New Video for "Soap On A Rope"

Aug 18 2009

Check out Joe, Chad, Mike and Sammy in the second full-length Chickenfoot Music Video which combines recent live performance, rehearsal footage, and sees the guys working through their rather .. unusual... cabling issues. It's in the widget, on the home page, and also on Facebook and Youtube.

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Hey Joe what's up with the Marshall?

I saw Sammy a LONG time ago in Riverside! Was great then and has only Gotten BETTER!

Love the video I have it posted everywhere!! Love when Mikey whips down the waterslide...sooo funny, whose house was that at?? They sure look like they are having fun. Thanks to Live Nation for my amazing experience with the backstage tour and the opportunity to chat with Mikey on the side of the stage...I've seen Sammy 4X this year and its never enough going through chickenfoot withdrawl!!! Come back to Ontario, Canada...I am an Independent Dental Hygienist with my own home clinic can take care of their preventive dental hygiene needs anytime!!!

great video, had us bustin a gut here at work, I will have my favorite "BUZZ ON" tonight at A C show. Chickenfoot ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick

I think this is my favorite music video ever. I was laughing out loud. Almost as funny as Monday night at the Beacon when Joe's Mom came on stage. Sammy, you are the best!

Lovin it. C U N CABO!

Awesome video guys! Also, extremely fun and energetic show in Baltimore last night! Would have loved to heard "Runnin' Out" (one of my favorites), but I'm sure I will see you guys play it in Hampton Beach, Boston, or Portsmouth! Keep it up guys, and oh yeah, I loved "Passed Out"! If only I was next to that guy! See you in NH!

It's not my favorite song on the CD, but I love the video. What a blast. I wonder how much weed they smoked making that? An amazing show Monday night at The Beacon. They sounded "completely on". But why no Highway Star?

Awesome video. loved it. Fully of fun, energy and the power of the foot.

OMG!! How fun is that!! I witnessed Chickenfoot last week in KC-front and center- and these 4 AWESOME guys are having so much fun!
Can hardly stand waiting for the Tulsa OK show!
Sure wish they would make a stop in St. Louis-I'd so be there too!
Thanks Sammy, Mikey, Joe and Chad for some great, FUN music!
Love ya!
"Big Mama"-Jamie, and her girls-Erica and Alyssa-AKA "Spanky" from the KC show!!

Awesome! Simply AWESOME!!

~Darlene in R.I. [/|\]

Awesome compilation of footage that captures the spirit of the band. Anyone know which venues the live performance clips were filmed at?

Glad you're digging the video-- to answer your question, the live performances are from the Fillmore in SF, Montreux Jazz Fest, and Graspop.

AWESOME Video!!!!! Chickenfoot is the best thing to happen musicly in the last decade! Ive been a Sammy fan since 1992. This is my 1st time hearing Joe play (on this cd) ...he blows Eddie VH away! I love Chad drums better than Alex's style too. And background vocals hands down...and his bass on this cd is KILLER!!!! I hope they make 1 or 2 more videos. Cya at the Universal show! johnny