Apr 17 2009

A huge thanks to the overwhelming demand that we've had to the presale for the nine ROAD TEST shows in the US! Since these are very small venues, the demand far exceeded the availability and we know that left some fans very happy and others very disappointed. Tickets sold out for the shows in minutes but we want you to know we are returning this summer to play the US and Canada in larger venues. We also want to let you know that we have gone to great lengths to keep these tickets out of the scalpers hands-- all tickets are sold for pick up at will call with ID so do not buy tickets at any secondary ticket outlets!

It was a very small bottleneck to squeeze through to get tickets, if you were unable to get through do not despair!! Some shows still have public onsales coming up so you have one more chance there, plus watch for other tour announcements soon!

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Got my pre-sale tickets no problem! Can't wait to see Sammy, Michael, Joe and Chad - this is gonna be a ROCKIN concert....


guess I either am retarded anymore or Live Nation/Ticketmaster f***ed me again because just as the AC/DC show in Scranton I can't order tickets for the Philly show....and I am not sure how well others fell about this but I refuse to go to Stub Hub, TicketNow or E-bay and bid on them...this is complete BS and makes for the normal fan that works at keeping his spending to a minimum away from these shows....that so sucks I was really looking forward to seeing the Philly show.... I guess it sucks to be me that won't pay the scalpers prices....for thos of you going keep us "outsiders" posted on how much it kicks ass!!

Some good points posted thanks guys... I think paying the $40 membership fee is totaly worth it for getting the presale code. I may have miss out today, but I'll be there at the fall show... see you guys in T.O.

I had no problem buying tickets when they went on sale yesterday. You have a 2 ticket limit and have to show ID to get in, I think Sammy Hagar does the best he possibly can to get his tickets to his fans. We go to Cabo every October and even though it's work, we always get tickets to see him. We appreciate seeing Sammy for free in Cabo at his Birthday Bash shows and his tickets in the USA are always reasonably priced.

Read the top. "Prseale Madness"
I know Toronto had a 2 ticket limit...and you need ID to pick up the tickets at the venue the night of the event. So it would be difficult to get around that, especially how fast they sold out...I think anyone that buys them from e-bay or other ticket resellers will be out of luck...the scalper will pick them up and be ushered through the door, there will be no way to hand them off to the sucker who paid several $100 for the ticket.
Just face it..only a very few lucky SOBs will get to seem them live in the small venue.
They'll be back playing the large arena's in the fall...
I know I'll have to wait..even though I would have killed to be at that show!

I think the foot did a great job of trying to keep them out of the scalper's hands and into the REAL fans.
Rock on foot...I guess we'll see you in the fall (tear..tear)

"We also want to let you know that we have gone to great lengths to keep these tickets out of the scalpers hands".........but, they're at Stub Hub for $348.00.
I'm glad I joined the Fan Club, but to late for me. I thought I could just get them through the regular public sale. I'm hoping you add show in N.J.

this fucking suck
i went on at 12.00pm click to get tickets no show
what else is new
never going to get to see these guys

well good luck
maybe i will buy cd maybe not
this left a bad taste in my mouth

i no that i have to expect it but come on
tickets go on sale at 12.00pm and 12.01 pm no tickets

the fact that we paid 40.00 for a pre-sale in Seattle that didn't happen pisses me off to no end. While I don't blame the band themselves it's their face on the cover and they sign the checks to the people who screw the fans. As you can see by their posts they are covering their asses by posing as fans and posting
their version of the events. past history has shown us that we can't trust these exclusive pre-sales like the Ozzy Black Rain cd by the CD get a ticket to Ozzfest scam, Ticketmaster buying up all their ticket and marking them up under a subsidiary company. At least the scalpers tell you up front they're screwing you not standing behind smiling Sammy who tells you it's cool; buy the fanclub and I'll take care of you. password invalid? how's that work? I paid for 6 shows last year and shelled out an easy $3,000. My music collection has over 2,000 CDs paid for not burned. I'm done I'll listen to th radio, burn my CD's from friends like everyone else does. Screw it

Are U a Fan Club Member...I am. Reason I ask is I bought pre-sale in Chicago no problem. Sorry U had problems. They will comeback to play larger arenas. I'm a Ticketmaster pro...when U buy tickets make sure U are logged into Ticketmaster (U should have a ticketmaster account with credit card info saved on file) BEFORE U order... then cut n paste the fan club code....By doing this steps U by pass almost everybody. I've never been shut out of show. Hope this helps in the future

Went online to ticketmaster at 10am to purchase 2 tickets for me and my son ($52.50)... none available, went to tickets available ($353 ea.) this is F%$#&@ ridicules with what is going on in today economy and people losing jobs and homes Something should be done about this.

One pi#@ed off Fan.

Once again Ticket Master con everyone. Went online for the pre-sale yesterday and no tickets available. Went on-line at 10:00 am this morning for the general public and still no tickets. how can that be?

If Chickenfoot want to be considered a legitimate act then they'd better start taking control of the sale of their tickets. I know the toronto venue isn't the biggest, but this is ridiculous.

I was there 10 am clicked the thing, swear to god had to be the first person to click it. I sat at my computer since my last post @ 9:20am. No tickets, all I wanted was one. I invited like everyone on my facebook to become your fans and what the hell how is that not possible that I didn't get tickets. If anyone from the band reads this please please please Get me just 1 ticket. I will be forever greatful. Toronto MOD Club.

I've Even got Sammy's dunlop picks straight from CABO!!! and the TEQUILLA! MAN Please help me out. The webmasters got my info for contact. You can charge my credit card

I got nothing! I was on ticketbasterd the second the Toronto tix went on sale (both days). This sucks so bad.It's not right something is rigged here. Check out all the tickets on ebay!! That's not fair taking them from the fans and trying to sell them back 4 at $1,604.39. Chickenfoot HELP!


40 minutes and counting til they go on sale!!! I pray to god I get tickets! you guys rock i've listened to the tracks you've released many many times. I Also have a bottle of Sammy's Cabo Wabo Tequilla on hand for concert night, it's great stuff if you guys haven't tried it get out there and buy it up!

I also "bought" the $40 fan club shirt but the initial mini-tour isn't coming anywhere near me, so the whole presale thing was for nothing. I'm hoping the fan club membership lasts at LEAST a year so if they hit Ohio in the fall, I can use a presale code for one of those shows.

Hell, they didn't even ask what size shirt I wanted. Did I miss something?

You'd think they'd toss in a copy of the CD with membership, or a digital version of it, or one of those nice autographed photos. Sheesh.

They did ask for shirt size.....think you missed something

It wasn't there for everyone. It wasn't there when I signed up. The whole website/fanclub here has had issues from the start. I never got a confirmation email for my membership. Didn't know I was supposed to get one until a couple days before the presale when I logged in to get my code and got a message that I never activated my account thru my email link. In regards to the shirt size, I got this from fanfire on the 21st:

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately the option to pick a fan club shirt
on the site is not available; however you will be sent an email that will
enable you to pick a shirt size for the fan club. Sorry for the

And, from checking in at, I know I'm not the only one who received this email or didn't have the option of picking a shirt size. I would just like to get my shirt before the tour starts so I can wear it to the show. If anybody monitors this at fanfire, keep in mind all of us would probably like to wear the shirts we paid for.

An annoyed but still excited Chickenhead.

I was not given an option either but then again some people said they did have that option. I emailed them shortly after joining on 4/8. No response I called fanfair 800# and sp/w with a rep stating that they would email some coupon code and a link to choose my size. Have not gotten that as of yet either. I was told that she had no date or ideal when the shirts would be availible either. Hopefully the will have there act together soon and things will get better. I am also hoping the foot hit WI in the fall!

Scored to VIP to TLA in Philly!

Yay. I got 2 tix for the debut show in Seattle! Go Michael Anthony! Woo!

hey this is dacotah i've been a bid rehead,vh,satriani, and red hot chili peppers fan. BUT THIS JUST BLOWS MY MIND!!!
what pisses me off is that none of my friends have heard of u guys.
I'm probably the youngest fan you guys have!!
i ordered the shirt and can't wait to wear it to the concert!!
CHI-town baby!
hey sammy I saw you in the chicago theatre in 07 one of the best concerts i've been to.
it was funny how wasted some people in the audience were.

Peace- youngest chickenhead fan- Dacotah Dudley!!


They are gonna rock the city by the bay hard-cant wait!!!!Didnt score 1013 early tickets bur=t goton the chickenfoot websight. See ya at the FILLMORE!!!! Saw these guys all jam at the Wabos concert last Jan at the Palms in Vegas last year. WOW!!! Thats all I can say. Cant wait


I got mine for Seattle!

Awesome!! See you in Tahoe very soon!!!!

I tried to convince my wife to come to the Toronto show...too late now!

Hope you swing into Ottawa for the FULL tour though the small venue would have been awesome, I love the sound in small venues vs. large ones!

I was able to get 1 single for the Toronto show...ticketmaster wouldnt let me get 2(mf's)...I thought that was the purpose of the fan club membership...oh well, gonna try for one tomorrow at the public presale. How come I am seeing them up for sale on craigslist ??? I dont understand...

I've been looking forward to seeing the band for months now...I was probably one of the first Club Members to join. I've told so many here in San Diego that didn't even know that Chickenfoot was happening. I can only hope the band makes it to San Diego.

Got myself a pair of VIP for the Roxy show. Can't wait for the show! History in the making!

2 VIP tix for the Park West in Chicago!!!!! Can't wait..................OH YEAH!!!!!!!

I am one of the very happy fans. Going to the Roxy on the world famous Sunset strip in Hollywood CA. So stoked .............. I can't wait.

Nice job- Chickenfan - I am in with your other ticket for the Roxy!!!!

What a fantastic night to be had May 28th @ Irving Plaza.................:)
This is truly a dream come true to see these guys together.
I've seen Satch play almost everytime he's here and its got to be truly some of the best damn performances I've ever seen!
Joe always leave me and my friends wanting more. Just an amazing guitarist with soul and insanity! Godlike!
Sammy and Mikey plus Chad OMFG! is all that can be said! OMFG!!!
All you maniacs on stage is surely going to be something, and I for one will be witness to this incredible show!