Chickenfoot rocks the Sound Academy

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The Sound Academy
Chickenfoot rocks the Sound Academy

My husband and I were lucky enough to purchase the Back Stage Tour package from Live Nation. My husband won drumsticks in a lottery amongst the group and I won the chance to stand at the edge of the stage for the encore song. One of the best times in my life. I was able to talk to Mikey at the side of the stage and tell him when we met him on Lover's Beach in Cabo and I got some more drumsticks too. My hubby was front row with a few of our fellow redhead/chickenheads who are by far the best group of people you could every meet! Friends for life!! This was the second time we saw chickenfoot, first at the Mod Club which we were ridiculously so close to the stage, unbelievable... Each time we see Sammy and his band whether it be the Wabo's or Chickenfoot we get another lifechanging experience. My husband was just in Lake Tahoe and was able to chat with Aaron Hagar and show him the memory book I made from photos of our last year which included a lot of Sammy concerts!! He was in Vancouver working at the olympics for 6 weeks and needed to relive some of the best times we have had while he was very homesick...We just love LiveNation they do a fantastic job is making your experience a once in a lifetime!! Can't wait for the next concert!! Oh yeah!! thanks for getting up to Canada!! Pat and Leah Ugulini

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