Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ticket Contest

Jul 27 2009

As you know, the band is playing a free show in Cleveland at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on August 15th. Although tickets are free, they can be difficult to get through various Cleveland local promotions, so we have been hard at work to find other ways to get some tickets into your hands. Read on to find out what we've put together.

IF YOU ARE A PREMIUM FAN CLUB MEMBER (you purchased a membership): As we mentioned in our email blasts, we were able to reserve a pair of tickets for anyone who was a paid member and had OHIO as their state in their profile as of Jun 30th. They will be at will-call under the name listed in your CHICKENFOOT.US account profile and you will be receiving email this week to confirm. We really worked hard to make this happen and hope Ohio fan club members can come out and have a great time! If you are not from Ohio, or you joined after June 30th, keep reading below.

EVERYONE ELSE: We will be doing a random drawing to give away a few more pairs of tickets to anyone who has a CHICKENFOOT.US account (free or paid). TO ENTER, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS POST A COMMENT ON THIS MESSAGE. About a week before the show, we will put all the names in a hat and draw the winners, who will be informed via e-mail. Winners will be placed on the will-call list under the name listed in their profile, so please make sure it is accurate! You may only enter once, so no need to post multiple comments :}

Also, we will only have one chance to send along all of the names so won't be able to correct any names or change them to someone else after the drawing.

Tickets may still be available for local fans through the local promotions which you can read about here.

AS OF 11PM PDT SATURDAY AUG 8, THE CONTEST IS CLOSED (so comments on this thread are also closed). The 10 winners (chosen at random) will receive details in their email.

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I'm gonna try and see if i can get my sister in chicago to buy me ticket. And have her take me to the concert, it sucks being 15 sometimes that you cant convince anyone to take you to your first Hagar concert :(

I really want tickets to this show. There is such HUGE talent in this band, and I really want to go!
I bought this cd right after I saw them on Conan...............CHICKENFOOT CLUCKS!

The best CD Sammy has had since Ten 13! I have seen Sammy every time he's been to Cleveland since he joined Van Halen, and even a few times before that, and that includes the Kenny Chesney show he did last summer. Can't wait for the Foot to show up. Thanks Sammy, keep it Red!

Taking my wife the Rock and Roll HOF for our 25th. Seeing Chickenfoot would be the ultimate. I'll even buy a round for the band if I get the ducats.

YES! I want to ROCK in Cleveland.

Never been to Clevland or the Hall of Fame, would love to go and see the Foot there !

Awesome way to reach out to the fans guys, thanks for doing this!! And have a GREAT time on the road, see ya soon!!

No St.Louis show so I need tix for cleveland to satisfy my addiction to the'foot.

Hoping to catch you guys at the free show in Cleveland!!!

You guys rock!

You guys rock! Can't wait for the show in Detroit!!!

It would be so awesome to win tickets to this show ever since the Pittsburgh show has been canceled.

It would be awesome to see Chickenfoot here. I can only hope to get a pair of tix.

I have never been to the Hall of Fame. This would help me remember my first trip there!

Oh Yeah!! twist the volume nob up past 11 and let it stomp!!

Another Canadian Chickenhead/Redhead and we too have a 7 year old son named Sammy who has never had the opportunity to see his namesake live!! He has seen our photos and us onstage on Youtube in Tahoe and this would be an out of this world experience for him. Imagine when he has to write what he did over the summer holidays when they return to school :) It would also be a great reason for a family vacation, hope it is warmer there than in southern Ontario. We love this new band and Sammy always...Leah & Pat Ugulini.. see you in toronto August 5th!!

I would RELISH gettin' a couple of these tickets! This is such a PERFECT oppurtunity I would die if I missed out.
Please Pick ME!!!

I live in Pittsburgh and had been counting down the days to Chickenfoot. A great way for me to keep the countdown going would be going to Cleveland to take it all in as planned.

Road trip to see the foot?

Count me in......

Rockin' with Sammy & the Boys @ The Hall would be Footabulous!

Oh Yeah Baby. Chickenfoot in O-H I-O !!!

Hello Chickenfoot - I would love to go to Cleveland for this show. I have no story or anything like that, I just would like to go to Cleveland and see the FOOT at the RRHOF. See ya in Chicago on August 7th, I hope Chad is feeling better. Best Wishes - MK

I would love to get tickets to this show. Rock on guys!!!


Please draw my name...August 15 is my birthday...there is no better present in the world. Rock on!! Dave

Sign me up!!!

Awesome! Put my name in as well. Would love to do a road trip from R.I.!!!

Please enter me in the CF tix Contest.


I want tickets please!!!!!

I live in WV and had tickets to the canceled Pittsburgh show. Would be great to win free tix to Cleveland!!
My 16 year old and I really want to see the Foot.

thanks please put my name in the hat!
JoAnne & Bob
Charlotte, NC


haha...SuperDave NEVER wins anything...poor guy!!

So you've got Shaqzilla, King James, Ocho Cinco & now Chickenfoot?? WTF are they putting in the water in Cleveland???

I am from Canada and would love a reason to go to Cleveland to see the show. Please put my name in for the draw. Have been a Fan of Sammy $ Michael for a long time. We are also going to Toronto to see the show. Keep Rockin!!!

I would love to go to this show!! Chickenfoot Rocks!!

Johnny Ala

canadian chickenhead here!! my 7yr old son sam and i would flip to see them at the rock n roll hall of fame!!!!

Hope to get free tickets to this show since the Pittsburgh one was cancelled! Love Sammy!

Can't wait until August 30th.The show at the Tabernacle inAtlanta,GA will rock.Sammy and Mikey together with the greatest guitarist in the world for the second time in their careers.How awesome is that.Hey Chad,don't hurt anyone in the band.Those flying snare drums might hurt.

Penn State loves the Foot!

Please I need a Rock N Roll infusion. I'm tired of the same ol tired rock out now.

CHICKENFOOT ROCKS!!!!!!! Love the album.... Please throw my entry in the hat..

Guys, I am so looking forward to the show but I need tickets. I am a premium member from the beginning and just live over the OHIO river in NKY from cincy. We are in cleveland all that weekend visiting family, so I hope to score some tickets. My wife will be sporting the ultra small chickenhead shirt, since when I signed up to be a member you could only choose small for the shirt size.

tony (aka cmykdawg)

I would like to be entered into the drawing please. Thanks for your consideration.

OH YEAH! I will be at that CHICKENFOOT show by hook or by crook!!!!

ChickenFoot ROCKS!! My guy and I are HUGE fans! Tickets to this show could make this year the best birthday ever for my die-hard-fan-man! I'll be rubbing my ChickenFoot for luck!! :)

Please for the love of God--I live 5 minutes away from the Riverplex in Pittsburgh. Thank you for your consideration.

I would love a pair of tickets. I'm in Indiana and may not get a chance to see you otherwise!

Don’t know if you’re going to read this but I have to try…..
This has to be the hardest free ticket to get in the U.S. I’m from upstate N.Y. and would like to see “The Foot” at the Rock-and-Roll H.O.F
We wanted to go to Pittsburgh (Home of the 6 time Super bowl chaps!) but that will have to be at a later date.
I hope they have lots of free tickets for all the fans
All the Best

Never been to Ohio, or seen Chickenfoot live. Hmmm...................

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