Sep 27, 2009
Gibson Amphitheater
Universal City, CA
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Had an awesome time! You guys rock, and sorry Michael, I did not mean to scare you but thanks for the pic! Mailman in Azusa!!!!!

Damb you guys!!- Spoiled me from seeing any concerts except you in the future!! Sammy & Mike dont need no stinkin Eddie! After numerous VH/Sammy/Montrose/Wabo Ritas Shows, this blew them all away! Not seen a band have so much fun in a long time and I have seen everybody - Rock on Chickenfoot and bring us more!!!!!

7 Shows from PA to Va to NC to SC to GA to CA! CHICKENFOOT PLUCKIN ROCKS! I got my favorite BUZZ ON!

Nuff said.


As a chickenhead, I could not be more pleased to witness the performance that was. Many VH shows, many Sammy shows, this is it!
There MUST BE more.
Great show, great sound, great venue, small and intimate. WOW F'N WOW!!!
Dennis DeLano - Ventura CA

From the moment I heard that this band was forming I new that I had to see it. The anticipation of the show was killing me, then the day of the show I started to feel like maybe my expectations were a bit too high and I should not expect that much.
Well my friends let me tell you, Expect that Much! Wow, I have not seen a show in years and years that satisfied me like this one. My bud Eric that was with me that night knew of the guys, but had never heard even one single song before that night, and he did not want to miss a single second of the show, we both walked away afterward astounded. I have never seen shredding like smok’n Joe Satriani, Mind blowing, the things he does with that guitar,"Man"! Michael Anthony was the great performer he always was in Van Halen, carrying a rhythm like no other, and at times playing a Geddy Lee style lead bass, phenomenal! And those backing vocals, the back bone of the Van Halen sound, right on the money with this new music. With Sammy; I can’t believe this guy is still singing like a man in his twenties, He was matching Joe note for note at one point, That Tequilla he drinks must be from the fountain of youth, no one sounds as good as he does at any age. Great job Sammy! But I gotta say Chad Smith was the stand out performer of the night, every time this guy hit the set it was an explosion of sound. I never would have thought that the Chili Pepper’s drummer was such a mad man on the skins, this guy really made the band’s sound just rock. Any time these guys are in town I’m there!
So thanks Guys for one HELL-OF-A-SHOW, it was a spectacle to behold. Ben G. Westminster California

We told our family that we were traveling to LA to see a band called Chickenfoot. None of them had heard of them and thought we were a little crazy. We flew down from Seattle to experience the Chickenfoot energy in person. I overpaid for the tickets we got but to me it was worth every penny. We had front row right behind the pit. We've been to see Sammy three other times, once by himself and twice with VH. Sammy himself never disappoints and the four together were pure dynamite. My cankles are sore from jumping and rocking all night. It was also great-no, it was an honor to see Mr. Satriani for the first time in concert. Sammy played 3 different instruments in various songs on top of using his # 1 instrument, his voice. The guys showed a gold record they received for their album. We were blown away by their live performance, and so were 6,122 other people in the Gibson Amphitheatre! Sammy even said "'ll be hearing from us sooner than you think". Dare to dream - I look forward to these musical geniuses cooking up some more good to the bone rock & roll. One question left - Got Foot?

Aside from the Foot, we had the pleasure of hearing Davey Knowels. That young man kicked butt. He played bluesy rock like a young Stevie Ray Vaughn. I would watch for him to continue to explode in his genre and appreciate Chickenfoot for having him on their tour. Saw Queensryche also and was surprised at how good they sounded. The lead singer had his young daughter come out and sing a little bit also. I'm sure she was scared but she held up just fine. Thanks again Chickenfoot, Sammy, Mike, Joe & Chad for taking the time out of your life to put these tunes together and share them with all of us. Looking forward to more.

did anybody get a picture of sammy holding up the one and only banner of the night we had lots of sammy nuts sign that thing,great show, seen sammy in 1978 and havent missed a tour yet,this guy is unreal love ya sammy SCOTT MITCHELL, SAMMYS SHOP AND CANTINA