Two Contests: Jimmy Kimmel Tickets + Autographed copies of the DELUXE EDITION of CHICKENFOOT CD/DVD!

Oct 27 2009

We're happy to announce a few cool ways for all CHICKENFOOT.US members to enter to win some cool free swag. We are giving away 20 pairs of tickets to the Jimmy Kimmel show taping on Nov 5th in LA (airdate is Nov 6) and also giving away autographed copies of the new deluxe edition (CD + DVD) of the Chickenfoot album that is being released Nov 1.

To enter to win, visit

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Got my Chickenfoot signed album about a couple of weeks ago. FUCKING SO AMAZING!

Just got my autographed copy in the mail today! Whoo Hoo! This is awesome!

Whoohooo I won an autographed copy!! Received it in the mail today - thanks guys!

so who are the winners

Dave must have won because we got an autographed copy in the mail today

The winners were selected and we'll be sending out confirmations shortly-- just waiting on shipping details so we can let them know when to expect their swag!

Anyone know anybody that won??? I sure didn't get the winning email....

So who won the autographed album?

I want an autographed copy soooooo bad. Got to meet the band when they were at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show, but we were not allowed to ask for autographs. This would be the coolest thing EVER!!!!!

With Chickenfoot, there is always more than meets the always have to be on the now the question I have is when will we ever hear War is Over, Bang the Drum, or Save the Best for Last. I really liked the DVD. It had some cool parts of the podcasts and cool live segments. It was great seeing some of my show back from El Corazon in Seattle (and in the Sexy video - SWEET). Wish that video could have been on there too. I still would love to see more of that shows footage. It was such a special chance to see the band in such a small place. Cabo is bigger than that place :-). Anyway, cool deluxe version, trick cover, cool PDF and great DVD. I put in for the contest for the signed cd, but I couldn't wait. It is Chickenfoot....had to RUN OUT for it..... ;-). Thanks guys....can't wait to what is next.


Just got the DVD...and I'M IN IT!!!!(S.F.- Fillmore Road Test Show)


Chickenfoot is FANTASTIC! The DVD is EXCELLENT! Two words...GET IT!

Thank you SOOO MUCH to Joe, Chad, Mike & Sammy for making me smile...BIG TIME!!!

Really dig the blacklight sensitive package too! Crazy cool idea!

See ya in VEGAS, BABY!!!!!


saw the foot @first show in seattle they are the future of rock!!!!!!!!

dream3 - hear, hear! A small morsel for the Aussie fans :>), Axe please wish US luck!!

Happy Halloween!
Your show at Gibson was awesome, you guys rocked the house down. I had the good fortune to be up In the front row, right in front of Joe. I Am looking foreword to the grand finale in Vegas. See you soon!

Can't make the Kimmel show, but I'm in the running for an autographed CD/DVD!

Thanks you guys!!! Very cool how you offer these contests to the guys ROCK!!!

~Darlene in R.I. /|\

I'm with you Dar! No Kimmel, but bring on the Foot CD/DVD!


Finally something for the AUSSIE fans of the FOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Axeshredder Goodluck cali fans ???? Bugger that you guys have had all the luck in america so how about slinging some goodluck down our way :) :)

Aye...Australia really needs a foot fix! Good Luck Aussie's

I will be heading to Best Buy first thing Sunday morning to get a few copies of the White Album! Attended the show at the Chicago Theatre, greatest show I have seen this decade! Thanks for the great contest here, and it would be great to win an autographed copy of the White Album!

2009 Was the 'Foot Year!

Need my FOOT fix /|\

good luck to the Cali Fans!

I loves me some foot

wish i could make the kimmel :( but autographed cd would be great!!!!!!!!!!! the FOOT rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
sexy little thing from Philly Road test.......enjoy, more on youtube from philly and AC shows, Rick