Chickenfoot Teams up w/ Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mar 28!

Mar 23 2010
Chickenfoot Teams up w/ Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mar 28!

Joe, Chad, Mike and Sammy step into the very strange world of Aqua Teen Hunger Force this Sunday night on Adult Swim TV. Check out the episode of "I Am a Pod" in which Shake orders what he thinks is an Ipod, but turns out to be seeds to grow a Pod (a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers). The Pod is a huge Chickenfoot fan and ultimately gets to meet the band at one of their shows, turning them into aliens, and hence they take over the world on their tour. More info at

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I love to listen chicken foot songs. They are amazing and they rock. I love they're all songs and the music are also superb. I usually love to listen to their track any time. I normally don't watch this series, but I love to watch because of Chicken foot appearance only. The episode of 'I am a Pod' was hilarious and outstanding. I have brought the DVD of this series and in my leisure time I usually watch this series. My family and friends were also appreciating the show and they also love your all songs. You all are mindblowing. Keep up the good work and continue to give us good music. All the best for the future.

Damn , I love this series and especially this part . I actually watched the whole series on dvd on my tv and it was totally worth a watch . The music as well as the humor in this series is totally amazing . Chickenfoot really rocks .

Great article- thanks for sharing!

So now Mikey and Joe are left-handed player???

Im gonna check this out. Is it after the Tonight Show?I do not believe Jay Leno and his statement or revelation, whatever you need to call it, that he and Conan O'Brien were screwed by NBC. Leno committed to letting Conan take over, and it isn't as if he needed a small personal loan all of a sudden to keep up his cars. For one, Leno agreed to let Conan take over The Tonight Show – he agreed to it, and it happened. He should have stuck by his word. Second, if his show was struggling, maybe that was due to it being lame. There was an agreement in location so that the very same succession struggles wouldn't occur comparable to the Leno/Letterman situation when Carson decided to retire.

Wish I could see it too !! They came last month and cut the darn cable!!S*^t...Peace, ChicagoWaboRat

Looking forward to seeing it Sunday. Can't wait.

Why are Joe & Mikey left-handed all the sudden?

ya that was the first thing i noticed maybe its mirrored.

is it a new talent? or are they...... PODS!?

hahaha thats a funny picture!