New Song Streaming - "Oh Yeah"

Apr 12 2009

We've dropped another new song from the upcoming album on you. This one, "Oh Yeah" is the first single going to radio today, but we of course let our online fine feathered friends get it a bit earlier. Check it out and call and request it on your local radio station! LISTEN

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I think it's great that so many bands are open to music streaming! It is a great way to check out new artists and get a feel for them. Looking forward to hearing the new song!

Just started listening and I have to say I am very happy to hear these mixes. Michael's sound is right back where it should be holding it down but standing out in the mix and Sammy's vocals are balanced by the heavy bottom grind and the wonderfully familiar harmony with Michael. Joe provides...well, Joe of course and it's outstanding hearing Chad just hammer away as if it was 1990 all over again. I can't wait to see this mix on stage this summer. I had always wondered when we'd hear Joe not just jam with good friends but actually craft guitar as part of a tune. Great sound and badly needed these days!!! rock without any poppy sad/aged riffs included and all the hardness necessary. An album I would gladly play loudly at a party or cruisin' down the road anytime and plan to do such regularly!! Keep rockin' y'all...this is good stuff!!

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What a show.. didn't know one song.. and loved every second of it.. they looked like they were having the time of their lives... Chad can hit those skins like an animal.. my new favorite drummer...

Does anyone now 4 sure they will be in south Florida this summer? I can stand the heat to what looks like a Outstanding Chickenfoot tour. Let me know if you have the scoop! Thanks!

Love the three tracks I have heard so far!! CAN NOT WAIT TILL JUNE send me the album NOW!!!!
Frickin AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Great Riffs Satch

I have liked every song I have heard. I put the tracks on my iPOD and have been cranking them a bunch. The guitar sounds strong....this is the kind of band we all need right now. I was wondering too....there is a song Bitten By the Wolf that will be on vinyl only. I hope this is available for download as well. Most of us don't have record players anymore and we have to have ALL of the tracks. I see that it is a Best Buy exclusive, but I hope it is also available on iTUNES....need the extra should consider recording the test shows too. It is cool bands like Metallica that record their shows and make them available for download to the fans. I plan to attend Seattle.....seriously if there would be any chance to have that for a keepsake after I would be all over that one. Just a few thoughts to think about. The fans are excited and waiting..............I CANNOT WAIT!!! THE NEXT FEW WEEKS ARE GOING TO BE A GREAT TIME FOR ROCK N ROLL.


I love all the songs so far. I can't wait till I can hear the whole album!!!

And this is it!

Love the new track ! will be great live for sure!!! Joe is amazing I need more !!

I'm really digging these tracks and I can't wait to hear the album. Keep up the good work and I hope you come to Australia!


Same old riffs we've been hearing for the last 30 years, Joe Satriani could have written these riffs in his sleep, probably would have forgotten them too if he didn't record them. No depth to the lyrics and no imagination to the vocal melody. Solo's not too bad though. Not a patch on Zeppelin. Hopefully the rest of the album will be a lot better than this.

These songs sound like y'all got in a studio one day to jam for the first time and hit record. Obviously a "supergroup" kind of failure. Where ticket and album sales rely strictly on fans respect of their favorite bands. And even though they know the songs are terrible in content, they still raise their fists in excitement. Only because they listen to the songs that the band members have wrote 10 years ago or more and are so familiar with. Considering the experience and talent each member has, I expected way more. Sammy... what happened to the songwriting skills we love from Van Halen? I liked the lyrical content more from your end than from David Lee Roth. Joe... where is the guitar wizardry that we've come to expect? Chad... where's the funky rockin drums that over the years has defined your sound? I checked the tour page and there are barely any shows in the US. Especially in the south where I'm from. I thought you were going to do a real US tour? I wish I could have something positive to say about this band. And wish I could agree with the other 3 comments. Rival Zeppelin? HAHA! Y'all are a bunch of clowns. For fans reading this thinking they've been listening to something awesome and ground breaking, look for bands that actually bust their asses to get out there and show you something you haven't heard. This is clearly a money making scheme from the record company and the chickenfoot band members couldn't care less. Watch the promo videos and they show it themselves. Don't just take my word for it.

We heard every song on the album lastnite... And loved it all.. I was at the 2004 VH show in Hamilton and almost walked out .. Eddie was a joke.. and has no respect.
Chickenfoot is the real deal.. rock and roll is supposed to be fun.. And that's exactly what it was lastnite in Toronto... BEST SHOW I HAVE SEEN IN FOREVER.
And Micheal .. I know you read this... 10 thumbs up.

Looks like EVH isn't too happy with Sammy and Mike's newest accomplishment out shining his previous (and so obvious) "money making scheme" via the "Reformation" of VH. You want to talk about a "Sorry Excuse"? That whole tour was a nightmare, for your son as well as the fans who paid their hard earned money to watch you perform drunk (once again) on stage.

Chickenfoot are for real. Get used to looking up from the bottom, or stop whining and start playing like you once did.

Get a life! There are way more than 3 songs on the album, and even the 3 songs out are amazing! Screw you!

dude u have no life. they r doing a us tour. these are "test shows"
read the fukin page. the us tour is in the fall. these songs are amazing, so screw u

Can't wait to hear this one live...whos's doin' keyboards? maybe Ed...ha ha just kidding. Keep 'em coming! Sounds soooo good...-matt

You guys are healers Fair Dinkum THANKYOU Chickenfoot !!


See you Fellows at Shepherd's Bush Empire, i cant wait :-)