Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ticket Contest

Jul 27 2009

As you know, the band is playing a free show in Cleveland at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on August 15th. Although tickets are free, they can be difficult to get through various Cleveland local promotions, so we have been hard at work to find other ways to get some tickets into your hands. Read on to find out what we've put together.

IF YOU ARE A PREMIUM FAN CLUB MEMBER (you purchased a membership): As we mentioned in our email blasts, we were able to reserve a pair of tickets for anyone who was a paid member and had OHIO as their state in their profile as of Jun 30th. They will be at will-call under the name listed in your CHICKENFOOT.US account profile and you will be receiving email this week to confirm. We really worked hard to make this happen and hope Ohio fan club members can come out and have a great time! If you are not from Ohio, or you joined after June 30th, keep reading below.

EVERYONE ELSE: We will be doing a random drawing to give away a few more pairs of tickets to anyone who has a CHICKENFOOT.US account (free or paid). TO ENTER, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS POST A COMMENT ON THIS MESSAGE. About a week before the show, we will put all the names in a hat and draw the winners, who will be informed via e-mail. Winners will be placed on the will-call list under the name listed in their profile, so please make sure it is accurate! You may only enter once, so no need to post multiple comments :}

Also, we will only have one chance to send along all of the names so won't be able to correct any names or change them to someone else after the drawing.

Tickets may still be available for local fans through the local promotions which you can read about here.

AS OF 11PM PDT SATURDAY AUG 8, THE CONTEST IS CLOSED (so comments on this thread are also closed). The 10 winners (chosen at random) will receive details in their email.

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Already saw the DaFoot in Chicago and would love to see them in Cleveland! All hail Sammy, Satch, Mickey, and Chad!

Woohoo! I am a child of the foot!

Glad to be a CHICKENHEAD

whole ablum rocks.I'm hoping Santa comes earily.I've seen many Sammy shows,but with like wine it's getting better with age.I'm so pumped about the Cleve. show but always missing by a few.I have to work all days up to show(hopefully)so getting to a location is hard to do..C.foot keep rocking hope to see\hear you live soon.PEACE

chad smith is my hero, my idol. i saw him 1/13/07. i must see him seeing him with a legendary trio woudnt be bad either.

Come on guys, I'd love to have a pair of tickets. Pittsburgh was canceled and and it would have been my fiances first chance to see Sam and Mike live. Anyway, great album, the Foot rocks. Hopefully see ya soon fellas.

Chickenfoot is in the house!!!!

All Hail the Foot!! There is none greater.

All Hail the Foot! There is none greater!

The FootRocks!!!


I want those tickets!

Oh geez......pick me because I need to apologize to Sammy for getting my fingers caught in his hair years ago when i was on stage with him in the Cantina.
I grabbed him to give him a hug and OOPS !

This is the greatest supergroup, I think it would be one of the greatest concert experience of all time.

Oh please select me. I live in Cleveland, 15 mins from the R&R HOF anyway and WILL definitely go--I'm not blowing smoke.

YEAR OF THE FOOT!!! Hope To Win Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Tickets!!!

Send some tickets my way.

Rock On Guys - Sorry To Hear That You Aren't Coming To Pittsburgh Cause My Wife & I Were Going To See You Guys There (We Have Season Tickets For The Post Gazette Pavilion) Instead Of At The R&R Hall Thus Allowing Others To Experience The Foot! Since You Guys Aren't Coming To The Pavilion We Would Love To Come To The Hall. Hopefully We Can Be Drawn To Receive A Pair Of Tickets To The Show! It's The "YEAR OF THE FOOT" - Rock On!!!

Oh man! I hope I win this. Chickenfoot is the best rock band in years!

Joe, You cannot forget me. I was your first student :-)Whats a guy gotta do to to get some tickets? Hope you can help an old friend so I can see you in Cleveland!

hey if you got an extra pair of tickets i will burn the rubber off my car tires to get there - its a 10 hour ride but we will do it if we get the tix. you guys rocked in boston at one of the warm up shows.


Hi,I live just outside of Chicago and would LOVE to take a roadtrip that weekend! Just got new tires on the car.Help me break them in. Peace, Janie Slabenak

Please pick me, I need a dose of The Foot! Seeing them Friday in Chicago is not going to be enough I'm sure! Robert Hulzebos hulzebos

Hi Guys,

I've been waiting,....

I have had this weekend off work now for 2 months waiting to hear something about these tickets.
I've really, really got to be there! Been a big fan since day one!
Sammy, you are "The Man!" This is the Ultimate Rock n Roll Band! This is just Awesom! Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited!

Please send some of those tickets my way!

Have a Great Day!

Going to the Myrtle beach show and would love to see this one!!!

Would love to go to the Hall of Fame show. It is great to see you guys at such an honorable place. I only live a couple hours away and Pittsburgh and yes, our show got canceled (darn!!). You guys rock big time and its great that you are playing at this venue. Rock On - Chickenfoot!!!!

Planning a family trip the weekend of 8/15 - would love to get to go to the show!

Wow this is unreal. Soooo want to come to the show that I would drop everything in the UK and fly over immediately. Even if I have to sleep on a park bench, I'll do what it takes to make this gig. H xx

This promotion rocks. I could sure use those two tickets.

Pick me, pick me, pick me !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been a Hager fan for 20 years. Please send tickets!!

Gotta see this show!!!!

Since the Pittsburgh show has been cancelled, I would love to win two tickets to the Cleveland show! Joe and Chad kick ass on this CD! This is Sammy's best work since the 3 songs on VH's Best of Both Worlds CD and his solo CD 1013! Mike just holds the whole thing together with his great bass playing and background vocals! He's very underrated and underappreciated! I hope to see these guys kick ass live in Cleveland performing the awesome music they have created!

Hey guys thanks for thinking of your fans!!

I was going to try to make a show soon until I found out I will probably lose my job later this year!

Hope we win, if not, it's cool I hope the winner rocks on!!

You guys come to St. Louis I will be in the front row, for sure!


C F at Rock & Roll HOF !
would love to be there and hear y'all live !


I need to see Chickenfoot in Cleveland - nuff said!!!!!!!

Sweet, hopefully I'll have the chance to see you in Cleveland!

Cleveland and Chickenfoot Rawks!!

Cool. Want those tix for RR HOF!! Chickenfoot RAWKS!!

it would be realy cool to win tickets to the rock n roll hall of fame show im a big VH, SAMMY and chickenfoot fan

lovin it!

Chickenfoot Rocked the TLA in Philly, gotta see em again. Hopefully @ the R & R Hall of Fame

Sammy was my first concert ever. I catch him whenever I can I need Rock Hall tickets!

great site rocking with chickenfoot give me tickets for Cleveland PLEASE!!!!!!!

Chickenfoot will be Kickin' Ass at eh Rock Hall in Cleveland and I am an up front fanatic of the foot.....put me in!!

I hope for a couple of tickets for my friends visiting from Poland.

only 2 weeks to go I can't wait!!!!

this will be an awesome show!!!

This will be an awesome show!!!

Awesome!!! Good luck at the show!