Next Up: Phoenix Being Filmed!

Sep 15 2009

As the band moves closer to the end of this tour, there's another night being captured for possible use on a future DVD release. So on Wed the 23rd, all of you in Phoenix stomp your feet down for the Foot and see if you can show up Atlanta!

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I was at the phoenix show and it was awesome and it rocked i was in the 7th row section 4 right in the center i bought the premium package i did want to get the backstage experience but ohh well i had a great time and Sammy,Joe,Michael and Chad were awesome. Im a big big satriani fan have been listening to him since the early 80's he is hands down the best guitarist in the world and i cant wait till he comes back on tour in which i hope he still does. My girlfriend even caught a drum stick from Chad Smith she was so happy. I cant wait till chickenfoot's next album/cd and tour cause i will be there and with the backstage experince you guys rock keep it up and i'll see ya at the next show later....

AS a long time fan of Sammy, Mikey, Chad and Joe this is Christmas, freaking rocks, I love to play this at stop lights loud. My daughters senior school song is Eagles Fly how cool is that. Can you throw a few more east coast dates? maybe my daughters graduation for the school, to do Eagles fly?

Guys I am stoked I am rockin cause you are. Joe man you fly

One way 2 Rock

We were at the Phoenix show last night and it rocked !!!!!!!! We were on the front row and it does not get any better then that .We purchased the back stage package and due to filming they had to change a few things so we got to listen to there sound check which was pretty cool!!! And then did a quick tour backstage and Mikie was so cool I was able to get a picture with him it was great ...The band was freaking fantastic they sounded so tight it was like they have been together forever one of the best shows I have expreinced ,,,,I strongly recommend that if you get the chance this is one concert you dont want to miss and you we will not be disappointed :)This is what real rock and roll is all about ,,,The best to all Shelly & Ringo

the Greek Theatre is going to be awesome too, its such a beautiful theatre and its my third time seeing the foot. maybe i can get a stick and not in my eye.....

I have 2 tickets to Chickenfoot @ the Gibson Theater in Los Angeles, Sept 27th. Loge 12 - $30 ( each or obo)u wont get a better price than this i think!

2 tickets - Section: Loge 12, Row: U , seats 1 & 2 .. Right on the ISLE, CONVENIENT!

Get NOW while Still cheap! ---->

Very cool!

How do they decide which shows their going to film?

~Darlene in RI /|\