Aug 20, 2009
Mohegan Sun Arena
Uncasville, CT
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I was here with my son, seats were fair...not the greatest, and didn't bring my camera because Mohegan Sun are real harda@@## about cameras!!!
The show was just AMAZING!!!! This was my very FIRST Chickenfoot show!!! I LOVED it!! I promise you all, this won't be my last!!!
Rock On, Chickenfoot!!!

Ok, so we have VIP Backstage tickets for this weekend's Tahoe show and I am a reading some of the online descriptions of prior VIP tours (we have the same tour guide Rich - who has been stated to be a good tour guide) but that the tour and the lack of VIP seating was not worth the purchase price. Some have stated that even with VIP they were sent back to the main entrance with the rest of the general admission folks. While the knowledge of no VIP seats is easy to deal with, the not being able to stay in venue and be the 'first' to pick your spot; but merely to be left out with those that paid significantly less than the VIP - makes me wonder if paying the extra money with the expectation that we would be getting a behind the scenes view of the concert (knowing that a meet and greet wasn't likely, but would be nice...even if only a chance to take a quick pic while the band walked by at least), I would have certainly thought that I would have the ability to have early admission to venue and be able to be one of those as close to the stage as I could. Can anyone tell us if their VIP Backstage experience was worth the purchase, or will our experience be more of a learning kind?

August 20, 2009
Mohegan Sun Arena
Uncasville, CT

Phone Rings early a.m.:

"Hey Rick, what's up?" I said.

"Yeah, something came up. I can't make it tonight. It concerns work."

"Really? Come on, you're gonna miss out."

"Yeah, my boss is being a douche."

Go figure.

"Alright then."

Pondering the scenario, I rationalized that it should be quite easy to pawn off my 7th row center ticket.

"What do think my chances are of finding a girl at the casino to go to the show with me?"

Rick quickly says, "I think your chances are quite good, most casinos have a lot of prostitutes."

Very funny there guy.

"See ya later."

Seriously, I figured my odds were quite good that I could at least recoup 75% of my $ with some rock n' roller who would freak over being so close to Sammy and the guys. Plus I had a Chickenfoot laminate and a VIP concert T. That should attract some possible concert ticket seekers....

So, later on that morning, I optimistically hopped in my car and arrived at the venue 7 hours before show time.

Well, since I'm here early, I might as well start "The Mohegan Pub Tour 2009."

Knowing that the concert was several hours away, I knew I might be in jeopardy of being "face down in Cabo" well before show time. So in regards to my beer swilling, I decided to pace right after another.


I knew from reading the concert reviews on the Chickenfoot website, that Sammy and crew just recently penned a new song about someone passed out at one of their shows. I wasn't gonna be that guy.

What can I say, there's truth to the slogan "there's no slowing down with the silver bullet." (This is not a plug for Coors Light, support local micro brews!)

I can drink probably 30 Coors light over the duration of a day and still cycle and hike 10 - 12 miles to no avail. (I've done it!***please see disclaimer below)

First stop:

Leffingwells Martini Bar. I like this place the best. You're at the highest point of the casino and you can gaze straight up to the ceiling, which is a planetarium.

Broke my Coors Light commitment on my first beer, in order to try the casino's own brew. Ehhhhhhh, it was O.K.. They were playing some hip hop crap so I immediately left after one.


"The Dubliner"

I'm a big fan of Irish pubs. It suits my personality. I prefer to hang solo or with friends and chit chat over some brewskis and billiards, rather than go clubbin' and "dance the night away".

Anyway, the Dubliner not only has your classic pub feel [woody surroundings,perfect lighting (dusk, eventide, dim but not to dim)], but also has classic gothic architecture (think medieval). A couple o' beers and a lite lunch and I was outta there. (Before I left I asked the bartender, "Do you get much of a pre concert crowd up here, well I got this extra ticket you see and..." blah, blah, blah,...etc..., I've already come to the realization that I don't really care if I "eat the ticket", I'm psyched to see a couple of my favorite rock musicians from one my favorite bands growing up.

Next stop:

I can't quite remember. There was no one there except one other dude and the bartender. They were pleasant to talk to but....I'm bored. I whack down my next Coors in about 3 minutes and I'm back to the Martini bar for one more.

Still no possible candidates for my extra ticket. It is Thursday and all. Most people are working I guess (except all the seniors spending their social security checks!).

This might go down to the wire.

To make a long story short, it was fast approaching show time, and still no takers. To further complicate matters, I guess the Indians are quite authoritarian when it comes to selling tickets in front of the venue (even when selling them at face value). WTF EVER. I thought we destroyed Germany for a reason. It seems, however, at least here in New England, we've acquired many of their antiquated protocols. More and more rules and laws that the average person has no clue even exists, until they get "caught". I guess we all have to become lawyers and lawmen nowadays.

Well the opening band just finished and Chickenfoot was almost ready to go on. I pretty much figured I would be absorbing the cost of the extra ticket. I started to reflect upon the conversation I had with my friend earlier on in the morning and couldn't help but wonder,"...where are all the whores?" ;-)

Oh well. It'll still be a great show, I'm pretty psyched.

But wait, right before I got in line, a rather lively fella taps me on the shoulder, "Ticket to sell? I just need one."

"Well, you're in luck. I just have one. It's 7th row."

I could see his eyes light up immediately.

"I only have this much to spend. I need keep to keep $20 for gas. Come on man, pleeeeeeeeeze."

I suppose I could have been a jerk and said no way, but I was in a good mood and could tell he was a fan that would appreciate the experience of being that close.

"Sure, no problem."

"See ya down on the floor. Gotta go get my camera."

"Me too."

CHICKENFOOT takes stage at about 9:00 p.m.:

Let me just say that the band was firing on all cylinders. I can't believe how good Sammy sounded. The show had an intensely personable vibe to it as well. It was like sitting in on a "jam session". Being a former musician, the excitement of watching a band "jam out" and not worry about having the technically perfect show day in and day out, is much more exciting than witnessing a stagnant, rehearsed to death, going through the motions, consciously contrived, performance. Sammy alluded to the fact that finally, as a band, they were able to put out the music they wanted to, instead of listening to managers, record companies, and corporate people telling them their business.

I really admire that. I understand music is a business, but music is taking it "on the chin" right now because of corporate greed. Music should be first and foremost the expression of creative skill and imagination, i.e. art, rather then business. There aren't many great bands left, and very few new bands are stepping up to the plate with vintage music that could span decades. The songs aren't there. Plain and simple.

Back to the review:

You know a band is great when their songs come off just as good or better live as compared to the album. I was really surprised how "Learning To Fall" translated to the live medium. My favorite performances of the night were "Bittin By The Wolf", "Turning Left", and "Future In The Past". I too enjoyed the Hendrix and Zep nods. (Was that a Chicago song Mike was singing at one point?, it sounded like "I'm a Man")

Chad Smith was solid all night and kept the crowd in check with his constant bombardment of stick hurling. I was very hesitant at times taking pictures. I feared that if I took my eye off the stage for a fleeting moment, a wooden projectile could be easily on its way ready to konk me on the noggin. Great all around performance.

Joe seemed right at home in a band setting. I think he has the best of both worlds now. There was so much energy being emitted from the stage. I hope there are many more albums to come. It seems you were meant to be in a BAND all along. You just had to wait for the right one to come along. It's obvious you were well aware that patience is a virtue.

Michael Anthony, the backbone of the band, the secret weapon if you will, was impeccable. He even let the band know that they messed up. (Yeah, they screwed up the beginning of "The Future In the Past", but it was still fun to see the interplay). Bass players are always the first to make you aware that you messed up, or even if you make a small glitch. They just give you that look. I read somewhere that Mike is lefty but plays righty. Pretty neat.

Sammy, like I said before, sounded great. A man on a mission. I've seen him 6 or 7 times now, and this performance ranks right up there with the best of em'.

Though they played close to 2 hours, I felt like they were just getting warmed up, and would have liked to have seen them play for at least another hour. As far as it not being a sell out, don't forget most of this was done independently without much promotion (including lack of radio support). Basically just word of mouth and internet. And it was a Thursday, not a week end night. So all things considered, it was an excellent turn out. (Besides, stuff like "Is it a sell out?", really doesn't concern me as a fan. I just want to relax, blow off some steam and escape the day to day worries of life). And about the people not getting into it, that's really too bad. I think people have a hard time relaxing nowadays and are preoccupied with the little things like "beating the traffic" out of the venue, thinking about work the next day, wondering if other people (or ushers) behind or next to them are watching,etc.

Concerts are supposed to be fun. Time is marching on. Don't sweat the small stuff.

I guess I should start to listen to WCCC a little bit more. I might of contemplated brown nosing for back stage. I'm just wondering now how much this so called "non corporate" radio station pushed the new album. Every time I channel surf all I hear is a lot of throwaway crap with no classic rock infusion in between this crap.

Thank you CHICKENFOOT for a great show and, just as importantly, a great album (" album is forever...each one is a document carved in time, to be studied and enjoyed by generations of listeners." - RJD)


Don't wait to long for the next LP to drop!


Here are some pix:

****When drinking 30 Coors Lights over the duration of a day while hiking and biking, drink copious amounts of water as well. 1:1 ratio of beer to water. Your heart will thank you for it. i.e. no heart attack. :)

WOW!! What an AMAZING show!! We flew up from Florida to see the concert and it was beyond all expectations!! We purchased the Chickenfoot Backstage VIP tickets and it was SOOOO worth the $$!! It was so awesome to see everything "from the other side" -- and our tour guide - Rich - was fantastic!! Four LUCKY people were chosen to go on stage for the encore - and I was ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES!! What an unforgettable experience - a dream come true!!

These are four of the most talented musicians and together they make up an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME BAND!! It was incredible to see the energy and enthusiasm they have and it is evident that they LOVE what they are doing! This is a concert - NOT TO BE MISSED!!

All I can say is.................DON'T FORGET YOUR ROCKIN' SHOES!!


Hi Beth, were you the folks from the Stuart area. It sure was a great show... hope to see you at the next one !!

Holy Chicken! This was the best concert I've seen in my life! (And I've seen most of the best of 'em.) I thought I was ready - I was very much mistaken. When I left the (well over) two hour performance; I needed a wheelbarrow to cart my jaw out the door! The next day I needed a sling. Today it's healing and I only need a few bandages. I actually had to sit down for almost an hour right after the show to comprehend what I just witnessed. 'Just had goofy look on my face for well over a day. They did not miss a beat or a note - period!

Anyone who has a chance to see this BAND shouldn't hesitate! I'd like to go to NH tonight and Boston tomorrow, but family responsibilities precede.

Maybe, just maybe, Chickenfoot would consider a future tour doing stadiums. That'll blow more heads off than imaginable.

A month ago I got the new CD/LP. I was hooked from the get go. There is no questioning their authenticity and passion for great music! I must have listened to it over a hundred times to get familiarized and geared up. I was chomping at the bit and counting the days until the last day. Then I was counting hours; and then I was counting minutes. These guys don't disappoint! They were everything I expected and then a lot more. In comparison to the studio tracks vs. live - it's as follows.... The boys played uncompromised TEXTBOOK with improvs as they saw fit (some were early in songs, some in the middle, and some at the exits). The key and timing changes clearly demonstrated their classification as "EXPERTS" at composition and delivery! They made the crowd wait as they took their sweet time to commence (artists of this caliber are allowed). But once they took the stage they just seemed like they wouldn't stop. Hats off to the entire tech crew and engineers at the mixing board too. The sound was awesome! Everything all 'round grooved.

Future in the Past just is such an awesome track! (I still require a daily dose.)
Learning to Fall had my tears falling (I get emotional at concerts). There are lyrical references to an ancient Greek (I think) story about a guy who wanted to get to Heavan and his wings melted as he flew higher to the sun - the logo for SS too. Great melody!
Turning Left is so fast. I predict it to be the new NASCAR anthem.
Soap on a Rope is so well composed and performed. (especially with the extra fills-live)
Down the Drain (with the heartfelt introduction re: a doctor's advice) is in a big tie for being my favorite.
And there's nothing like hearing 8 to 10,000 fans all singing and screaming in unison "OH YEAH!"!
I also liked the homage/respect for providing a taste of "Heartbreaker"!

For Me The whole show became a blur. These guys aren't a combination of individuals - they are a GROUP. Hands down - The best band in America!!!! I've been a concert junkie/connseieur for 29 years and running - and I'm telling the whole world that THEY ARE THE BEST! It's been a long time since I got my head blown clear straight off like this! The material is as original as it gets! And they're as good as it gets - prove me wrong guys and top this LP with a better one. I believe you will! I double-dog dare Ya!

They showed off and had a lot of fun. Everyone in attendance did. I say the Future is now in the present.

In my estimation, the level of difficulty to do what they did (on a scale of 1-10) is about a 25. The performance on a scale of 5 stars was about 49!

Chad - 'never really knew about You until now. You are nails. Backbone relentless with great muscle, power, timing and certainly a commanding presence. (Funny look alike I just saw too - I recognized You immediately.)
Michael - You're always right on, positive, happy, and bouncing around in celebration. It was a bit odd to see you stage right for a change. I noticed that You moved over to the left late in the show - to twin mic with Joe on back-up vocals. You seemed a little more in your element on that side. Your back-up vocals are unmatched.
Sammy - You are so entertaining. 'Love Your rowdiness! Lead vocals are so off the chart (and then in a split second you go soft at times too that makes for a nice contrast and shows a lot of tenderness too). I caught that "In my Time of Dying" spot in Your slide feature. Did I hear you right? - The funny comment to joke to Joe about his age? 'Wish I could come to Cabo for your Birthday. I'm a photographer and someday, when I can, I'll give you an enlarged print from below the catwalk (it's great!). You said it all Thursday night when at the end as you exclaimed "I LOVE THIS....!!!!" Yeah; me too!
Joe - Are you part Alien? No one on this planet can do what You do!!!! You are undoubtedly the best guitarist I've ever seen in the world! The techniques, skill and effects You pull off are mind-boggling and beyond phenomenal. I've wanted to see you for @15 years now. It was well worth the wait! "Very quick and clever" You are - what an understatement!

TO THE WORLD - This BAND is nothing short of incredible! Be ready to be taken by a storm.

To the BAND - Thanks for "circling around" our way. Once wasn't enough! I need more!

Please don't stop coming back!!!! (...That and stay SAFE!)

With my ears still ringing two days later ('suppose it's a good thing); I remain in awe!

In summary; I don't think I'll ever be the same again. No words can describe their outstanding talent and musicianmanship!

Respectfully and Sincerely submitted, EDGAR - Westerly, RI/Gainesville, FL

Review for Mohegan Sun, Connecticut.

Well first off it was great to see all the Chickenfoot soldiers out in force. me and the mrs. met up with all the peeps we see at all the CF and Sammy shows and had a great time hanging out!

the band was AWESOME as usual. these guys just rocked the house. i just can't say it enough, great music, great shows, great personalities, the talent just ooozzes out of these guys. they didn't play Running Out but everything else was played along with Bad Motor Scooter and Highway Star. i love the way they keep adding new stuff to the set, even with a limited number of songs they keep changing things up and putting in little bits of new stuff. at the end of a few songs they put in some Zep, Hendrix and a couple other songs that are lost in the post show haze from lack of sleep and a half bottle of Cabo Reposado!

our seats weren't that great we were in the lower arena on Mikey's side about 10 rows up. the crowd wasn't a sell out, alot of upper arena seats were empty but those that were there were LOUD! not a lot of movement, it seemed like only the floor and a few peeps right around us were really rockin out, the rest sat most of the show. i really don't know how you can listen to these guys and sit but....... we were definately rockin. a guy next to us even said after the show that it was cool sitting with people who rocked, he got into it more cause we were going so strong!

to anyone who thinks Joe should go back to just doing his solo stuff i say "go see a live show then say that". these guys are having the time of their lives! they are living the dream they all had growing up and getting into the business. to play the music they want to play with a bunch of guys they really enjoy being around, it doesn't get better than that. the affection they show towards each other is genuine and contagious. the way they treat their fans is awesome. i'm not saying give up the other gigs they all do but hell to let this much fun just fade away would be a tremendous loss to us all. anything else i would add would just be repeating what everyone already knows, CHICKENFOOT KICKS ASS!!!!!

oh yeah one more thing. before the show we were hanging out chatting to the local rock station crew doing the show, WCCC 106.9 The Rock. just the normal conversation talking about everything CF of course. about an hour before the show my wife stepped away from me to chat with one of the many fans we knew when the promo guy pulls me aside and starts asking me a few questions about how much we love CF. then he tells me that i can't tell anyone else but if we stick around another half hour he was taking us BACKSTAGE TO MEET THE BAND!!!! he then told me if i told ANYONE he wouldn't let us go. he didn't even want me to tell my wife! i told him i had to tell her, but no one else would hear a peep. then we went and hung out backstage awhile so the other groups could do their thing. a little while later it happened! Sammy headed straight to my wife for a hug and asked her if she was the one who left her panties in his dressing room, joking of course. then Joe said where's my hug, which my wife happily gave. then it was hugs and hand shakes all around as we joked and chatted before the guy came to take the pictures. the pics are at the CF site under

my wife is hugging Chad and i'm next to Sammy in back of Mikey. well thats about it for now, until sunday night when we get to meet JOE again in NH, then get to see another show in Boston on monday!!

WOW!!! What a night this was!! A HUGE thank you to the gang at 106.9 WCCC for the backstage M&G passes!!! You guys ROCK!!!
Meeting the whole band was a dream come true, and what fun we all had!!!! Thanks to Sammy, Chad, Joe & Mikey for another unforgettable night!!! Chickenfoot RULES!!!

~Darlene in R.I. /|\

WOW! What a show! The guys were tight, and really rocked for 2 hours! Chad threw more sticks out! Got 2 busted knuckles from the tambourine Chad threw into audience, but alas the guy in front of me ended up with it. All the songs sounded so much better live. The crowd was really into it as well. I highly recommend that you see this show if it comes to your town! Can't say enough about them Sammy can really sing still, and nice to see him break out the guitar and steel lap guitar for encore. Mike's harmonys were awesome and he slapped the hell out of the bass all night. Joe was just awesome, making that guitar do things that seemed impossible, and Chad was, well, Chad-high energy and clowning around while laying down some wicked beats all night!

A big thumbs up to Davy Knowles and BDS as well great start to show, has a promising future, and boy can he play!

Look forward to next time around!