Winning Foot Soldier ROAD TEST Photos/Videos/Reviews!

Dec 6 2011

After the US Road Test shows wrapped up, we asked you all to share your photos, videos and stories from the shows so Foot Soldiers across the world who couldn't attend could get a feel for them. We saw some really great responses and have had a blast reliving each show through your eyes! We've selected a photo, video and story from each show to spotlight and will be sending each fan we selected an exclusive autographed copy of the Deluxe version of Chickenfoot III (that includes the bonus "Making of the Album" DVD).

We invite you to visit the TOUR ARCHIVE to look at all of the posts and below is a show-by-show listing of our selections. The media pages here on CHICKENFOOT.US have also been updated to make it easier to look through all of the photos - click here for fan photos and here for fan videos. And remember- it's never too late to post more if you have 'em! Thanks again to all Foot Soldiers for your support on Chickenfoot III and coming out in force for the US Road Test shows - we can't wait to take it to Europe next month and will be back later in the year for a full tour!

Nov 1, 2011 @ The Warfield Theater (San Francisco, CA)

Some Gave All
Photo by jochr

This photo really captures the energy of the opening night of the US Road Test!
Video by leval5150

Leval5150's memory card may have been full, but they capture that excitement as the opening rumble builds into the frenzy of the first tune, "Lighten Up".


by orma99

I was recently told that there is a chemistry in some bands and it is better to see the whole band live, instead of a member of the band solo. I felt that last night.

I have seen Kenny live with Mellencamp and Fogerty and Sammy solo 4-5 times, but never with VH (I was living in Europe then). I do not know if it was the excitement of the first night of the show, but these guys, especially Sammy was at another level. What a voice....And then Joe Satriani's guitar playing (up there with Prince, and probably others that are not alive anymore).

I went to the show not really knowing what to expect. I was just aware that they will not be playing any of their own or previous bands songs. I've been going to a lot of shows, so my thought was that I could not go wrong with seeing 4 great musicians perform at the Warfield, which is one of the really cool venues in San Francisco. I was right on target.

I did not really know the songs, but it did not matter that much. There was indeed some chemistry between all of them.
And as the first song of the night suggested "Lighten Up", they all looked that they were on stage to just have fun...and some of us were lucky enough to be present.
By the end of the night I could remember most of them. "Big Foot", "Last Temptation", "Up Next" were some of the highlights of the first part of the show and then if felt that the show was getting better and better...
And that appeared to occurred as Sammy opened an envelope with 3 letters on. Probably the best song of the new album, "Three and a Half Letters", about needing a new job, Sammy started reading each of the letters on stage. Joe Satriani started playing on a double guitar and then as one of the last songs suggested "Something Going Wrong", something did go wrong, but that made the memories better. Two times the amps blew, but that did not matter anymore. After "Turning Left" Kenny had a nice drums solo and the main show ended with "Future in the Past".
But there was a encore too. It started with "Oh Yeah", and then it felt that Joe surprised everyone by starting to play a very familiar song. I was up close and I did see the look on Sammy when Joe started that tune, like if he was saying "let's play it". Definitely the highlight of the night, the last song of the night was "Foxy Lady". One word: Priceless. Sammy's vocals, Joe's guitar solo, Mike's bass and background vocals, Kenny's drums, everything seems to be working perfectly covering this Jimi Hendrix tune. I got some video of the song, so I will be adding it. It felt that the cover was as good as the original.
Final words: I hope you are lucky to have tickets for these road test shows. Highly recommended.

Nov 02, 2011 @ Avalon Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)

Photo by kentmcw

Check out Sammy's intensity as Joe, Mike and Kenny drive the tune.
Video by cornnibsaolcom

Great creative editing showing a bunch of photos capturing the evening to the tune of "Up Next".


by cabobard

Epic. Stellar. There really is nothing like seeing you guys in a small club setting. We caught you on the first road test gig in LA in '09 at the Roxy and it ranks as one of our best shows ever by any band. Last night at the Avalon was no different. Joe was SHREDDING, utter perfection, good gawd almighty. Sammy's vox have never sounded better - how the @#$*! can that be at 64, but it's reality, holy screamin' octaves, Batman! Dunno how you sustain those notes man, but geez, I see a lot of concerts and a lot of frontmen and all ass kissin' aside, nobody's kept up their vox at your age like you have. Must be the cactus juice. ;) Mikey, as always, rep'd his hometown with epic proportions, bangin' the boom stick and beltin' those backing vox like the consummate pro that he is. Kenny is more than an adequate temporary sub for Chad, he's a monster drummer in his own right whose talents are obvious and fit in easily with the 'Foot vibe. Sammy said it last night and I've agreed since the last tour at the Roxy, these road test shows in intimate venues are as good as it gets. The sheer raw power coupled with top tier musicianship, plus the connection and feedback to and from the's just amazing how well it all flows, symbiotic. I guess that's the result of pro musicians who know how to knock a song together, in a communal and organic fashion, with the added bonus of - gasp - actually liking each other, and digging jamming together. It comes across bright as day on the new album and certainly while performing live. What a friggin' pleasure. It's hard to choose highlights, as the whole set was near perfectly executed. Lighten Up (surprising opener, seems to be an underdog for the 'Foot Soldier fanbase, but it's one of my faves on III), was great live, as was Up Next. Bigfoot is even more powerful live than on the studio album. Boo ya. Sexy Little Thing, Soap on a Rope, Future in the Past - solid signature thumpin' tracks from the first album. Down the Drain was mind-blowing, Joe's tone on DTD was as dirty nasty crunchy shreddy as I've ever heard him, and I saw you fellas three times in SoCal on the last tour (the Roxy, Gibson, and Indio - LOL, remember Indio? What were you guys doing out there? ;)) and this was by far the best version to date. Tasty, tasty licks and vox, you guys were in rare form on this one. Turnin' Left was a nice surprise, didn't expect that one. Something Gone Wrong was outstanding, it's easily among the top tracks of III, and is the prime example of how you've evolved from 'novelty experiment supergroup' into a matured, well-oiled band who knows what the @#$! they're doing and is clearly having a good time doing it. I don't have any gripes at all, but if there's one thing I'd suggest, it'd be adding Dubai Blues to the set. You guys know this song is a monster anthem, don't you? It's a masterpiece, it's all about the way the band is harmonizing and playing off each other, and any song that showcases the instrumentation sections ought to be part of the evening - yep, I'm thinkin' about Mikey's cool bass groove intro here, plus Joe's solos, plus Chad's beats, oh hell, the whole deal. Come to think of it, wanna send the crowd home with a serious boom boom closer? Replace the encore of Oh Yeah and the Hendrix tribute - I know, Joe, we dig Jimi too and you play him well - with a double blast power encore of Dubai Blues and Get It Up and you'll have one weary but ecstatic crowd, I think. But hey, whatever you dudes play is gonna make the 'Foot soldiers happy, let's face it. Thanks for another flashpoint memory, and another outstanding gig. A+.

Nov 4, 2011 @ The Pageant (St. Louis, MO)

welcome to the flock!
Photo by saraluttrell

The photo may be a bit blurry, but the message is not - the people of the foot welcome Kenny to the flock!
Video by woodabeen

The lighting in this video really shows off the cool visual trickery of Joe and Mikey's guitars -- look how the III pops out when the red light hits it!


by nolan5150

Hello fellow Foot Soldiers! What an amazing show at The Pagent in St. Louis! Going into this show, I was worried that Sammy Hagar had hurt his voice on The Jimmy Kimmel Show the night before, but you would have never known. His vocals were spot on! Sammy is a genetic miracle running around the stage like a man possessed, and putting other lead singers to shame that are half his age. Joe Satriani dazzles us with his effects and guitar mastery, and makes the most difficult runs on the neck of the guitar look effortless! I am convinced that Joe Satriani is actually an alien. I imagine that after the show, after he hopped on the shuttle bus back to the hotel, he slipped away to his spaceship, and returned to his planet “Vox Ibanez” via “Wormholes and Wizards” style for 1 year, only to return a split second later, as he knows exactly how to defy the space/time continuum. Michael Anthony is unleashed, and at times, co-lead sings with Sammy, and provides his signature background vocals. Michael Anthony is some sort of John Entwistle/John Paul Jones fusion treating the bass guitar like a solo instrument! I would like to officially welcome Kenny Aronoff to the Chickenfoot line up. He has “Guns For Arms” and really uses them to punish the drum kit! I don’t think that his arms should get any bigger, as he would probably go through about 6 drum kits per night, and I don’t think that is in the budget. Kenny Aronoff does a superb job of sticking to the drum tracks Chad Smith has laid down, but adding his own flair, making it his own! If you want to see a real rock and roll show with no auto tune or f**king computers, go checkout Chickenfoot! You will never be the same, as you’re rode hard and put away wet…..bruised, battered, bow legged, and bewildered…..satisfied.....yet wanting more! Rock and Roll is alive and well, and Chickenfoot delivers!!!

Nov 5, 2011 @ Metro (Chicago, IL)

Joe & Mike  Foxy Lady
Photo by wabo99

Joe attacks his guitar with his teeth as Mikey looks on.
Video by tcblvs1yahoocom

The boys unleash "Up Next" to the packed Chicago crowd.


by brownieou812

Phenomenal show fellas!! Better yet, got to see this one with my brother. First time he has seen The Foot and he was not disappointed!! We were 4 deep on Mikey's side and the sound and atmosphere was next to none. I told my brother that I guaranteed that Sammy would compare The Metro to the Cabo Wabo and sure enough, he did!! The setlist was an awesome mix of both albums and I am glad that they are staying away from playing VH and Satch solo stuff. The CFoot material stands on it's own laurels quite well! A real highlight for me was Turnin Left!! Mikey and Kenny were just tearing up the intro with a little mini bass and drum jam and Satch's guitar just came screaming in at the right time!! Sammy continued to set the tone on the vocals as he came literally spinning around to the front of the stage and right into the first verse!! The energy never stopped throughout that song!! At the end of Turnin Left, My brother and I turned to each other and just said "WOW"!!! My brother also got a taste of what it is like to be a true Redhead/Foot Soldier! He caught the "See Ya in CABO" shirt that Sammy threw back out in the direction of the rightful owner. He thought that he got me a nice souvenir but I explained that he had to give it back to the guy that originally threw it up there!! He looked at me almost in shock but I told him, "that is just what we do". My bro really made that guys night as he thanked him and told my brother how cool that was of him after the show!! Guess its not only the mind blowing music, but also the little things like that that make a great rock n roll experience!! See ya this summer CFoot!!

Nov 8, 2011 @ Webster Hall (New York, NY)

Upfront Foot Soldiers representing from ALL over @ Webster Hall, New York City 11/8/11
Photo by riredrocker

Foot soldiers travel from different states to come party in New York- yes! Check out the accompanying video, too!
Video by axeshredder

"Something Going Wrong" features Joe tearing it up on this Ibanez double-neck. Check out the smoking solo he does on the 12-string neck just after the 4 minute mark- one of a kind!


by joesbroadlineinccom

The show was awesome, thank you soooo much!!!Great venue, great crowd, loved the set list. Joe, Sammy, Mike, and Kenny, you guys rocked. Don't stop doing what you love, it shows, we feel it. The Foot Rocks!!! Come back soon. Joe, Sammy, been a fan since you both started, your the best.

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Wow guys..Thanks!... glad you enjoyed the Video i took...truly an unforgettable night....and the Signed CD is awesome...thanks Chickenfoot! Merry Xmas!

The video is amazing axeshredder! I too was at the Webster Hall show and it was an incredible night! Thanks for sharing your winning video and congrats on the signed CD!

Thank you SO much for choosing my photo from the NY show (and adding my video too)!!!!! WHAT a GREAT time that was!!! Memories made that will last a lifetime!!! CONGRATS to ALL the winners!!!