Apr 23, 2010
Cabo Wabo Cantina
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

FREE show as part of the 20th anniversary of the Cabo Wabo Cantina! Tickets are first come, first served by showing up at the venue the day of the show. Wristbands for the show will be given out at the venue starting at 8am.

Limited dinner tickets are also available and separate from the ones given for the shows. Dinner tickets for Friday and Saturday will be sold on Thursday at noon. They will also be sold on a first come first serve basis and at two seats per person. Cost will be $60 dlls each and will include dinner, welcome Waborita and acces to the club.

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Yes you will need a wristband for Thursday. They will be given out 8AM Thursday morning. The line will start sometime Wednesday, more than likely.....See ya all in line!

In line on Wed. for Thurs. show, you sure? Can I get two bands if my wifes not with me in line? thanks dude!

Does anyone know if you need a wristband for THURSDAY nite also? If so, is the pickup at 8:00??? Thanx.
Cabo Wobbler

No Joke!....but we would fly over to Mexico (arriba, arriba)to join this party with Chickenfoot. We are such great fans of Chickenfoot. But we're kinda worried, getting tickets, book the f... flight from Switzerland and in the end standing in front of cabo wabo, ay ay ay blimey!!!!
Keep on Rocking from Switzerland

Chris & Debs (You are the filling of my enchillada)


Ive wanted to get here for 20 years now and the dream is finally coming true!!!!! I cant wait to party with the foot and my idol -SAMMY HAGAR-. See you all there for the anniversary. Hagar Rules!!!
Cabo Wobbler

I'm booked and ready to rock with Hagar and the boys!!! LOVE CHICKENFOOT!!!!

What a nice surprise! the best way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of cabo wabo is with chickenfoot!!i went to cabo wabo for the first time in 1998,im going back now to the anniversary party on thursday 22,& hopefully i could get a ticket for the concerts on 23 or 24!!,take note im a n AeroMexico pilot fan from chikenfoot from the very beginning!!!gretings!!!

Alex ibanez.

Some things just line up. Good God - it my 46th Birthday on the 23rd April, I live north of Sydney in Australia, never seen Sammy, Mike or Joe and Mr Chad Smith inspires me to take it to the next level in my drumming. I am going to get to that gig if it is the last thing I do.

My first trip to Cabo! A friend told me, "Cabo Wabo's 20th Anniversary with Chickenfoot! You're going with me." So I am. I'm so looking forward to this.

this is the 1st chance i have to get down there. what time does the cantina open so i can be sure to get my tickets?

Missed October's show because I broke my leg on my way to the Cabo Wabo to stand in line. All healed up and coming back for 20th anniversary!

Great news about "the foot" in Cabo for the anniversary, I was at the grand opening and I'll be there in April, good times for all

im so freakin excited! First of all i love cabo... i go a couple times a year... So when i recently heard Chickenfoot was playing while i'll be there in April.... holy shiiite! Let's just say i'm damn excited.

rock on baby!!!

We'll be there

AWESOME! I was hoping that Chickenfoot would show up for the Cantina Anniversary!! We will be there all week! I can't wait! :)