"Re-Machined": A Tribute to Deep Purple's "Machine Head"

Jul 29 2012
"Re-Machined": A Tribute to Deep Purple's "Machine Head"

We were going to announce this soon, but the music press is abuzz with this already so here goes: Chickenfoot has a track on the upcoming official Deep Purple Machine Head tribute album! The 'Foot performs "Highway Star" on the compilation, titled Re-Machined, and we think you'll love the results. The UK release date is set for September 4th, and expected to be October 1st in the US, so watch the stores for it or submit your pre-order.

Steve Vai, Santana, Iron Maiden and Metallica are among the rest of the acts taking a turn at other cuts from this classic album, which also includes a SWEET 124-page magazine with interviews/etc.

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Awesome guys! That rocks. Saw you play that song so many times in 2009, and it is better everytime I hear it. Looks like a great tribute album all around! Happy to see Chad on several tracks...