Sep 20, 2009
Sunset Station
San Antonio, TX
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A wonderfull,yet, intimate night it was. I have seen JOE four times and this night had to be THE best !!The first,Extremist Tour was exciting. The G3, was AWESOME!!! SUPER COLLASSAL was GREAT....talking to JOE and meeting him was IT, autographs and all !!! But tonight I was in the company of my two teenage boys !! From the day the tickets went on sale to the day of the show, they were REALLY looking foward to this night. So far this one was the BEST !!! Thanks to the couple from South Carolina(?) That PINK lady was are the BEST !! Thanks for helping get my two boys closer to the stage, a DREAM come TRUE!!! An awesome night it was....
As for the show.....Sammy hit a few clunkers but for the the most part he was ON !!! Michael was just a BIT tipsy towards the end of the show but still managed to keep it tight.Joe kept it NICE & clean and was on THE WHOLE NIGHT !!! Joe kept to himself for the most part and would do his talking with his IBANEZ !!!
Sammy came up to JOE and let EVERYONE in attendance know that JOE was THE MAN. Chad put on a GREAT show. He threw out tons of drumsticks (my son caught one) We also scored two guitar picks (Sammy & Michael).
Sammy actually came up to my son and placed a pick in his hand. As for the set list they played most of the Chickenfoot CD, including Bitten by the Wolf !! Bad Motor Scooter and My Generation were played for the encore. Overall a great show !!!!

Great show in SA. Drove down from Austin as Sammy has been skipping us for the past few years. That's ok- worth the trip. I've been following Sammy since the early eighties-- and this is the best vocal performance I have ever heard from him. Unbelievable-you'd think it would be the other way around.

Hats off to Mike, Joe and Chad-- these guys are great together. Too bad just one more week of the tour. Wonder if we'll ever see them again with the -Peppers going back out now. Look forward to the DVD (and where is the Long Road to Cabo part2 dvd??)

The Foot Rocks!

Absolutely incredible show guys. I'm a Joe fan at heart, been one for many many years, seen him 6 times and finally tonight I was able to snag a guitar pick to complete my collection :) Thank you so much Joe. I'll treasure it forever.

Joe was amazing as usual, but the one who really surprised me was Sammy. Last time I saw him he was way more mishbehaved but tonight, he actually behaved himself. Scary right? Seriously though, the vocals were insane, it was great to see Sammy do what he does best. Side note, for those that attended the SA show, the Narcotics Officer hat he wore up on stage was thrown up there by my friend. Sammy, if you see this, dude you totally made my friends night when you wore that. Thank you.

I can't forget Chad and Micheal. You two rocked the place. I lost count how many drum sticks were thrown and Chad destroying the kit at the end, classic :) Micheal can play that bass still like a mean mother.

Overall, the experience was great. Sammy knows how to work the crowd and seeing Joe a bit more relaxed and just jamming out was great. I'm short so I saw little of Chad in action but certainly heard his handiwork. My ears are still griping at me. Same with Micheal, didn't see much as I stood over on Joe's side of the stage but he did make it over a few times. That was great.

If you've still got a chance to check these guys out, go for it. Completely recommend it. I hope you guys continue this project and release another album so you can come back and rock out again like that :)

J in SA.