Jun 26, 2009
De Waerdse Tempel (solo show)
Heerhugowaard, Netherlands
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What a great show, what an amazing energy on stage!! It's almost scary. You all know the songs are fantastic, but being there, it was superb. Legendary.
Unfortunately I'm not the tallest girl alive and spent the entire evening on the tips of my toes. But hey, it was worth it!!!
Afterwards freezing our ass off, feeling like 12-year-olds, waiting for maybe a glimpse of the Foot. Chad was very kind to sign some stuff before leaving - including my husband's JS custom...! So maybe Joe can sign a set of drums next time :-)

OK, What can I say?
I have seen Sammy and Mike on stage many times while down in Cabo. Those shows were always highly energetic and fun. In comes CHICKENFOOT! BAMM that was my chin hitting the floor! Holy Moly was that real?
Pounding drums, kickass bass, the best voice in Rock 'n Roll......now who am I forgetting here.......oh wait a minute......DR. Satriani! What that guy does with his instrument is no longer guitar playing to me......it's frickin' ART! He deserves a statue! All 4 of them by the way! :)

The show was awesome! They guys sure had a lot of fun on stage! Go check them out if you have the chance, you won't be disappointed!

CHEERS! See you at Bospop! :)

Oh Yeah!!!! The only way to summarize this show. Great to see Sammy and Michael again on stage... even better seeing them being surrounded by pure quality on lead guitar and drums. Joe showed to be one of the best guitar players ever. It must be so incredible cool to play with him. Chad on drums was magnificent. No question who is the boss over the rythm, great drummer!!!

Nice to see you guys played your own songs and only took two small sidesteps. Leaving all Van Halen songs out of the show made it very special, even though I am a huge Van Halen fan. The message is clear: you guys play for the fun and the fans. What a stunning performance!!! Please visit Holland again!

We have seen a great performance! Thanks for coming, Sammy, Michael, Joe & Chad! Hope to see you once again in Holland..


Dear Chickenfoot members,
it was a great night for me and the guys from REAL MEN DON'T DANCE to be playing with you guys that night in The Waerdse Tempel. The location was somewhat 'no man's land' but who cares. The audience loved it and you guys played a great show! I really enjoyed it (and I hope our drummer Fonz didn't reveal too many ugly secrets about us...) See ya next time, and I hope you'll have a smashing time in Europe!

Eric John Karreman
Guitarplayer for REAL MEN DON'T DANCE