Feb 21 2012

Tour dates announced with fan club presales starting next week! Check the tour page for more details - there is also still time to pick up your Fanclub membership before presales start.

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Was amazed when I heard Sammy was jamming with former bandmate and other amazing musicians once again. I am very interested in Sammys journey as a musician....saw him in the early 90'sin in Biloxi ms with Van Galen and was thrilled to see them. Just wondering if Sammy ever e-mails fans personally...would love to meet him & Chickenfoot. Maybe not the most hard-core fan, but genuinely happy when I hear these guys playing..Different Devil is right up there with one of my personal all time favs, and man that says alot when Led+Zeppelin is my favorite band of all times. Anyways love you guys! Would love to chat with ya Sammy bout your wonderful journey during your career! Awesome man! Awesome! That's the best way I can describe y'all! Later from Mississippi!!!!!! ROCK ON CHICKENFOOT!

Hey Guys whats up with no southeastern U.S. dates!!!!

Man, just absolutely love "Come Closer"! You should make a woman's V-Neck shirt (sexy) with the Chickenfoot logo and something "Come Closer". I bet you'd sale thousands!!!

I am so ready for this summer tour! I am in need of a kidney transplant and organ placement of 3 misplaced organs (long story) but will reschedule any surgery during DIFFERENT DEVIL SUMMER TOUR 2012. Now that is a true fan! Making all twenty shows? Would be like icing on the cake errr chicken coop.

Please join me in welcoming these four amazingly brillant talents in your area! Let's show them how much we appreciate REAL music by REAL musicians.