New Video for live version of "Something Going Wrong"!

Oct 18 2012
New Video for live version of "Something Going Wrong"!

Chickenfoot's first album is re-released and re-packaged with a bonus disc featuring 4 exclusive live tracks from the "Different Devil" tour: Lighten Up, Big Foot, Last Temptation and Something Going Wrong. This video combines never-before-seen footage from rehearsal and performance and backstage footage from the Different Devil tour.

Check it out at

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Huge fan of this Band ! Love Van Halen , loved Van Hagar , Keep the real rock coming Gents. 2 excellent albums so far ! Is it true chickens pee through their feet ?

AWESOME video so cool love this song LIVE ,i got my union jack flag on the Video too from uk manchester show ,hope this gets put on blue ray in the future too keep, Great memories there for me long live CHICKENFOOT /|\ come back soon to rawk our world O YEA !