Jun 03, 2012
Schnitzer Hall
Portland, OR
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best fucking concert i have been to. great to the foot on stage finally. its been 35 yrs since i saw sammy on stage, back then he openned for boston and that was an awesome show. sammy stole that show of course. great show foot. hope to see the foot in portland again soon.

Greatest concert I have ever been to!!! The meet and greet was great but there is one problem. Where in the heck do I go to download the picture of me with the Foot?

The Foot was GREAT last night! We were up front and center in row B. Gonna see them in Seattle on Wednesday. WOOT!

Off to a preshow party and then off to the Schnitz for the best show of the year. CHICKENFOOT in Portland. See you all there.G3

3 month wait is over!!!! Love me some Foot tonight, yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Portland Chickenfoot. I'll be wearing my Joe shirt and pushing my wife's wheelchair.

Heading for my second show this year. Saw The FOOT at NY Webster Hall while on business in NYC now I get to see them in my hometown! get ready to Get your Buzz on!!!

Looking forward to next weekend, see you in Portland :)

Just wanted to let you all know, I am trying so hard to find out if the venue has handicap seats. Freddy and I got tickets from Lilly and I just had a horrible accident. I shattered my knee and had to have reconstructive surgery. I am home now and trying really hard to hold onto this concert. It will really hurt my heart if I cant end up going. Many of you know Joe and Sammy have become so dear in my heart for many reasons. They have helped me and Freddy through some really hard times. So now I got a wheel chair donated, wish us luck on getting handicap seats. love you all ~Shannon

So bummed to hear about your accident! We here in the admin broom closet wish you speedy and full recovery.

I found info for the ADA compliance folks at this venue: http://www.pcpa.com/information/ada-accessibility

Also, a generic message to all you Soldiers out there - any venue has to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and even a temporary injury qualifies. Most of the time your doctor will know about this, as well as being able to provide documentation if necessary. Don't hesitate to use this feature of our democracy if you need it. Contact venues directly for more info, and contact us if that doesn't work.

Lookin 4ward 2 Foot!!!

Saw the second show in Tahoe and can't wait for the show in Portland!!!!!!!!!!!
Joe and Sammy were better than I have ever seen!!!!!

I have to tell you bout a dream I had. It was awesome funny. So, I dont remember Mine and Freddy's wedding due to brain damage. I was dreaming that he and Joe cooked something up and they helped Freddy propose to me all over again. Joe was his best man and Sammy was my dude of honor. It was a great dream full of fun. See I guess I am all excited about seeing these guys for the first time. :-)

Hi, I am Shannon, Freddy's wife. I am looking forward to seeing this and being there. In my head it will be my first, even though everyone else says I have been to one before. I am sooo excited. For me its all so new. If you can imagine waking up one day and not knowing your spouse,children, cell phone, computer, microwave, you can tell what the idea of seeing a live show like this would be like. I feel like a kid. Cant wait , yee haw! Thank you Lily. Since my accident life is so different than I remember. One of the first songs I heard was one from Joe, it was the ringtone thingy on my cell phone. Then Freddy played ChickenFoot for me. I cry because the music makes me feel so good. I love it sooo much, Someday I would love to meet them all and tell them how they have helped me in my recovery. This Friday is mine and Freddy's 21 wedding anniversary. This show will be our celebration.

Thanks to fellow T2J'er, my wife and I will be attending the Schnitzer show. Thank you Peace Lilly. For those of you that don't know we went to the Tahoe show in 2009. Soon after that my wife had an accident and banged her head pretty bad and suffered amnesia of about 30 or so years of her memories. We are building new memories and it will include Chickenfoot III

That's an intense story! Glad she made it through, and that you're helping with some awesome memory making. This tour should be great for that!

When the accident first happened, I posted it there so our other friends could catch up, and maybe spur a memory relapse or something. Although that didn't quite happen, I had posted that we had met Joe on a couple occasions. I remember meeting him my wife didn't. Joe did post his well wishes for us and mentioned that he would look forward as we were to making new memories listening to his solo and foot music, as well as the chance to meet him again if it was to be.
Looking forward to the Portland Foot show.

DDDDUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I am so slammin sammy happy that I am able to see the fellas for the PDX show I sure wish I could hear Sammy play at Least ONE MONTROSE tune in Tribute to Ronnie though what a loss and a tragedy. I HAVE LOVED ALL OF THESE GUYS FOR SO LONG IN ALL OF THEIR BAND CONFIGURATIONS FOR YEARS!!!! I really am looking forward to seeing the surfing alien at his best with Micheal singing those sweet harmonines CAN'T WAIT love you guys!!!!

Can't wait , got the meet and greet package with a front row seat. Meeting Sammy was one thing on my bucket list, a wish come true.

cant wait gonna be one heck of a show

I was thinking just thinking about seeing VH in Tacoma but PASSED ON THAT BIG TIME!
I LOVE Chickenfoot!!!! They will ROCK your Red Socks off!!! Can't Wait I'm so EXCITED!!!!

Row Z FTW. Cant wait

Gonna be there! Very excited to see the show!

I'm so there orchestra A row M.

Orchestra A Row M
Very excite

Got my tix and ready to rock ! 7'th row Joe's side!

Wow, 2nd row pit. I thought these seats would be reserved for VIP packages only, but I lucked out and scored 2 seats. Very excited.

Got 12th row baby....Joe's side!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!

Could I get the code from you fellow Joe lover!?!

only can be used once....pony up $40 and join the club

Can't wait, Haven't seen Sammy since I went to Cabo for his B-Day Bash in 2009.

This is gonna be Unfrickenbelievable! Hope Chad is gonna be with them! Check out my band at: www.facebook.com/smokehouseband

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! The foot comes down, going !o be a great show!

I am ready to Rock the house with the Band YEAH..... ; ) I have orchresta seats too. Oh yeah... ; )

Let's do this!!!

Well it's about time!! They didn't have a stop in the NW on their first tour, Joe always hits Portland on his tours. Wish Chad was touring with them. Can't wait!

This is gonna be FUN!!

Cant wait for this epic event!!!

VERY happy to see the Foot coming back to the great Northwest. Had to fly to San Diego & Seattle just to see Hagar over the last two years.