Apr 21 2009

Beyond our expectations, the public onsales for the 9 Road Test shows sold out all tickets in record time. The band was blown away by your response and can't wait to take the show on the road!

Please remember that all shows require photo ID to enter the venue, so we advise you to NOT buy tickets from online ticket brokers.

Chickenfoot will be back in August and September to play a major North American tour and there will be sufficient tickets to meet your demands. Due to the size of the venues for these shows, we do not forsee any issues with presale availability.

Fans who joined the fan club and were unable to get a Road Test presale ticket, we hope you keep your membership in expectation of the upcoming tour announcement.

if you have any questions or concerns about your membership, please contact ORDERHELP@FANFIRE.COM.

The boys are in rehearsal this week, and we'll see you on the road!

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Alexa123 needs to be banned.

Live Nation has tickets for these shows going on-sale June 13th!

I was right down in the front row, center. The sound...well it sounded like a wall of MUD! I couldnt make out a word that Sammy said or sang. Joe's guitar was inaudible. The drums sounded very good. Mikey's bass was alright but I couldnt hear his vocals as well.

I later found out at the end of the show that the sound was much better by the sound board and to the back of the floor. I spoke with the fella who did the sound and he gave me some BS excuse (and thats what it was) about them not having their PA's. What hardcore fan wants to hear that? He was defending the fact that they did the sound check really close to show time and didnt take the time to make sure the whole TLA sounded good. He should be fired! Get a new sound guy who knows what hes doing.

All the fans in the front were the hard core fans, myself included. They paid good $'s for the VIP tickets. I myself waited in line (in the rain with a broken toe) for 3 hours to get in the front. The sound should have been great down there. This kind of stuff should not happen with ROCK royalty such as Chickenfoot. I am very disappointed in the fact that they let this happen. I hope the next time they play Philly they have their act together.

Bottom line, the energy coming from the band was spot on. Without the proper mix it made a terrible Rock Show experience. I hope I and anyone else never has to experience that again from any rock band. Anyone who was in the front and claims the sound was fine is full of it.


Dude, too bad about the Philly show. We were about 4th row in NYC, and the sound was great. Satch's guitar was a little muffled for the first song, but after that... he f'n rocked! I went just to see Satriani, but I have to say that Sammy is a monster! I didn't know much about Chad, but he was just amazing on the drums... and Mike was great. I hope these guys stay together for awhile...

The Philly show was a rock show party!
The guys were up there playing like this was their 5th album not their first.
Hat's off to all the Philly fan's that came out in force, waited in the rain and gave back all of the incredible energy the band sent out to the crowd.
The band/fan interaction really personalized the show and made it memorable and special.
Sammy's voice is just as good as when he was twenty.
Mike's a bass players' bass player and his harmonies with Sammy are astounding.
Joe is well, G-GOD....Eddy who?
Chad is a not just a drummer he's a complete showman from start to finish and the acknowledged inventer of the sexiest drumstick holder in the business! I hope a video surfaces of this soon.

Sammy had a lot to say about their desire to play the small clubs to directly connect with the fans and to work their way up to the amphitheaters and arena's.
From what I saw last night, they will be filling arena's by their 3rd album.
What I like most about this band is evident on the stage. They are all EQUALs in talent, showmanship, and desire to be doing what they are doing. This really shows in the performance as there is no isolated focus on the front man and no upstaging egos between band members. All of these guys were individually successful before this band but they perform as a brand new group. The music is fresh, exciting and the show is plain and simple hard rock and roll just like mom used to bake. After hearing the entire album front to back I hope that these guys NEVER play a van halen song onstage. They don't need that. They are onto something much bigger then VH here and once they have 2 or 3 albums to play they can put on a full length cover free show with some of the best rock and roll to come down the pipeline in 20 years.

I've seen the future of rock and roll and it is Chickenfoot.


First, I would like to say, I can not wait to see " The Foot " in concert, sometime this fall.

Second, I hope the concert comes off better than my experience with the fan club, so far ! ! !

Third, this is for Sammy, Michael, Chad and Joe, some people behind the scenes are NOT doing their

jobs; ie T-shirts not in stock, being double billed for the club, not answering e-mailed questions.

Come on people, pull your heads out and lets get the " FOOT " rocking and rolling.

have the venues since Seattle oversold? any reports of further promoter fuck-ups?

I've heard every show except Seattle has not been oversold and has been GREAT! Hopefully that will continue for the rest of the "Test" tour. Rock on Chickenfoot!!

Holy Fuckin Shit-Blew us away in SF
My wife and I had early entry into the venue, we paid the $$$ and had A KICKASS CHICKENFOOT TIME !!!!!
The sound was awesom and the boys didn't stop rockin the whole night.
They filmed the whole show so we will probably see it released in the future, sweeeet!!!
Cant wait to see the next round of rockin madness.
Oh yeah thanks for the guitar pic Jose.

The show went well, it was a PACKED house !!!! With the handful of asses (not the good kind) that were in the crowd it was a kickass show !!! They played every song from the album plus a few extras ! We all know Joe is a crazy guitarist and Sammy is an even crazier entertainer and Mike hasn't lost a beat with some incredible fret work , BUT ! to my suprise .... (keeping in mind I didn't really know much about Chad) THAT DUDE PHREAKIN ROCKS THAT DRUM SET !!!!! so much fun just watching him have fun with what he does! and what he does is fast and furious stick pounding drumming with insane rhythms and smiling the whole time !

kudos to the foot !

were there any songs besides the album and their covers? satch, hagar, vh, or chili peppers?

now to chickenfoot,
have u guys considered making a music video? i know satch doesnt do that too often, but that would kick some serious ass!!

Just Bad Motor Scooter and Highway Star. Rock Candy and a Zep tune were on the set list as extras but not played.


someone dropped the ball big time here in seattle. i wasnt even able to get into the show area from the bar and missed the entire show because there was too many people! they even had the fire department and police there towards the end of the show beacuse the building was way beyond the max capacity. i feel ripped off and think sammy needs to do another show for the fans to make up for what a horrible time most of us had. and dont have it at the El Corazon!

Damn! Sounds the Seattle show was great for some a mess for others!
I hope the other venues have their shit together and didn't oversell tickets.

We have friends who purchased the VIP package. They were supposed to get in at 6:15 and didn't get in until 7. We showed up at 7 and the line was around the block, so we went and had a drink. Got back at 7:45 and it was still around the block. Mind you, this is for a club with a listed capacity of 800 people...

The experience was not "great" for anybody. Even the people who did get in early enough to see the show couldn't leave to get a drink or go to the bathroom. And it was so crowded, that people were getting into fights and being dragged out by security. I've been to hundreds of shows, and this was the absolute worst debacle ever. I just got off the phone with the ticketing people and they said they have had numerous complaints and are taking a list of people who got screwed and want refunds. I think the band should come back and do a free makeup show at a real venue (like the Showbox).

Man, great show. Fire dept. stopped the show one hour in to clear some room to the exits. This little club was PACKED.

Simply amazing. A MUST SEE show.

Did the entire album and finished with Bad Motor Scooter and Highway Star. Joe was superb and the band really sounded awesome. I was blown away.

We packed the club in Seattle, and the boys put the show to the test, and delivered beyond expectations. If you get a chance to see this it!

We stood in line for 45 minutes, and once we got into the show the Fire Marshall showed up and told us that we not only couldn't get into the show room, but we couldn't even go to the bathroom! We're fanclub members, we bought our tickets early, and we missed the entire show. It was a horribly dangerous situation (Great White concert fire comes to mind). The doorman admitted that they oversold the show, and the ticketing people just told me they've had tons of complaints.

I heard on the radio today they are doing meet and greet for ppl who win tix on there station ... I am kind of wondering why the true FAN~club ppl who PAY THE MONEY are not invited to the same ???

I have to admite I am a little bummed out over that ....

I just got my email with info about the ticket package I purchased for the Chicago show. According to the email, the largest size is XL?? I hope this is just an oversight. I can't speak for anyone else but I need a 2XL!! I'm not as trim as I used to be!

Ok peeps...I am a broke but HAPPY 'Chickenhead!
Just got word over on (thanks again Ryan!) that the VIP packages were still available on LiveNation for this show and even though my credit card is crying right now, I AM IN! :-D

To access the VIP tix, change the drop-down box from regular tix to the Chickenfoot onsale promotion.

See ya in SF! (But see *you* in TAHOE FIRST, Sammy!!!! Love ya baby!)

VIVA DA FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!

~JA~ <---Happy! Happy! Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commin in from Baltimore and cant F***ing wait to see you guys in Philly! Cheesesteaks, beers and Chickenfoot. Who could ask for more! Thank you for realizing it's all about the fans and not selling Frankenconverse shoes???? Whats up with that?

Hey guys, thats great that you guys got sold out. But whats about that is i dont get to go :(.So you guy s should do a bigger better show! So uhhhh hurry it up please! :)

I can't wait to see these guys. I was one of the first to see the "unofficial" Chickenfoot last year at the Palms in Vegas. They played a few songs on that Super Bowl Sunday. What a treat !! This will be a nice warm up for Cabo in October. Peace. Postalboy..................

This is going to be a seriously great time. I am so appreicative that these musicians are giving the fans an opprotunity like this. After all my travels to Cabo, these small venues will be like seeing a show at the Cabo Wabo. I so cannot wait. This is going to be very special and be something to remember for sure. I can't wait to see and hear this band play live. Looking forward to it. See ya in Seattle.

Brent (hammerboy)

I was told an email will be sent out to get t-shirt sizes. Can't wait to get mine and can't wait to wear it to Park West on May 22!!!!!