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Jun 2 2009

Joe Bosso over at MusicRadar grabbed some time before the New York gig with Joe's guitar tech Mike Manning, Michael's bass tech Dougie, and Chad's tech Three to take a look at their gear on this tour.

Joe's Gear with Mike Manning:

Michael's Gear with Dougie:

Chad's Gear with Three:

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The one that was on Joe's amp the guitar tech grabbed. The white pedal?

New Flanger, from Vox. Probably still in the testing phase for it. That is why it is not in the set up. Either that, or he is not going to use it on the tour. Since he is not using his normal set up he would use on his solo tours.

What is the white pedal?

Thanks for posting that. Very cool for us guitar geeks. I had the pleasure of chatting with Mike in Tahoe and hes a very cool guy. I just made up a batch of his poor man Margraritas! Very tasty! Those of us who have been traveling around with Sam all know Dugie and 3 as well. All very cool guys! Thanks for all you guys do.