houston date is now missing.

was there yesterday, gone today?

maybe they learned how corrupt the seating is there and changed to The House of Blues AC, NJ

That may well be the case. I thought it was kind of odd that they were playing the Borgata on the 21st and HOB on the 22nd. The two casinos are less then 1 mile apart and AC casinos usually are exclusive when it comes to booked entertainment.

Why doesn't albany show tickets goin on sale at 10 this mornin as well. I took today off to get my tickets, better not do it tommorow

Just looked on ticketmaster (Canada) and the prices go from $54.50-$356.00..yikes! Pretty steep for VIP, description pretty vague for the backstage tour?? does anyone have any idea of what that will entail for $356.00??? Wow! Will be going for sure but a little saddened by the steep prices... that's live nation for you...Cant' wait til August in Toronto!!

Livenation is listing a show for Houston that is not listed here on the tour dates. WTF?
I sure hope the code works tomorrow. I am gonna be pissed if there is a problem.

Presale THIS WEDNESDAY boys and girls !!!

woohoo !!!!

Just got the shirt a few dayz ago, BRIGHT RED CHICKENHEAD !!! looks good on me ... lol

I was one of the first ones to sign up long ago, be patient it is coming .. (slllllloooooowwwwlly)

fan~whatever does need to get there $hit together !!!!

hang in their axe ! I do believe you were not far behind me ... this whole TBA thing and no info on the presale is starting to get pritty close to the normal sale dates ...

sigh .....

I have my doubts about the Boston Live Nation pre-sale tomorrow. Still not posted. Really hoping to snag a pair. Would love to know what the damage will be as well.

Well, I ordered on April 22 and still nothing. I was told to day that backorder was in effect.

**********BUT IN GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! CHICKENFOOT September 16 HOUSTON!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered the fan package on May 5th, with the expectation of receiving the t-shirt from fanfire. The bozos screwed up the order and I had to cancel it - still without my chickenshit tshirt !!

How will I ever make it through the freekin' Arizona summer without a tour date for PHOENIX and my freekin' chickenshit t-shirt??

Cmon you guys - GET it UP.