Finally!! Stef with Sammy in Indio

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Fantasy Springs Casino
Finally!!  Stef with Sammy in Indio

Well hey Chickenheads!! I finally got my account fixed after all this time and can post my pics and vids from Indio back in September 2010!! I was the lucky winner of the backstage pass meet & greet as you can see!! I was so blown away by this because all summer, Sammy's site kpet saying that the Chickenfoot shows were not part of the M&G contest. Imagine my surprise when 4 days before the show I got the e-mail saying I had won!! This was a birthday I will never forget. This pic was taken at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA on 09/10/10, the day after my 32nd birthday. I flew all the way from Pittsburgh on the day of the concert just to see this show, and got more than I ever hoped for. Thanks to Sammy, Chad, Mikey and Joe for a great time. I will be moving to California here in a month, and hope to catch some more Sammy and 'Foot shows this summer out west. I cannot WAIT for the second album to drop, and still rock the first one every single day. You guys are awesome, never give up!!


~Stefani ♥

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There you are!

So this is where you have been hiding huh??????