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I tried to get tickets to take my kid to see CHICKENFOOT live when they were here in San Diego, but the casino would not sell me tickets, because he was under age!? We were so bummed! So when I got the email that there was a live screening of their concert we had to go! It was great!! And actually was the very best way for him to experience his very first concert!

How many copies of the album did people buy?

I am obsessed. First day of release I bough a download from Amazon so I could listen on the way to work. I bought 2 LP's 1 to save and 1 to listen to, which also required a purchase of a turntable. 1 regular cd, to listen to most of the time when I am home. Then 1 copy of the deluxe cd/dvd version so I could watch the dvd. It is a good thing prices are reasonable. What can I say? I am a Chickenhead

Touched by a Young Fan!

I was front row at the Charlotte NC show and standing beside me was a young lad all of 10 or 11. I spoke with him before the show and he was learning to play guitar and was a huge Satch fan. He told me he had been waiting ALL his life to see Joe play and you could just feel the excitement boucing off this little guy. During the show when Joe would play directly in front of us, I would look down at him to 1) make sure he had room and could see and 2) just to see the immense joy in this kids eyes! He was smiling ear to ear, watching every move Joe made with that guitar.

chickenfoot fan for life !!

just turned 53 and still rocking out...have a studio that occupies most of my hacienda and grew up listening to sammy sing with montrose, solo, van halen and now chickenfoot...what a group of guys !! i am not up to joe satriani's level of playing guitar but i'm still working on it...surfing to prof satchafunkilus all coupled with the driving bottom end of michael anthony and the pounding of the skins by chad smith...the cd blew me away...

Bring Chickenfoot Downunder Petition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok calling all Australians and the rest of the world please leave a comment to say you want Chickenfoot to bring the Biggest rock act of 2009 to Australia's shores and take another step in conquering this earth of ours send a big YES for a Chickenstomp Downunder.


What an awesome idea! Kudos to the smart cookie who thought of the Chickenfootage contest!

Reports have it some lunatic has already posted messages in forums and on a web site stating he'd purchase the guitar off whoever wins it.. What a nutcase!

Pity I flew all that way but didn't record video from the concerts!

The Foot Rocks!

Saw the guys rockin' the Uptown theatre in KC. Been a long time since I had a CD get my head banging in the car while I drive. Now I can't wait to get home to the drum set every day!

Keep it up guys! The Children of the Foot got your back!

How Many times Have you seen "the Foot" live?

Vegas will be my 7th show!

May 22, Chicago, IL Park West
August 18, Baltimore, MD Lyric Opera House
August 23, Hampton Beach, NH Casino Ballroom Hampton Beach
August 24, Boston, MA Bank Of America Pavilion
August 26, Portsmouth, VA Ntelos Pavilion
October 10, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Cabo Wabo Cantina
December 5, Las Vegas, NV The Joint

They get better and better with each show. We need more music guys!