"Road Test" Rehearsal Photos

Apr 28 2009

The boys have been hard at work rehearsing for the upcoming ROAD TEST shows and we knew you'd want a glimpse behind the scenes, so we've posted a photo gallery from last week's activities over on our Facebook gallery and Myspace gallery.

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Is Meet & Greet part of Backstage VIP Experience?

Thanks in advance.

Took my son to the Phiily show and we had a blast.Drove up from Virginia and we were very close to the front only two people standing in front of us. The show rocked and I will be seeing them again when they do their North American tour.
It is a shame they couldn't have put out a double disk. Glad to hear Sammy get back to a little more rock sound.

I have to say that the meet and greet was the biggest let down ever! it was not even 30 seconds and you couldnt get an autograph or photo. they didnt even give you time for a hand shake. They took photos for us and said they'd be posted on the website. Where the hell are they?

Sorry to hear you didn't have a great meet & greet experience. These small club shows are a very big challenge for crew and logistics are crazy and sometimes every little detail can't go off perfectly. The meet and greet photos are posted to http://www.chickenfoot.us/tour/meetandgreet/

The band has NOTHING to do with what that guy is going through... don't get me wrong , it sounds like he had a BAD time all around and sucks as a fanclub member, however this is all new and growing very very fast , so I hope whoever is running the club stuff can start including the club members to things (like meet and greets) for the people who do more than just support the band. Either way Chickenfoot KICKS ASS and I will always be a HUGE fan ! as I have been before all this stuff started .....



The Hitman!

I was not even looking for a good spot, hell I would have been satisfied if I could have gotten past the threshold of the door.It must have been this bands years of experience that led them to sell more tickets than the venue can hold. However you look at it, I paid for a show that was over sold and got nothing in return.

Ok you lucky bastards in Seattle, tonight's your night!
Let's see some pic's, reviews, links, anything you can bring us here will be appreciated!
The first one to post something here get's a brand new red ford mustang autographed by the band (not really) but you will get the satisfaction of being the first one to spread Chickenfoot fever! LOL

the lucky ones are the ones who didnt waste their money on the tickets.

I didnt mind to much getting ripped when I joined the fan club. So what if I didnt get tickets during the fan club pre sale. so what if I never got the t-shirt promised.It was only $40 ,I still managed to get tickets when they went on sale to the public. But when I shell out good money to see a show, I expect,@ the very least to be able to see and or hear the show. Such was not the case tonight in seattle at the El corazon. I took the day off from work, got to the venue a couple of hours before the doors opened. And I still could not get far enough into the room to even see the stage. Now I've been ripped off before , but I never thought I would be ripped off by sammy at one of his concerts.I couldnt be more disapointed. I hope there is stil time to cancel my pre order for their cd, before I get screwed on that deal as well.

The next time the Boys in the band need some cash , they should just ask. I'm sure there are enough fans out there that would send them some of their hard earned $$$$$$ if they asked. There is really not need to screw us over.

Do you think they would let us fanclub members bring a camera in for photos to post here on the official site ? what a joy that would be ....


Man, I am totally digging this band, everyone I play it for is psyched.

COME TO HOUSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard on the radio today they are doing meet and greet for ppl who win tix on there station ... I am kind of wondering why the true FAN~club ppl who PAY THE MONEY are not invited to the same ???

I have to admite I am a little bummed out over that ....

after all the fanclub members should get perks first then the radio people ... NO???

Someone below mentioned that Chick-Foot would be playing Sammy era VH songs??....Does anyone know if this is true? I figure they will play something besides their yet unreleased CD, which would only be about 45 min. If so I hope to hear some old Montrose tunes like "Rock the Nation" and "Bad Motor Scooter" Whatever they play ......we just can't wait! 13days to go !!!

No VH songs is what Im hearing. The boys did rehearse "Highway Star" and "Bad Motor Scooter" for the Club dates.
Its going to be some Chickenfoot'n Rock'n shows!

I have seen Sammy 22 times, from Montrose to Halen, He always kicks ass, I will see Him in seattle, Sammy fuckin rules, Mike, Joe, Chad rock on


Can't wait to hear their spin on tunes like Humans Being, Seventh Seal, 5150 & Judgment Day! This shit is gonna rock so hard. I can't wait! Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK all you lucky Chickenheads in El Corazon Seattle, only 16 days until the foot comes down in your town!
I think I speak for everyone here when I say "we expect a full review right here on the 15th"!
Don't let us down, especially those of us unfortunates in Philly who have to wait for the last show of the tour! Go ahead, enjoy the show.....we'll wait here.


I can't wait to see chickenfoot kick some serious ass in london, been way toooooo long since sammy and mike were here,i will be there early ya never know i might Get to meet my heroes after playing there music from the very beginning,bring on CHICKENFOOOOOOOOOOT OUCH!:>)