Jan 17, 2012
Tilburg, NL
Presale at 10am local time.
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O man What a night.
Me and my Girlfriend attended a concert were the band really had fun playing there music.
The 013 was blown away by the enormous enthusiasm and energy and visa versa.

Tilburg rocked that night

thanks guys for a great evening.


And it's Big Foot kicked everyone's a$$. I made a few photo's and put them on my photo gallery. Should anyone be interested, you can view them on http://samstegers.nl/mijngallery3/index.php/Concertjes/Chickenfoot-013-1...

Can't wait for the summer to see them somewhere on a festival.

Rock on!!


Last night CHICKENFOOT in 013 -Tilburg: WOW!
What energy, what a virtuosity, what fun, totally awesome!
Probably already THE concert of the year ..

Rock for me!!! I miss my friends so please make them feel welcome. Especially the drummer.Thanks!

Still have to work for about 3 hours... So thnk god i have a job ! Looking forward to tnight !

gonna be rockin' hard on jan 1`7th

Yeahhh!! Got me tickets for Tilburg and Düsseldorf!

Is there not a meet & greet to this event ?

Correct - no meet & greet packages for these Road Test shows.

YEAHHH !!! Got me three tickets and gonna enjoy the event in a terrific venue !!!!