Fan Club Meet & Greet Contest!

Feb 27 2012

Fan Club members who mark "I'm Going" on CHICKENFOOT.US/tour for one of the DIFFERENT DEVIL 2012 shows will be eligible for an upgrade in to the meet and greet each night. We'll draw one random winner for each show and notify you within 48 hours of your show. Each winner will be allowed to bring one (1) guest to participate in the meet and greet. Be sure to RSVP and let us know which show you're attending!

NOTE: Fan Club members must already have a ticket to attend the show; the meet and greet upgrade does not include entry to the event.

UPDATE: Winning VIP upgrades are non-transferable both between persons and between venues/dates. Contest winners who have selected numerous shows and who don't attend the show for which they've won will be banned from future contests. Please, for the sake of your fellow Foot Soldiers, only select shows which you're really going to attend.

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I saw two kick ass shows in Tahoe!! Mikey, Kenny and Aaron rocked Wabo. I ran into Kenny in the lobby!!!!! I couldn't believe it. What a thrill!!! Incredible weekend. I cannot wait for LA and Santa Barbara shows!!! C'mon Sammy, I NEED A CHICKENFOOT JOB!!!

Please I would love to say Hi to you guys!!! Please pick me for the Detroit show. Thanks and keep on Rocking!!

All the way from a country town in Australia for this one. See you there soldiers!!!

20 days and counting, I would love to win the meet and greet!

im going may 14...detroit fillmore, Love Chickenfoot, since i bought the new CD, nothing else has been in my truck! would love to win a meet and greet! If not, Life is still good....gonna get my "foot" on either way!

Two weeks til Cinco de Chickenfoot in Tahoe! Got my tickets. Got my cabin. Got my posse of 8 ready to Get Our Buzz On with a Different Devil.

Crossing fingers and toes for the Meet n Greet.

Are We Having Any Fun Yet!!

Hope to meet and greet in CHICAGO!!!

I'm going to the Detroit show May 14th. Can't wait to see the FOOT!! Would be a dream come true to win Meet and Greet!

I will be at the Vegas show, would love the meet and greet!!!!!

WooHoo, going to the Vegas show with the girlfriend for the anniversary. Haven't seen the foot since the 09 tour. It will be her first foot experience. Rock On from Georgia. P.S. Check out my dog in the fan photo section. He's sporting the Chickenfoot logo.

I'm going and look forward to winning the meet and greet!!!!!!

I'm really looking forward to the shows in Minneapolis, New York and St. Louis. Really hoping for the meet and greet in St.Louis as a birthday surprise for my wife, it'll be her birthday the day of the concert in the Lou!!

We will see you at the House Of Blues in Jersey Sammy, trecking all the way from Long Island, NY....... Well worth the trip!!!!!!

Going to Vancouver show! Eighth row in front of JOE!!!

I've got my tickets for Detroit! Am very excited.
Got some tickets, went back on the site again and found even better tickets! Got them too.
Will give the first set to a friend.
May 14th can't come fast enough!! Woohoo!!!

"I'm Going" on CHICKENFOOT.US/tour for one of the DIFFERENT DEVIL 2012 shows !!! May 14th at the Fillmore in Detroit !! I would so love to meet the band !!


5/16 Boston, MA will be rockin' it Chickenfoot style!!! I got mine, DO YOU??? Will work for M&G passes!!!!!

see ya at The Brick !!!

Hoping Chickenfoot will add a 2012 tour stop in either Atlanta or Nashville. We in the South love our Chickenfoot, too!

Read The Jukebox Hero at

would love to win the meet and greet, be the 2nd best thing to happen to us are 1st was adopting are son

I'm There!! House of Blues, Atlantic City!!

I'm there!! House of Blues, Atlantic City!!


would love to win the meet and greet for st.louis it would be the 2nd best thing to happen to us are 1st was adopting are sonplayuit

I need to see you in Detroit. I have a tape that Mike would want... See Ya soon, and keep up the great work!

Chicago! can't wait! a meet and greet would make my life! either way a night with the FOOT awaits!

Cannot wait to see you guys in Portland, Or. How perfect, Only 4 mths til Cabo after that! Dream to meet you!

See ya in Tahoe...again!! Hope to see some of the regular 'redheads' and be lucky enough to win meet and greet passes!!!

Oh Yeah! I'm so ready to step out and rock with the foot in Seattle! See you guys June 6th.
I'm a long time fan of all you guys. Thanks for being part of my life's soundtrack.
Rock on my brothers!


I got mine. Tahoe x2!!! Can't wait. Bring on The Greek!

I would love to win meet and Greet just once! See you in Oklahoma!

What i want the most in my life as a musician right now is to meet YOU guys! Hoping I can meet ya! (Already met Joe, Mike and Kenny via Google+ hangouts!)

I am going too just bought my tickets for Saturday May 5th in Lake Tahoe.

I just got tickets for St. Louis. I'm taking my son and it's awesome that Chickenfoot will be his first concert!

Just got my tickets for Mohegan baby...

I missed out on the meet and greet / Sold Out!
and hoping to get lucky. AC, NJ...see ya there!!!

I"M GOING!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in Chicago!!!