Tulsa Slim Partys With The 'Foot

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Brady Theater
Tulsa Slim Partys With The 'Foot

This had to be the defining moment of my Rock&Roll lifetime. Joe is my idol and hero. I live, eat, sleep. breath, JOE. I am Joe's biggest fan and have followed him since NOTE. I am the proud owner of a signed JS1000 with original Satch artwork. (I will be buried with that guitar). Seeing Joe at this show with Sammy, Michael, and Chad was icing on the cake. Years back, Joe played a Tulsa gig at The Cain's Ballroom. He told me later that when he was inquiring about what food was available for band and crew, a Cain's staffer told Joe "The chicken is for the vegetarians". A very Okie statement! So, for his long-awaited return I had to make a big sign to hold up that read, "Welcome Back, Joe! The Chicken Is For The Vegetarians" It perplexed Sammy but he waved it around onstage during a number and Joe cracked up laughing. Was this reference to chicken a foretelling of things to come? At any rate, it was too appropriate to pass up. The guys played the most killer set. The house rocked, standing the entire show and I know how grateful Tulsa was for this gem of a concert! I got to hang around over by Sammy's guitar tech for the encore. I wish I could tech for a tour (or two)--so many beautiful guitars. I wanted to take a couple home, but no free samples this time. Hah! It was an excellent, fun time and one of the friendliest shows ever. I met Michael and Chad for the first time. Chad is a riot! During sound check for the opening act Davy Knowles, an incredible 22-year old blues player, Chad jumped on his drums and started bashing out Smoke On The Water. Then Davy's drummer joined in too on his set. Chad started gruffly belting out the first few lines and said "That was my impression of Gene Simmons" (doing Deep Purple). We all cracked up laughing. I was amazed at how congenial and down-to-earth all the dudes were. I hope that Tulsa was a nice vacation from the usual big city craziness. Thank you Sammy for signing our '9 On a 10 Scale' album cover. We've been with you all the way from day one (Montrose and before). Chickenfoot is THE SUPERGROUP! Peace, Love and Chickenfoot!

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