New Links (iTunes Celebrity Playlist) plus Gold in Canada!

Dec 16 2009

In case you haven't been keeping an eye on it, we invite you to check out the Links section of CHICKENFOOT.US, which we keep adding more cool stuff to. Did you see Chad and Joe's video documenting the holiday-themed dress-up for Musician's Friend? Seriously, Chad pulls out a double of Will Ferrell's Elf costume and Joe sports the Santa look and chaos ensues. What about today's iTunes Celebrity Playlist where the guys select and talk about 17 tunes? An archive of the guys' appearance on That Metal Show? Toss in a few reviews and interviews and shake. Click LINKS up there in the nav and check 'em all out.

And while we're got your attention, a big shout out to the Canada fans who recently made the album certified GOLD up in the great white north! Kudos and thanks so much for all the support... g'day, eh!

To everyone who came to a show and took some photos and videos-- keep uploading them here to the site, we love seeing them!

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Thanks for the news!

I just received an email from CD Japan that the new Chickenfoot live DVD (Region 2) will be available on March 31. Will this also be sold in the USA? thanks!

CHICKENFOOTLive (Title subject to change) (DVD)Price: Yen- 4200, US$(45.71) Release Date: 31-Mar-2010Live DVD release from CHICKENFOOT featuring footage of the band's September 23, 2009 performance at Dodge Theater in Arizona.

great insight to the musical taste and influence of chickenfoot.....thanks for always keeping it fresh!
...and of course..Congratulations on more Gold...but never a surprise!Thanks

Ah Jon, unless I am a complete idiot doing something wrong, (entirely possible) the playlist is not available on Australian iTunes :(

I think you may be right-- for all non-US fans, here's a link to the podcast episode. You can right-click (or ctrl-click) to save it locally and then drag it into your iTunes.