Share Your Road Test Photos/Videos/Reviews For Autographed CDs!

Nov 1 2011
Share Your Road Test Photos/Videos/Reviews For Autographed CDs!

Post your reviews/photos/videos to CHICKENFOOT.US and share your experience at the Road Test shows and you're automatically entered to win one of the autographed CDs we're giving away to our favorites!

As you know, the Road Test shows start today in San Francisco! We can't wait to get on the stage and play the new music to all of you People of the Foot in these special series of intimate shows! Since the shows are so small and sold out so quickly, we want everyone who is lucky enough to be there with us to share their favorite photos, videos and reviews from the shows each day so everyone who couldn't make it can get a peek at how it's all going down. And just to add a little more incentive & reward we're going to review everything that is posted to CHICKENFOOT.US and then pick some of our favorites and give away some autographed copies of Chickenfoot III to those fans.

So, if you're coming to one of the shows, make sure you come back to CHICKENFOOT.US after the show and post your review, photos and videos (subject to local venue restrictions, of course) to your account and share them with your friends. We'll give you about a week to post it all and then make our selections when we're off the road.

To enter all you need to do is post on your show's tour page (click "view details" from the tour page) so it shows up there for us to look at!

UPDATE: Winners announced here!