Jan 12, 2012
Manchester, UK
Presale at 9am local time.
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fantastic show, i felt a wave of emotion when they walked on stage, just awesome, i need another fix know best watch get your buzz on again.

Awesome show. The Academy was f-ing packed!!

Had a beaming smile on my face in certain parts of this gig.

I have seen joe a few times before but he seems to be having more fun than ever on stage in a band context. Not that he isnt in a band when he is a solo artist! lol

Never seen The Hagar before but his voice sounded great. Has still got a lot of energy jumping round in a funny looking homemade Hagar tee-shirt at one point.

Michael still has a youthful enthusiasm too always seems to enjoy it up there.

I was worried the gig was going to lack Chad's larger than life personality but Kenny did an admirable job and has a charm all of his own.

You know you have been at a good gig when you feel uplifted at the end with your faith trulty restored in music and that's how I felt.

Long live the 'foot!

PS I love those Chickenfoot III logo guitars. I want one!

FANTASTIC show hope they show some footage on a dvd to show the world manchester footsoldiers RAWKED, hope the foot return to the uk in summer that would be awesome f.u.c.k =VH= the foot is the BOMB /|\

THE FOOT KICKED ASS in manchester ,you gotta see these guys live, fantastic musicians, somethings going wrong was awesome live, sammy and the boys never fail to deliver, a fantastic energized set, ithought sammy's voice was better shape than london, and kenny did a great job for chad, mikey has always rocked hard, and joe was smokin, can't wait for the next installment of CHICKENFOOT COME BACK SOON the BUZZ cont.... O YEA /|\

The Foot were awesome in manchester, hope they show some of the footage they filmed on a DVD of an amazing night ,long live CHICKENFOOT /|\ come back soon :>)

Some pro pics for you all here too:


THE MIGHTY Chickenfoot returned to raise the roof off in manchester what a fantastic show ,something going Wrong was awesome live, the set list was great and kenny did a fantastic job for chad, now i know why he picked him, sammy and mike always never fail to rock the uk and satch was smokin, the highlight for me was not only meeting mike and sammy waited 30yrs for that moment, but during BIGFOOT my union jack flag i threw up on stage to let the world know the foot were here in the UK TO KICK ASS ended up on sammys mic all through the show all i can say was the best day and night EVER, long may they CONTINUE... the BUZZ was on in MANCHESTER O YEA /|\ LIKE WALDO i will never know what happened to the flag hope it got back to USAT

Fantastic concert guys! I especially liked the extended jam on "Down the Drain". The performance was flawless and even better than the studio version in my opinion. Setlist was awesome, was a nice mix of hard rock and softer melodic rock. And cool bass solo from Mike. :D

Awesome gig, I still think London 2009 was the best Chickenfoot gig ever with this one running a close second, the only negative comment I have is the smoke on stage played havoc with my camera so getting some awesome pics was difficult...plus that smoke stinks and made me feel ill (please don`t use it again) other than that the band sounded great the interaction with the crowd was awesome, and listening to the soundcheck was pretty cool too albeit through a metal shutter...looking forward to the full tour.

yea i found it difficult too to get great pics hope you like the ones i posted i tried my best for the footsoldiers of the world who couldn't be there /|\

30 years since I last saw Sammy at the mighty Glasgow Apollo! Bring it on

Can't wait till Manchester give us ALL a good show guys GET IT ON

Please add some more UK dates - I've missed out on tickets and would love to see you guys, book for Rock City Nottingham, Sheffield O2, or Leeds O2 Acadamy ideally, but anywhere would be good.

As my girls have said before, WE NEED MORE UK TOUR DATES.

Please Please Please add some more UK dates, ive missed out on tickets.

can't wait for the return of the foot to the UK LONDON WAS AWESOME /|\

well done scarredforlife,great effort. sick of all these "music fans" who sit on their arse & then moan that they dont get to see any live gigs.
i'm in manchester too (from IOM) then to tilburg. its GOTTA be done...i could be dead tomorrow...

Missed out on Cabo again this year so our only chance of a Sammy / Chickenfoot fix is over here in Manchester , where we first seen Sam way back in 1978 !! lots have happened in the world since then but Sammy still rocks !!!
See ya in UK , Dave & Shee',,

Both shows booked can't wait for the shows, 2009 was a blast.

Get ready,Get set,Get going to Manchester. CF III.

Tickets booked, hotel booked and flights booked from Northern Ireland

Ordered My tix for this event