Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ticket Contest

Jul 27 2009

As you know, the band is playing a free show in Cleveland at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on August 15th. Although tickets are free, they can be difficult to get through various Cleveland local promotions, so we have been hard at work to find other ways to get some tickets into your hands. Read on to find out what we've put together.

IF YOU ARE A PREMIUM FAN CLUB MEMBER (you purchased a membership): As we mentioned in our email blasts, we were able to reserve a pair of tickets for anyone who was a paid member and had OHIO as their state in their profile as of Jun 30th. They will be at will-call under the name listed in your CHICKENFOOT.US account profile and you will be receiving email this week to confirm. We really worked hard to make this happen and hope Ohio fan club members can come out and have a great time! If you are not from Ohio, or you joined after June 30th, keep reading below.

EVERYONE ELSE: We will be doing a random drawing to give away a few more pairs of tickets to anyone who has a CHICKENFOOT.US account (free or paid). TO ENTER, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS POST A COMMENT ON THIS MESSAGE. About a week before the show, we will put all the names in a hat and draw the winners, who will be informed via e-mail. Winners will be placed on the will-call list under the name listed in their profile, so please make sure it is accurate! You may only enter once, so no need to post multiple comments :}

Also, we will only have one chance to send along all of the names so won't be able to correct any names or change them to someone else after the drawing.

Tickets may still be available for local fans through the local promotions which you can read about here.

AS OF 11PM PDT SATURDAY AUG 8, THE CONTEST IS CLOSED (so comments on this thread are also closed). The 10 winners (chosen at random) will receive details in their email.

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I'd love to go. I'm close to Cleveland. Please give me ticket's GODS of rock and the Chickenfoot! ;-)

Please, please, please pick me for tix! I've been looking forward to this show since it was announced and immediately booked a room but getting tix have been a huge problem. This would be such an awesome birthday present for me to go to this show. Keeping my fingers crossed!

picture of my tat is on it's way to you!!

Finally, a great reason to be in the Cleveland area! I would LOVE to see this show!!!

Go ahead a put my name in the hat. I feel lucky. I've won tickets to Sammy's shows both times I've entered before...

I need TICKETS!!!! This would be a great (early) anniversary present for my husband and I! Chickenfoot knows how to ROCK!

I missed ya in Boston last time and would love the chance. Saw Joe with the G3 in Boston a few years ago and seen sammy and mike on the sam and dave tour, 04 vh tour, and solo sammy shows up in NH with Mike. love the album and cant wait to see it live. :)

I was at the show in Philly ...kicked ass, I cant wait to see you guys bring it to A.C., But I'd love nothing more than a roady to Cleveland... Viva La FOOT!!!!

Throw my name in the hat ... the foot kicked ass in Philly, cant wait to see you guys crush it in A.C., I'll be there for Cleveland too... if i'm lucky enough to win

I'd love a pair of tickets to the show!! It'll be awesome

Come on guys, I need tickets.. I saw the show in Philly and it was AWESOME!!! Only that left me needing more FOOT in concert. I had tickets to the Pittsburgh show but that was cancelled. Cleveland is a little out of the way but you are worth it.... Don't make a grown man beg.. OK I'm begging, I need tickets!!!!

P.S. I hope Chad is recovering nicely.. Chad we need another drumstick holder for this concert.

Its time to bring the UFF to the R&R Hall to see Chad, Joe, Mike, and Sammy!!!!

Saw the foot live in Chicago. Awesome show. Would love to see them again. Rock on.

This show is 2 days from my birthday, August 17th! It would be so awesome to go, and it would be a great b-day present!!!! The Chickenfoot record is awesome! :)

ahhhh I hope I get picked! I'm dying to go to another concert this summer before school starts. Chickenfoot is so awesome !!!

I am from Perrysburg OH (outside of Toledo) and would LOVE to go. Please put me in the hat!!!
I love the record! Chickenfoot rules!


i am here in cleveland and want to go to the show at the rock hall.

Hop, skip, and a jump for me from Indiana.

Count me in, I'll make the drive from STL if I win.

Got my hotel a sitter for my 3 my RED Chickenhead shirt...and my wife digs the music too(Bonus!)...just need my tickets!!!!!

I would love to take some time off work and see the foot in ohio!

Oh Yeah, make me a winner! Been looking forward to this since it was announced.

ChickenFoot Rules! Best new music I've purchased in years. Please rock me with tickets!

Please, I need tix bad!! My girlfriend and I bought plane tickets to come see the show in Cleveland once we found out about the show. We are traveling all the way from Wyoming to (hopefully) see the Foot. I have entered every drawing I have been able to find through this fan club and through 1013 and still no tickets. Help Smitty see the Foot! Can't wait to be in a crowd of Foot -friendly folks. Peace.

I'd love to go to the hall of fame show. That would be too sweet!! I feel a road trip coming on!

Yes Please throw my name in the hat.


Ok..I really really need to get my Chickenfoot tattoo signed!! wanna be there...NEED to be there

you should send a photo of your tattoo to -- we'd love to see it!

I sent the pic of my Chickenfoot tat to you!!! Do you want one of my redrocker R too??

Pittsburgh show canceled! That sucks!! Got to get my Red Rocker FIX!!!!!!

Let the Card Carrying Members of the Rock Hall have some love here!!

I would love to see CHICKENFOOT at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Whoo! I wanna go!

All I can say is get me to Cleveland....I have been a Sammy fan since the early 80s and KSHE95 while doing things my Mother has no idea about in college in St. Louis. I am bored to tears this summer in Connecticut and am "Runnin' Out" of patience...Joe and Chad...welcome to the madness!


It sure would be great to see Chickenfoot at the Rock N' Roll Hall of fame! Please enter me to win Tickets!!!


The Hall of Fame is just an hour or so away!!!!
Gotta get me to this show!!!

Oh Yeah...Come on baby tell me what you want...Karrie wants tickets to Cleveland! You guys rocked in Chicago...we will see you in Detroit the weekend before!

Chickenfoot in Cleveland! Oh Yeah....Why, Cuz Cleveland Rocks

Joe - I met you in buffalo last year - aftershow passes, it was awesome, you autographed my buddy's JS100 and his sons guitar and drew a great picture for him & his son on both guitars. Hope we can see you guys in Cleveland !!!

If I had tickets I would SOOOOOooooo be on the next plane there....... pick mine!! Til then I will be thinking lucky

I want to go to the R&R Show!!! Pick me! ;o)

Heck yeah! Can't wait to see you guys. I'll be there whether I win tickets or not!

The Hall of Fame, Joe, Sammy, Michael, and Chad??? Only in my dreams, so make them come true!!! Thanks!!!

To: Chickenfoot

Find somebody else to host this site! I use the info from my confirmation e-mail and can't get in, have to change my pass word. Spend 15 min trying to post a comment before it finally accepts my CAPTCHA.
OOP'S, there goes my chance at tickets!!!

Pick me! Pick me! I want to go!

Pick me! Pick me! I want to go!

Hook Me Up! A friend has tickets to the 8/10 show in St. Paul, which I cannot make!! Get me a pair and I'll see you in Cleveland!!

Make these fucking CAPTCHA things legible! I'm on my 7-8th try!
10 min later.... this site SUCKS!!!