Get in the crowd for JIMMY KIMMEL show!

Oct 23 2009
Get in the crowd for JIMMY KIMMEL show!

The kind folks over at Jimmy Kimmel Live wanted to make sure all our fine feathered friends knew they were invited to get tickets to this indoor performance the Foot will be putting down. The band will be performing a couple songs on the "Lobby Stage" and the taping is Thursday Nov 5th, 6pm and will air Fri Nov 6.

All of the details are laid out here ->,4424,Jimmy-Kimmel-Live-CHICKENFOOT-Indoor-Mi...

If tickets go fast, fear not-- we are working on securing some extra tickets to give out to CHICKENFOOT.US members. More news as that develops!

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I was in the hospital and couldn't take my wife to see the show as we planned. Im out of the hospital now and could take her to Jimmy Kimmel today if there are extra tickets. Mark Mastro

Here's a video of Sexy Little Thing ->

Thanks for sharing! I still contend that you guys are the best band in America! And you straight out have proven it again and again! Congratulations guys for your latest award too - you deserve it! And it won't be the last either. I just saw the broadcast and got all re-fired up all over again! (This great madness just won't "let me be".) I can't wait to see the replay on Jimmy's show on-line (& get to see ALL of "Oh Yeah"). I think everyone there came just to see you perform and I was envious to not be there. The crowd was obviously having a BLAST!

Chickenfoot - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us fans more LP'S & tourS in the yearS to come!!!! (Stadiums would be just what the Doctor ordered.) I speak for the Chickenhead Nation that we just can't get enough! I got 7 copies of the Deluxe CD set for Family & Friends for Christmas (and they'll all just have to wait and like it). I personally am chompin' at the bit to see the DVD on arrival.

Many thanks again to each and every member of the band (& your engineering and technical crew too)! You guys made my year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Jimmy & Co. also for booking you and piping your rock into our homes!


Bitten by the Chicken,
Doug Edgar, Westerly, RI/Gainesville, FL

What a GREAT time we had at the Jimmy Kimmel Show Tonight! CHICKENFOOT Rocked the House!! /|\ They played Sexy Little Thing, OH YEAH!! and Turnin' Left. Then Chad thrashed his set, as usual, and jumped into the crowd!! Thanks for another great show, guys! Can't wait for more! Keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is very cool of the Jimmy Kimmel show. Unfortunately, they are sold out. The FOOT is coming down /|\

I would LOVE to go to this! I joined the "Street Team," and then got bummed out when I saw the tickets were all gone already... Hoping to score some from!!

That ought to be cool!..GL to the LA Folks....Do Jimmy Fallons show and come to NY for the Holidays...:)