Jun 29, 2009
Olympia (solo show)
Paris, France
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How great to enjoy such an incredible energy and fantastic sound ! The whole band enjoys performing together and the audience can REALLY feel that !

So, thank you guys for this outstanding stage ! With so much fun too ! Pleaaaase come back soon and... Hey! Sammy and Michael ! You are right, men: french wine is fabulous, so forget about beer or tequila when in Paris (even though it is Cabo Wabo brand...), just bring a barrel and a few bottles of Burgundy on stage ;-)

Joe, Chad, Michael, Sammy >>>>>>>>>>>> You ROCK, men !!!!!!!!!

Chad, so sorry to hear that you hurt your arm during the show, hope you will recover soon.


Guys that was so fuckin' great, and Michael your beer was really good, thank you :)

it was a very beautiful show! I can't describe it... it was so magic! Congratulation for you guys and thank you very much to you Chad for your continuation with your injury!