Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ticket Contest

Jul 27 2009

As you know, the band is playing a free show in Cleveland at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on August 15th. Although tickets are free, they can be difficult to get through various Cleveland local promotions, so we have been hard at work to find other ways to get some tickets into your hands. Read on to find out what we've put together.

IF YOU ARE A PREMIUM FAN CLUB MEMBER (you purchased a membership): As we mentioned in our email blasts, we were able to reserve a pair of tickets for anyone who was a paid member and had OHIO as their state in their profile as of Jun 30th. They will be at will-call under the name listed in your CHICKENFOOT.US account profile and you will be receiving email this week to confirm. We really worked hard to make this happen and hope Ohio fan club members can come out and have a great time! If you are not from Ohio, or you joined after June 30th, keep reading below.

EVERYONE ELSE: We will be doing a random drawing to give away a few more pairs of tickets to anyone who has a CHICKENFOOT.US account (free or paid). TO ENTER, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS POST A COMMENT ON THIS MESSAGE. About a week before the show, we will put all the names in a hat and draw the winners, who will be informed via e-mail. Winners will be placed on the will-call list under the name listed in their profile, so please make sure it is accurate! You may only enter once, so no need to post multiple comments :}

Also, we will only have one chance to send along all of the names so won't be able to correct any names or change them to someone else after the drawing.

Tickets may still be available for local fans through the local promotions which you can read about here.

AS OF 11PM PDT SATURDAY AUG 8, THE CONTEST IS CLOSED (so comments on this thread are also closed). The 10 winners (chosen at random) will receive details in their email.

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Love the new album! But what should we expect from such Rock-N-Roll legends?!

Im in!! Easy flight from here!

Cool. Id love to go! Cheap flight from here!

OH Yeah!! Really want to take a road trip from South West Ohio for this one!

Chickenfoot at the Rock -N- Roll HOF. Oh Yeah !!!

I'd love to be there, especially after logistically missing other show.

Please enter me in the drawing for some Cleveland Tix!

Jim Blair
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

I only have one thing to say:


Please add me to this drawing. I had signed up for the fan club and also bought tickets to the 8/5 Pittsburgh show, but it got cancelled. This is my best shot at seeing the show with my Son.

I was at the R&R HOF to check out the VH induction display. I'd love to see Chickenfoot perform there

Can't wait to see JOe and the rest of the Chickenfoot gang in my home town, I am stoked

I haven't gone a day without listening to CHICKENFOOT! I bought it the day after it was released. Always listening to Sammy, but the combination is poundin'!

Will Call line baby!

PLZZZZZ pick me!!!!

Would love to go see the Foot at the RRHF. Can't wait to see them in Detroit. But this would be a major plus.

I would LOVE to see u guys in Ohio!!!!!!!


Please toss my name in the hat for the Cleveland ticket drawing! ...

I'd love to be there in the crowd on the 15th.

Much respect for a CD that's been the soundtrack of summer 2009!


Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Hell, yeah, throw my name in the magic drawing pot! Good luck to all you People of the Foot!

Would be crazy cool to get tix to the RNR HOF show.

Loving the new music! Would love to see you in Cleveland!

A trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is awesome, but doing so and catching a Chickenfoot show would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!

As I will be in Toledo OH and the band is not planning on an Omaha NE show, I would love to be able to attend this concert at the Rock & Roll HOF. I have been jonesing to see the show and have been disappointed with the stops that have been already announced. I need my fix of Sammy and now Chickenfoot!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to see CHICKENFOOT at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! LOVE the TUNES!

Please pass some tickets along my way

Oh I would love to go to Cleveland for this, it'd be amazing!

I'd love to go to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony...What an awesome event to witness!!

Oh Hell Yeah!!!! This means a road trip(hopefully!)for the Big E to see the best band around today...Chickenfoot!!!!

Sign me up!!

Hell Yeah!!!!

I want to come down to Cleveland and be there to rock with you guys! Make it happen for me PLEASE!!!!

Yay!!! Only 19 days to go. I am confused about the will call thing. Does that mean we will pick them up at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame? I am so excited and can't wait to see and hear Chickenfoot live

Hook me up with some tickets!!

cool, hope I can win some tix!


I want tickets!!

Hell Ya

I absolutely NEED a ticket to this. Ted put on a hell of a show last year, and I believe the foot can outdo him. God. I NEED A TICKET lol. I'll do anything. Within reason.

This is awesome! I would love to see you guys at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert. Thanks for taking care of your fans...CHICKENFOOT ROCKS!

I wanna see them in Cleveland! I having been spreading the gospel of the Foot as much as I can, and have numerous converts! All hail the Foot!

A devoted Chickenhead in South Philly

Man, my gf & I were probably among the first in Philly!! As the 94WYSP-FM Rock God, I am BEGGIN'....I'm buildin' my vacation around the show in Atlantic City NJ as it is!

I'm in Columbus and would love to head north and check out The FOOT!!!!
Love the album, and can't wait to hear it live.........................