Sammy's new book - "RED: My Uncensored Life In Rock" out now!

Mar 16 2011
Sammy's new book - "RED: My Uncensored Life In Rock" out now!

Sammy's new autobiography just came out and response has been amazing (already up to #5 on the Amazon Hot Releases). Sammy is taking a week off from the studio to do some book signing events and media appearances. You can find out all about those, and the book (including some exclusive video interviews and contests) over at

Joe also shared this reaction to the book in a recent MusicRadar review:

"I have read it, and I love it. It has really helped me understand this guy that I thought I knew. To me, the first part of the book is the most important part. His early life, where he came from, all the things he had to overcome - it explained so much to me about this wild, passionate guy that I've shared so many stages with. But I really do understand him now. He's the quintessential American story, the guy who came from almost nothing and persevered through so many failures to get where he is today.

"I know people will dwell on and be fascinated by the Van Halen sections of the book. I could care less about that. I think everybody knows all that stuff anyway. It's the sections of the book where Sammy really tells his story and his struggles…I think anybody who is going through some tough times and needs some inspiration should read it. He's been through a lot." -Joe Satriani

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Just finished the book, raw and to the point. I love Van Halen, but really and truly liked Hagar the best, Roth had some great songs, but his ability to carry a tune, well, never mind. Haven't really kept up with anything until the past couple years when my boyfriend told me about Chickenfoot and lent me the CD, I loved it!!! I like that it's like classic rock, yes I am a child of the 70's and 80's. Not to mention that one of the songs was about a single mom, which I am and can relate, loved that!!! Thank you! Anyway, I loved the last chapter, it gave me hope that bands aren't out there just to get money from us and live the high life. I love music and really, isn't that what it's all about? Be who you are, love what you do and all will come around in the end.

What a book !

I'm a french-speaking guy, but read this book almost non-stop till it was over.

Sammy, you are an inspiration, a genius, a model !

Did you know he almost invented the mountain bike?...

What a great life you lived.

I was a big fan of VH.
The first song I heard from them was Dreams.
The old VH nevwer appealed to me.

But after the book, I'm now a huge of Sammy !!

Anytime you come to Montreal, with the boys, let me know !
I will cook you a nice Spaghetti Sauce, the way my mama do it !!

just got the book,could not put it down!! wow,talk about a rough upbringing!!! i don't know how Sammy did it...his mom thru all this was a pillar, his sisters also....Sammy fought for everything he had...hard worker, a dream,a are truly a ''working class hero'' Sammy, God Bless you and your family,and much success...can't wait for the next 'Chickenfoot' c.d./ tour til'then, i got a shot(...of Cabo Wabo ) of course...and raise a toast!!! cheers REDMAN!!! keep rockin'

p.s. Eddie who ?