Hamburg, Copenhagen Show Cancelled Due To Injury

Jun 30 2009

Update: Chad aggravated an old injury that had not healed while playing last week in Paris. He had an MRI that revealed the injury and waited to see if he could play last week. Madrid was cancelled to allow him time for evaluation in Paris and he came to Italy hoping to play the remainder of the shows. After the weekend shows he was in pain and all were very concerned that he could need more than rest so this week's sold out Hamburg and Copenhagen shows have been cancelled to allow Chad more time to see specialists in London. Chad is a very physical drummer who cannot play a show at 50% and it is very hard for him to hold back onstage. He is very sorry he cannot play for the German and Danish fans this week. We hope we will be back to play very soon.


We are sorry to inform our Spanish fans that Chickenfoot cannot perform tomorrow night Jul 1 in Madrid due to a serious injury to drummer Chad Smith. Chad was performing on stage last night in Paris and during the show he hurt his right arm badly. He has torn his small bicep and cannot play the show Weds July 1st. The band is very sorry they cannot play for their Spanish fans this week and plan to return as soon as possible.

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Hello Chickenfoot,
Regarding your injury Chad in Paris, I hope you get better soon. Now I'm unsure as to which gig here in Europe to attend; as the Vanc\09 was unbelievably rocking. The FOOT ROCKS!!!
BTW: This site is looking fantastic!
The round-abouts are great fun; 50 km from Weert and still turning left.

It's not an official Chickenfoot announcement by any means, but Joe posted a message on's message board Thursday that said, among other things, "Chad's condition is looking brighter and we are looking forward to the last two festival shows of this tour."

So, hopefully everything is OK and the shows are a go.

Do you really think that Chad hurts his arm badly?
They sold very few tickets.
They will never come to Spain.

Da la cara Chickenfoot!

I'll take Chad's place!

I hope Chad will get well rapidly.
I'm a Joe Satriani fan...I was at about 14/15 concerts of Joe (also a Deep Purple concert with special guest Joe in early '90).
I have the tickets for the Montreux (Switzerland) show for the 4th oj July.
Please, let we know something rapidly because I'm about 350 km far from Montreux and...I would like to know if the concert is confirmed or not !!!
Thanks Chicken and sorry for my "english" !!!!!

Dear Mr. Smith,
So, the carnage continues? Sigh. I really need a 4 piece chicken meal NOT a three piece thank you very much. (You’re my favorite chicken so please go easy)

Watching you annihilate your kit….that’s gonna leave a mark

Take care of that hurt wing of yours
Henhouse out

Sorry to hear that Chad hurt his Chicken Wing... Get well soon and we'll see you in Connecticut... Be safe guys and no throwing of drums. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye or a chickenfoot.

Take care,

First I hope Chad will get well rapidly and that his injury is not too bad (Health is the more important thing we have). Second, I am really sorry for the spanish fans... and third, I hope the Montreux show will not be cancelled the 4th of July !
A french Chickenhead.

Chad i'm so sad for you. Get well very very soon! I was close to stage in Paris, i know what happened. Thank you guys for this AMAZING CONCERT at and Thank you Chad to finish this concert at Olympia!! Don't forget we love you in France et we're really sorry what happened! We hope see you again in France but at first we hope the others fan can see you!

Today, I took my car to go to my job, and I got happy listening the album and thinking in the concert of this evening, but when I arrive to my workplace a collegue said me the bad news... :-(
Chad, get better ASAP, Fans from Madrid are sending you all the positive energy to Rock this city soon

Chad, best wishes on a speedy recovery bro! I'm stoked I just got the email on the Baltimore show! I am now going to get to see my favorite band ever 4 nights out of 9! See you in Baltimore, Hampton Beach, Boston, and Virginia Beach baby! The best thing is you guys have me traveling to 3 cities that I have never seen in Boston and the 2 beaches! Getting this info on the Baltimore show is awesome since I live near by! Just don't back out on the Baltimore show at the last minute like the other guys did to me! Get better Chad, and no more trying to take Sammy out!

Hi, Chad, get well ASAP, waiting to see you in Madrid. Ponte bueno tío.

Best Regards, Un Abrazo.

Hope your injury isn't too serious. What a bummer!! Sending get well wishes your way! Hope your up and at it real soon!!
All my best...

Sorry to hear about your injury Chad! Hope you get well soon.

Get well soon Chad, still buzzing from the london show btw

I sure do hope that this is not karma for hitting Sammy with a drum of mass destruction the other night. Germany needs a happy and healthy Foot. Good old Hamburg! It's a great city that the Beatles conquered many moons ago. This European tour is turning into the greatest rock band around deciding to play roller derby while cranking out the best rock album heard in years! Keep having fun, but be safe! Yes Chad, please get well soon. Maybe we should change your name to Chad Moon.

All Hail The Foot! /|\

get well soon Chad, we need ya to be ok. going to A.C show in August. Best Wishes Rick