Aug 02, 2009
Citadel Hill (Canadian Forces Halifax Festival)
Halifax, NS CA
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This was the greatest concert experience of my life.

The band was on-fire and clearly itching to go after their break, which followed the European Tour. Everyone was at the top of their game, but I was there to see my man on the mic, Sammy. He didn't disappoint.

Sammy is a slave to the fans. I feel badly for people who meet someone they admire and they feel let down. I drove about 7 hours to be there for this concert in time to get the front row. I had some stuff for Sammy to sign, including the LP, and a picture of my son, who I named after Sammy. He was so cool. Not only did he do it, graciously as always, he passed the LP along to the rest of the guys to sign. I would have been happy with just Sammy signing, but once again he exceeds expectations in every category. I also had some signs and he acknowledged every one, including drawing Joe's attention to my Joe sign. What more can I say? Sammy is the absolute greatest, period, because he is the real deal, and because no one else on earth can sing like he can.

Sammy was hitting his notes at will, and he did so with the precision and soul that only a lifetime of experience and god-given talent can provide. He was awesome.

Mikey was all over the stage all night, and again, he too is a slave to the fans. Sam and Mike "get it". Mike shared his coronas with the fans all night. How cool is that? I often hear his playing described as "solid", but he is simply amazing on bass. It was a privelege to see him play those amazing runs so close up. He does so much, and yes - he's "solid", but holy crap can he play the bass!!! And to hear him sing so amazingly (he is THE BEST in rock and roll, bar none) and to see the joy in his performance, it really puts the whole VH thing in perspective. (Who can blame Eddie for wanting to play with his son, but having seen Wolf and Mike perform, it's pretty clear where the talent is, and it's not with the fat kid.)

I guess Mike has more class than me because he hasn't said shit about VH, so I guess I shouldn't either.

Chad was a freakin' powerhouse on drums. He is amazing. His funk feel goes nicely with his Detroit rock and roll heart. He's a heavy hitter with feel, which is a bit of a contradiction. He was so much fun too. He picked people out of the crowd all night, mugged for them a little, and then tossed them sticks, and amazingly, made sure they got them. (If he missed, he kept going, and when they got the stick, he'd smile at them.) He's a technician for sure, but more than that, a consumate performer. He was the one my wife would have found the most fun to watch for sure.

Lastly, because he deserves a build-up, is Joe. Holy crap he was amazing! He is the quiet one that just plays flawlessly throughout, keeping everyone on the edge of their seat. He is so amazing, that ANYTHING is possible at any given moment, so you just had to watch the man and enjoy the privilege of seeing him do his thing. He is world class, AND, classy. He was very gracious throughout, and I thought it was cool to see him standing in the wings watching the opening act before him. I would be flattered if I were them. Joe is all about the music, you can tell that from him. He is just brimming with cool and you're just left wondering if there is enough time in one lifetime to get all the music out of his mind and soul and into recordings.

It's almost a cliche now, because it's been said so much, but Chickenfoot loves being Chickenfoot. You can see the unjaded joy in each of them to be sharing the same stage. Their music has feel and heart, but with enough fire to blow their audience away each time. I loved watching Mike especially. He's just so happy to be playing again without any drama or BS. Sammy and him each held up a hand at the end to make the VH hand sign made popular during the Hagar years. It was a fitting tribute to fans of that era, and of these guys being "the other half" of that once great band. It's a special thing that deserves being remembered. (As opposed to being "relived"...for $$$$ only.) Very classy and a little touching too.

Chickenfoot are soon going to end their run. Chad will rejoin the Chilli Peppers to record their new record, but given how hard the foot came down on Halifax, this is a beast that will reconvene and rock again. I couldn't be happier - there are precious few acts to get THIS excited about, so I will be waiting for the inevitable DVD to tide me over till these birds of a feather flock together again in about two years.

I'm waiting...

Thanks for including Halifax guys - it was a dream come true to see you.

You guys kicked ass last night in Halifax. Thanks for a great show :)