More Music in 2014?

May 8 2013
More Music in 2014?

Chickenfoot is hoping to get together and make some more music in 2014.

Although they haven't played together, the guys have been seeing each other here and there over recent months.

Sammy stopped in at Skywalker Studios during Joe's recording of his new album and has commented on his hopes in this article. Joe also answered questions about getting together with Chickenfoot on a recent interview on 107.7 The Bone and Chad and Mike also recently joined Sammy in the studio to play on some tracks for him on his upcoming solo album. And of course Mike was recently on stage with Sammy at his annual Cinco De Mayo show in Tahoe.

So, the guys are busy but with Chad's time freeing up, odds are good that they'll be returning to playing music together in 2014 after Joe and Sammy's solo tours later this year.