How The Foot Is Keeping Busy

Jun 4 2013
How The Foot Is Keeping Busy

Although they're not on the road or in the studio right now, each Chickenfoot member has been keeping very busy and here's an update:

Joe kicked off his Unstoppable Momentum world tour last month. He's currently working his way through Europe and will begin his North American Tour on August 29th. Additional show dates have just been announced so if you haven't already got tickets, check out his site for a show near you!

Sammy has announced his solo tour shows as well as a new solo album (with friends) coming out in the near future! Tour date pre-sales and on-sales are still happening as well as free shows at a couple of venues! For details, go to his tour page.

We spoke with Michael Anthony and he's had plenty up his sleeve this year! "I just recorded a couple of songs with Sammy, Chad Smith and Neal Schon for Sammy's new CD coming out later this year and I'll be joining up with The Red Rocker on the road later this summer where I hope to unleash my new Yamaha signature bass and Peavey signature amp on the masses. In addition, I'm just wrapping up a remodel on my new house down in Newport Beach; just in time for summer!! Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the road!"

Chad Smith's touring schedule with RHCP has mellowed out and he also came out to play on tracks for Sammy's new release last month. He also has recently linked up with MusicRadar to launch a new podcast series featuring a lively and intimate artist-to-artist chat each week. They kicked things off with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and you can check it out here!