Apr 17 2009

A huge thanks to the overwhelming demand that we've had to the presale for the nine ROAD TEST shows in the US! Since these are very small venues, the demand far exceeded the availability and we know that left some fans very happy and others very disappointed. Tickets sold out for the shows in minutes but we want you to know we are returning this summer to play the US and Canada in larger venues. We also want to let you know that we have gone to great lengths to keep these tickets out of the scalpers hands-- all tickets are sold for pick up at will call with ID so do not buy tickets at any secondary ticket outlets!

It was a very small bottleneck to squeeze through to get tickets, if you were unable to get through do not despair!! Some shows still have public onsales coming up so you have one more chance there, plus watch for other tour announcements soon!

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Hi chickenheads!!!

are there any and i mean ANY friends out there in the U.S who can help me out and get a cd and vinyl for me and forward it to Australia as that So Called company "best buy" don't ship here as we must be a third world country (funny as both satch and sammy hagar have been here many times) My email is if anyone can help. It will be greatly appreciated an who knows maybe i can get something for you from the land downunder. Sorry can't send kangas or koalas through post lol .


june 12th show sounds wicked fly. i will be there. jacked up on relentless

Paddy Power Poker Voucher

Live Nation has tickets for these shows going on-sale June 13th!

Any info on how the post concert gathering was done to distribute the CF Premium Package items? And does anyone have any pix to post of what the items look like?

El Corazon in Seattle is a classic shit hole, and the show kicked ass.

Again....Where's my shirt?

Did anyone get a Shirt yet? I joined the Buck Cherry Fan Club and no shirt either. Must be the latest scam.

My understanding is that the shirts were backordered but are due in very soon and will be sent out immediately once they are received. If you have any questions at all about your Fanclub tshirt (or other issues), please don't hesitate to contact Fanfire at or 800-767-7160 (6am – 9pm Pacific).

Thanks for the heads up Admin, every little bit of info helps. oh and tell that cute little redhead Wendy H. the Hitman says hi.


I just got off the phone with them and they have no idea when they will be getting a shipment of shirts. Has anyone received theirs yet? I ordered mine on April 10th and so far the only thing I have got from my $40 is an email saying I am a fan club member. No show tickets because all the shows were 600 miles away. I know local bands who don't have this many issues with t-shirts. It should be simple to make the shirts, it is a 1 color 1 screen print, so I am not sure what the hold up is. If you need new t-shirt printers, let me know, I know several people that do it. That is my only complaint. The music and videos I have seen so far are awesome. Can't wait til you guys come to Cleveland Ohio. Only 10 days till the album release.

So glad i was able to score the ticket!
I missed the pre-sale but luckily more early entry tix were released later and I got one!!!!!
Wished I had the T-Shirt already too so I could wear it to the show...but maybe we won't get them till later.

Anyone know if they might do a M&G for the early entry peeps??? That would ROCK!
I'd trade all the 'swag' they're gonna give us for a minute with the band! ;-D


Where's my shirt

Has anybody heard from Fanfire about a shirt yet? I wrote them an e-mail asking them if they could respond to me about when I might get a shirt but all they keep doing now is sending junk mail over and over. Today I got three different copies of the same Fleetwood Smack letter from them. No response to my letter.....

i know! fanfire keeps sending me the same fleetwood mac junk over and over. keeps saying its a test
cant wait for the shirt though, and especially cant wait for chickenfoot in sf on may 17!!!!!!

After reading all of the post about the website and presale and issues of being charged multiple times for items, I am now questioning my joining the FC.

Did I make a mistake? ANd should I contact my credit card company and stop payment?

No way dude! Keep the fan club membership for the summer tour coming up! The posts you see with the multible charges are ALL based around Ticketbastard's and LiveRapetion's poorly labeled and unexplained ticketing options. The band has gone to great lengths to insure we fans get tickets at face value. I completely expect they will do the same on the fan club pre-sale for the "real" North American tour.

I say "The REAL tour is coming! Hold out!"


I bought my fan club membership as soon as I found out they were available. I know that Chickenfoot will come to Ohio as part of their big tour. Why can't you people just enjoy being part of something this cool and big? THERE WILL BE A LARGER TOUR!!!! I am just so excited and can't take all the bitchen about how they aren't coming to your state, or they sold out quickly. For all of us that don't get to watch till the big tour, well the band will be rockin by then and out of the practice stage. So get the f*** over it

I didn't know that when I said I "hope" they come to WI I was complaining or whinning ......

not directed toward you personally, just everyone in general b****ing about being ticked off they didn't get tickets. I am sure they will come OH when it is time. I have read people complaining about not getting tickets, and making it sound like the band was ripping them off. I think the vip packages were a pretty good deal, for all the stuff you get. I just hope when they go on the big tour, they do the arena's and not the House of Blues crap. We just saw Joe at House of Blues in Cleveland and the people there were the worst group of jerks I hope to never meet again. I could hardly concentrate on the show because 75% of the people were taping it on their cell. I hope I never have to go to the House of Blues again

No offense taken .......everyone is excited about the new group and I think some of the people just need to vent and that's what's great about a forum like this. Its nice that we can voice our opinions right or wrong......Sry to hear that you had a not so good time @ the HOB. There is good & bad with small venues along with the larges ones so with that said here's to hoping to see them in many venues across with Midwest! :)

Well said tnt....ditto


Come to Minneapolis Please.......

Yeah a 50 dollar t-shirt and no chance at a ticket. Don't I feel special.

Fellow Chickenfoot Fanamaniacs,

Lets fight this crap with sellers scalping on ebay. I don't know if it will help or not, but if a bunch of us do this, it can't hurt. And its fast easy. I started, lets all do this.

1) Sign into Ebay

2) Go to this link:


In the 1st drop box put--Listing Violations

In the 2nd drop box put--Prohibited (banned items)

In the 3rd drop box put--Event Tickets

In the 4th and final Drop Box put--Innappropriately Listed Ticket packages

4) Copy and paste these 16 item numbers, separated by commas

260395323547, 350191955790, 150339946906, 160329375882, 280331114612, 190301121565, 190301124071, 190301817239, 120408297078, 350192569194, 400044573677, 110379364810, 110379364795, 120408258950,
200332122675, 170307467855

5) You will receive an email from Ebay. Respond with this copy and pasted message:

In regards to my complaint of the items listed I want to accompany this message:

The following items are for event tickets that won't be honored by the venue. The artist has put in a valiant effort to prevent their fans from being ripped off and scammed. The artist and the venue have made it so that each person may only purchase 2 tickets. Only the people who purchased the tickets will be admitted into the event by showing their ID and credit card that they used to purchase these tickets. These people are selling tickets on Ebay for items that they will not be able to honor. These rules are explained on both the website for the artist and the website for the ticketing agency. Please prevent these sales from going through before Ebay and Paypal have huge backlashes from fans.

260395323547, 350191955790, 150339946906, 160329375882, 280331114612, 190301121565, 190301124071, 190301817239, 120408297078, 350192569194, 400044573677, 110379364810, 110379364795, 120408258950, 200332122675, 170307467855

Thats all folks, this will give us a chance to either hold ebay or the scalpers accountable, and if nothing else it will make it more difficult the these scalpers to rip off the true Chickenheads!


I've got tix to the Middle East show in Cambridge. Can you pick-up tix before the show or only the day of the show. I understand the band is doing its best to keep tix from the agencies (me and my friend paid through the nose for J Geils tix at the grand opening of House of Blues) but logistically it sounds like a nightmare doing it the day of the show.

I am wondering if the will call will be similar to the way the AC/DC will call was during their latest tour. When you arrive at the venue, they will swipe your credit card and check your ID and then they will give you two paper tickets (they didn't give us hard tickets) and you will then have to enter the venue immediately.

If it's anything like Sammy's on stage tickets - you stand in line and once they verify you bought the tickets, they put a wrist band on you. There were no tickets involved everytime we did it.

November 2008 Toronto AC/DC show wasn't will call. I was mailed paper tickets.

This fan club pre-sale is a joke.

People are selling tickets for $300+ each for what we paid $50 each for. Remember you have to show your ID and purchasing credit card when picking up tickets at will call. Please everybody be careful. Don't risk losing your money and don't destroy the integrity and the effort that Chickenfoot has done to prevent scalpers from ripping off and scamming the TRUE FANS! If you can't see them on this short tough, you will see them on the bigger post Europe tour, when you have already memorized every lyric of every song on the entire album!

Hope to see everybody in Chicago!


My wife and I were lucky enough to score VIPs at the opener show in Seattle. I was really stoked about the show...this was the very reason I joined the fan club. When I heard it was at such a small venue, even with the fan club I was still worried. This is not a normal concert and these are not normal musicians. These are all rock legends who are starting up something new and fierce. After reading some of the posts for all those who had issues....I feel very, very lucky. I am really grateful that I will be going to this one. No one musician has had a bigger impact on me than Sammy Hagar and I will always be a fan. I just can't imagine missing this one. I feel for anyone who couldn't get in. I have been there and it is no fun. For us lucky Chickenfoot fans, the countdown is on....this is going to be AWESOME.


Yes, it's true. regular tickets are sold out but you can still get VIP tics.
C'Mon Philly, Fan Up!

WOW! Looks like I was one of the lucky ones! My wife with complete instructions in hand scored two tix to the Cambridge show on 5/26 with no issues during the presale Friday 4/17. The FOOT is going to rock the house. I'm a huge Sammy fanatic and a chance to see him with Mike, Sach, & Chad Smith in a small venue like this is going to be nuts!
Good advice listed in this blog about ticketmaster. Login before you are about to buy and make sure all the details are complete or you'll suffer pain and agony with no tix. Let the fun begin!


I almost had GA tickets for the Philly show. I couldn't get all the way through check-out so I called Live Nation for help. After being accused of making a prank phone call for some band called "Chickenfoot" that the operator never heard of, I eventually hung up in anger! My session timed-out, I lost my tickets and the show sold-out. After crying and cursing for about an hour, I went back in to see that VIP tickets were still available. Decided to buy them, couldn't check-out again, and called the fabulous people at Live Nation. This time I got an operator that knew what was going on and told me that I didn't enter my phone number in both the billing and shipping addresses. So, thanks to stupid phone number and an ignorant Live Nation operator, I'm out over $400!!! I'm thankful to have tickets because there was no way I was going to miss the show. I just would have preferred 2 $42 GA tickets over 2 $217 VIP tickets.


I need to go drink some Cabo! :(

i suppose it's not possible to add a second shoo to honour some of those with a pre-sale code but no place to use it? Even for 1 seat.

Can't wait! SEE YOU IN THE CITY BY THE BAYYYYYY!!!!!! haha!
I am an official chickenhead!
I got were unavailable in about 4 minutes after they went on!

I'm glad I got in on the presale...I would have been PISSED if I wasn't able to get a ticket for this one!!

To all of you who were able to get tickets for the shows. Time to plan a pre-party for the San Francisco show!!

Joined the fan club for pre sale tickets.Live Nation site sucks,kicked me out because of a period after my middle initial? Fixed it for regular release today to no avail ticks gone in minutes.Sure would love to see this show.Somebody help me out.Looney needs a ticket.925-827-9267 or

Tickets gone for the Middle East in less than 1 minute?! I was right in there at 10 and didn't even have a shot! Seems like Ticketmaster shadiness to me! I'm not paying hundreds for VIP so I'll catch you guys next time around.
It's just really disappointing the way the whole ticketing system works these days. Ticketmaster and the agencies have made it impossible for real fans to get good tickets without paying through the nose. Other than that, I have no strong feelings on the subject...

I had two tix in my cart at 10:00am and live nation would not let me continue to checkout on my live nation account it just let my session time out and released my tix!!!This is worse than not even being able to access tix.I thought ticketmaster was bad but this is an all new low!!!

I tried for tickets Saturday morning for the Toronto show.
Wasn't able to get any; was on the Ticketmaster site right at 10am - none available.
I assume the show was sold out due to the fanclub presale.
Thought some might be reserved for the general public at least.
$50 is pretty steep for the package which is basically a t-shirt.

i 'bought the Tshirt' but still couldn't get a ticket. Imagine how stupid i feel?

Just FYI Pre sales can only sell 10% of the total tickets available. I was able to get tickets at 10 am, public onsale, for Seattle thru TicketsWest but it did sell out FAST!
These venues are small but dont worry Chickenfoot will play bigger venues in the US later this year!

I clicked on the wrong ticket package, paid more than I should have, don't have early entry,
no autographed poster... but I'm there.
Why was it so confusing? did anyone else have this problem?

I struggled with the internet sale but the lady at ticketswest helped me get two with my code on the presale. I would probably be pissed too if I didn't get tickets so I am sorry to those true fans that didn't but don't hold it against the band. These are small shows and they were trying to stop the scalpers.

Yah, I didn't get my Pre-sale ticks but I got 'em this morning. "The Foot is Gonna come down hard!"

As far as the Philly show goes anyway. Philly Fan Club Presale tickets were available all day Thursday and for some of Friday as well. I know this because I logged in to LiveNation just about every 2 hours and checked because I was curious as to how fast a 800 seat theater would sell out for a show like this. I was surprised it took that long to sell out the presale. Now the regular sale was a different story, although I have 3 friends that got 2 tickets each within the first 5 minutes of the public onsale. I think they must have sold out in 6 minutes because some of my friends didn't get any after that. You have to expect these shows to sell out in minutes due to the small theater sizes. I think CF did a great job getting tickets into the hands of the real fans. I know in Philly there will be 800 happy screaming rock and roll maniac's who only had to pay face value to see one of the hottest shows this year!
As for scalping, I think the only way that can work is if the scalper is going to the show and sells his second ticket to a buyer, they meet outside the theater will call window and then into the show they go.
Due to the will call/ID format of these shows I would not trust any broker or private tickets sales. At any rate, I think everyone needs to give CF a break here and calm down "They will be back soon" for the "real" tour this fall and we can all be there!