Aug 22, 2009
House of Blues
Atlantic City, NJ
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I was there and actually handed Mike a shot to give to Sammy!!! - Here's to Caboing with you
guys...It was fantastic..Make sure you come back to the area soon.

I was there and it was absolutely amazing!!! Hope this isn't a one time thing've got the GOLDen goose with this group.

Love ya all....especially Sammy


Angie Grimes

The show was outstanding. The guys were sounding great. Got a Mikey Chickenfoot guitar pic. Sweet show. Cant wait to see them next year.

Had an AWESOME time!

Started out going in early for the backstage experience – I can’t recommend this enough!! We got our wristbands, set of guitar picks, backstage laminate, and a signed 8x10 of the band. They did explain that even though they gave us balcony seats, we had the option of being front row if we want…. Hmmm, let me think about this…..

We go in, and Joe Satraini was hanging out on stage going over his equipment. We were warned that he was working, and not to interfere, ok, cool. We started taking pictures – of course! - He stood up and said just stared chatting with everyone – very cool Joe! We had the raffle next – they picked my number, I won Michael Anthony’s Jack Daniels Bass Strings – WOW! Pretty cool right? I picked next, and chose Dave’s number, and since we had already won something he said to give his prize to someone else. I didn’t realize that once your number is out you are no longer in the running for being on stage for the encore, but honestly since we were right up front, we had awesome seats, we were fine with that! They picked 4 lucky folks, who I think have probably never smiled bigger!

Then we went on with the backstage tour, which was awesome! I can’t believe how many of the staff remembered me!! They radioed to tell Chad I was there, but he was late or with his wife or something, I hope I didn’t get him on trouble! (I promise it was PG!!) Saw Sammy walking around backstage, saw Davey Knowles from the opening act, but I didn’t know his music, so I didn’t realize I should be impressed! LOL!

Anyway, got to see where they practice backstage, went into their dressing room, and got some great pictures! My favorite picture is the one with us and the Jack Daniels bass – the little bottle of Jack he keeps in it is pulled out a little so you can see it. Also I love the picture with us and Satriani’s Chickenfoot guitar! Went back out and grabbed our spot. We got to hang out with some really great people up front again, some we knew from the Philly show, and some new great friends.

Concert kicked Ass! I don’t know what to tell you, other then any chance you get to see these guys – DO IT! Sammy was dead on again, he has soooo much energy, and connects with everyone, tons of fun to see live! And he had poured a shot of his Cabo Wabo Tequila into a wine glass, took a sip and gave the glass to the guy standing next to us to drink a shot – cool right! Joe – watching him is mesmerizing! His fingers are all over the place, totally on key; in the one song (see the video) he played with his mouth (LUCKY WIFE RIGHT!!) Michael – what can you say, love this guy! Talks to everyone, has fun, shared a few drinks with the guy next to us, just had so much fun! And last but still my favorite – CHAD F’N SMITH! Everyone got a drumstick again; including the people in the balcony Chad was throwing drumsticks up to!! – what?? I know right! That man can throw! The guy next to me totally got drunk for free, Sammy and Mike kept sharing with him, NICE! Michael pointed at me in the beginning and nodded his head, and eventually when Chad saw me he did too! Chad made mention to the crowd as well that his stick holder from Philly was here!! Damn that man is hot! Huh? Oh, right, back to the review…. Anyway, at the end of the concert Chad threw over his drum set, and Sammy was walking around with his Cabo Wabo Tequila. Somehow his Tequila ended up in Chad’s drum via the microphone hole! Chad fished it out and gave it to me, so I got an AWESOME souvenir!!

Opening act – Davy Knowles and the Backdoor Slam – these guys rocked! We would have bought their CD after the show, but we got kicked out because we had a bottle of tequila on us… That’s ok, we will order it online. Their last CD they worked with Peter Frampton on. Really, these guys rock, pick it up!

Only cons: The crowd wasn’t as great as Philly, fight broke out but was ended quickly by security, and the dumb chick next to me threw alcohol on everyone, but whatever. Ignored it, and had a blast! The photographers were worse here then Philly also, standing on the bench to get good shots totally blocking peoples view, but they left after a few songs. The one photographer is pre-med where I work, small world right!

Anyway – if you are able to get tickets, DO IT!
Chad, hottie, thanks for remembering me!!
Guys – thanks for another amazing night to remember! Can’t wait till next time!

Chickenfoot has refined their act as a non stop variety of music and personality! ..and reminding us of what Rock and Roll is all about! Thanks!

Chickenfoot Atlantic City, NJ 2009 ENDingWow

What a show! The band is tighter (musically) and looser (stage performance) than the NA Road Test Shows...ok thats not a contradiction! Every song by this band is a hit and seeing it live will blow you away. If you have the opportunity to see them. Dont Miss It! 3 shows down and i would see them again without hesitation. The fun these guys are having is in the music and will be smiling from ear to ear...its just that awesome!!!!

Great Show. Chad was throwing Drum Sticks out into the crowd the whole night and my wife got one. You can tell these guys are really having fun. I can't wait to see them again.


This was my first time seeing any of these guys other than Satriani who I've seen 7 times now. What an amazing, high-energy show! It was exactly what I was expecting to see. I missed the Baltimore show (I live there) but had to see the FOOT so off to Atlantic City it was. You guys are my favorite doubt! I will certainly be on the lookout for the next time you're touring back east. Yes, and Chad was a wildman. We knew the show was over after Chad kicked/knocked his entire drum kit to the floor and began smashing the cymbols!!!!


a great performance as expected, the crowd energy wasn't as high as Philly show was I thought. I was well to the rear of the floor area because we arrived a little late, but from there we didnt see the throngs of fans jamming with the band as we did in Philly. Not as much crowd interaction at A C, besides Chad throwing his sticks and tamborine into the crowd. No stick holder this Peace Rick

Rod (Ivory J) & I loved every second of this show! Thanks, Sammy for rockin NJ once again!!! Chickenfoot is one sick band!!!! Sick, I tell ya! The CD is A-mazing, but nothing compares to seeing these guys rock in person!! A recipe for heaven: Chickenfoot + lotsa Cabo Wabo + vintage Hagar + Sammy's Special Love; mix it up with some cool people you meet in line and at the show and you have a deliciously addicting concoction that made for a sweet escape from our 5 boys and life in general for a couple of hours! Alas! It's back to reality; but we'll SEE YOU IN CABO, SAMMY!! Thanks for signing our book! You know Ivory can't go 1 show without throwing something up for you to were gracious as always and we love you more every time!!! For those who want to rock....go see The Foot!! You'll be a Chickenhead for life! F*ck Yeah!....I mean, Oh Yeah!!!! Still up on cloud 1013....Judy in NJ. RedHeads Rule!

Great uptempo show, Sweet night, Here's a couple pic's....


absolutely awesome show. chad is a MAD MAN. he almost took one of my eyes out with a drum stick trying to hit the sound board guys.