Sep 11, 2010
Harvey's Lake Tahoe
Stateline, NV

Opening this show is Aaron Hagar and the Wabos

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When are you guys coming back to North Carolina?!
I cannot wait to see your show again. Last time was absolutely incredible.

This show was awesome, I loved Aaron and the wabo,s, and I think they should be the official support on the new tour. Was surprised that they did not tease us with one of the four new songs that they already had recorded prior to this show. But can't wait for the new Album and Bigfoot to be released this month.

I am a huge fan of Chicken Foot. I just love to listen their songs and music which is so rocking. Last year, I went to the concert of Chicken Foot with my colleague. It was superb and one of my unforgettable moment of my life where I got opportunity to see my favorite band singing live. It was so lively which I had never been before. I had a great time and enjoyed a lot by singing and dancing in their tunes with my friends. We had a blast. In coming days also, I don't want to miss their concert. I will be always looking forward to join their concert.

What an awesome show. My friend and i drove from Calgary Alberta Canada, a long round trip, but man was it worth it. It was the best live show that I've seen and I've been to a lot of shows. wish there were more shows cause i would see you play again... Maybe for the next album? See you in Cabo. Hasta pronto compas'...

September 11th Harvey's in Tahoe!

The first show I bought two VIP tickets for, it was going to be a celebration that my husband was in remission. Instead it was a day to lift my spirits as he passed away from a rare form of Lymphoma Cancer two weeks prior. I smiled all night long! :) I tossed a t-shirt up on stage to Sammy during the soundcheck that said TEXAS and at the end of the concert he put it on! He told me about how hot he was at the concert in The Woodlands, TX when he opened up on August 5th for Aerosmith. I went to that, the next day my hubbie went in hospital and never came out. Your music got me thru this that's forsure. Then to see Chad Smith looking at me, he tossed me a drum stick, then at the end of the concert thanks Chad for tossing me the cymbal stand. What a guy! I was on cloud nine by this time. Then going to the VIP party afterwards and meeting Aaron, which he was great opening up with the Wabo's. Loved that. I sang and danced in my boots all night long, a incredible concert. Just does not get any better than that. The weather was great, no Texas heat for me! I also meet many great Redhead fans that are now my friends. A bunch of great people from all over. I look forward to my next concert. Thanks to all of you for a great night! Peace, Con

....a great way to spend a 30th anniversary/ birthday seeing CHICKENFOOT......Aaron Hagar opening up the show w/ the Wabo's was great set...Aaron, a chip off the ol' the Bryan Adams'' summer of 69'' thrown in there!!!! the FOOT' as always came out blazing with pure are hitting notes on your guitar that would make dog's ears make it look easy Mike....thumping that bass any harder would cause a landslide at Heavenly Valley Chad.....did the spirit of Keith Moon enter you at 10 speed overdrive? Sammy..... you make it all click, great vocals, great showmanship...and nasty ass,bad ass on the slide guys truly are great guys play the way rock should be played.... loud,hard, balls to the wall,just pure rock..... can't wait for the next cd/dvd/in 2011? lets hope so.....with the success of Cabo Wabo cantina...could ''the CHICKEN SHACK'' be far behind? if of two please, and keep m' coming!!! again great show!!!

Totally amazing performances by Aaron & The Wabo's and Chickenfoot! Got to meet Mona in the casino, Aaron down at the Cabo Wabo and Chad at the airport! A great weekend overall! Anxiously awaiting the completion and release of the second Chickenfoot CD. To bad the guys couldn't give us a taste of something new at the show.
Still just a little confused as to what happened to the VIP package ticket holders private party in the redrocker room with food and drink, and why we had to fight for position up front with soundcheck upgrade package ticket holders.

Amazing show! I have always loved Van Halen, the Chili Peppers and ESPECIALLY Joe, and to see these 4 guys together was a blast. Sammy's son Aaron did a hell of a job getting the crowd warmed up, and it just kept getting better. I will not miss them if and when they return!

I've been to alot of concerts in my days and this had to top them all with 4 guys up there having so much fun, it was like having your friends come over for a jam session that turned into a big party.

Second year in a row for me and will continue to support these guys


Hey Chickenheads!
I need two last minute tickets for tonights show.ANYbody know someone with extra tickets? I live in the Sacramento area and can drive up to Tahoe and meet you there to pick up tickets. Call me at 916 439 2051 or email me at

Wild Willie

We're traveling from Portland to Tahoe for the 9/11 show - surprising my sister for her birthday!! :)
For those of you that have been to the Harveys show...any advice on what time to be at the venue and where are the best seats? Thanks!

So looking forward to seeing Chickenfoot again! 96.9 The Eagle announced that Aaron Hagar and the Waboritas were also going to be there.
The Eagle, if I understood correctly, mentioned Chickenfoot released a new CD today.... I see nothing about it on the website or on itunes...was something new released?

Landed a room deal at the Royal Valhalla tahoeroyalvalhalla(dot)com from Yahoo travel for the show weekend, it's an older place but who needs anything more and it's right across the street from the beach and walking distance to the show

HAHAHAH thats funny i just booked the same hotel!!

Saw the foot last year in tahoe and it was one of the best shows ive ever seen!! Six buddies and myself already have the tickets and cant wait to see em again in September!!!...but i cant help but wonder if maybe we'll here a song or 2 off there next record?? Hope so!!!

3rd time seeing chickenfoot, can't get enough of their awesomeness!

Saw Chickenfoot last year @ Harvey's..... Excellant.... Yes... already have our tickets and going for 9/11. Can't wait to see you all there!

I turn 39 on 9/11, will be spending the weekend in Tahoe with Chickenfoot all the way from Buffalo, NY!!!

They don't have floor seats at Harvey's. I went to the show last year with VIP tickets, suppose to have first 5 row seating. Found out after I got there that there is no floor seating. I too am disabled and ended up sitting in the bleachers that seemed to be 1/2 mile away. Little disappointed there, but it was still a great show.

I have a dilema. The Chickenfoot show that was just announced on Sept. 11 is on MY BIRTHDAY!! My mom and I want to go, but unfortunately my mom has diabetes and poor eyesight. In order for us to go, I would need to get floor seats. But I'm not in the fan club, so getting floor seats will practically be impossible. If anyone can help me please contact me by e-mail: I don't care about the price as long as it isn't too outragous (say $1000 dollars a ticket). PLEASE HELP!!!

It's a general admition show, ... no floor seats

Whats the promo password for the pre-sale? Anyone see that?

The code/password appears on the tour page when you are logged into your account and have an active fan club membership.