In-store signing in Los Angeles!

May 12 2009

In Store Appearance @ Best Buy (West LA)
11301 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Friday, June 5th
8:00 pm - 9:00pm

Come down early for an in-store in Los Angeles and meet the guys and get an autographed copy of the new album!

Note: Due to anticipated attendance, autographs will be first come, first served. Chickenfoot will only be signing their new self titled album, "Chickenfoot".

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What a glorious day! CD release--check! Meet 'n Greet--check! (wish I could be there) Conan--check! You gotta love Chickmas in June baby! Planning on seeing at least 4 shows on the first leg of the big tour! Thanks for what you guys do! Keep it going because the Future is the Past!

Ya I love it. Soon I wil catch up the album which is gonna released soon.

I hope that there will be an album signing in NYC soon!

Oh It is sad news to me that I missed the event and autograph. But I will come first next time-----------------------

We waited in line for eight hours so we were the first group let in to the signing. It was GREAT!!! Thanks Sammy, Mikey, Joe & Chad. It was great to meet you AGAIN! The album ROCKS and I am displaying my signed LP proudly right next to Chad's drumstick that he gave me at the Roxy show!!! Now I have to wait all summer until you guys make it back to So Cal, but I'll be reading about everyone else's good time!! Have a Chickenfoot Summer everyone!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! The Future's in the Past!


WOW! one of the best things to happen to rock and roll in a lone time. I took a flight from DIA in Denver to meet up with Friends--IT was Jackie Bs birthday and Chickenfoot the same weekend!RIGHT ON! so how could I pass that up--LOL
The BAND at best buy was soooo cool! we had about 14.4 sec's with the band( it's what Scott H and his math skills, that worked that out-lol) The line was moving fast and you didn't have much time but it was worth the trip from Colorado to west LA best buy.
All you guys rock! Joe-- you're just to cool! You F'N ROCK! Chad and mike--what does a Guy say, your sound is out of this world! and Sammy-- Thanks as always! The Friends that I have met on trips to Cabo and seeing you guys play at the cantina, this album Is more than I ever hope for!
RIGHT ON GUYS!!!!!!! I hope Colorado is on the list for the 2nd half of the tour.
Dwayne from Loveland

You guys did great on Conan O'Brien's "The Tonight Show", can't wait till you make it to time.

I would SO be there if I wasnt 3000 miles away! I'll be thinking about you all- Have Fun!

Hey Guys,

Julianna here, from Music Connection Magazine, just thought you would like to know we are giving away a one-of-a-kind Ibanez GSA 60 guitar signed by, Chickenfoot -- go to to sign up

Good Luck!

Where on your website do you sign up for the signed chickenfoot guitar

Hey guys,
I cannot wait until Chickenfoot comes to Montreux in Summer. I wish they will play their whole next album... plus some stuff from Joe's "Surfing with the alien"... and why not playing a special "Smoke on the water" at Montreux?
I hope they will have some time to meet the european fans before or after the concert?! If they can meet the fans in LA, why not in Montreux?
"L'espoir fait vivre"

how about in San Fran ???? :D

at least for the fanclub members ! after all it seems the radio stations are the only ones doing the meet and greet for the club shows .....

sigh ....

what was the purpose of the fanclub ?