Jun 06, 2012
WaMu Theater
Seattle, WA
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Anybody have an idea when Foot starts their set? Have to work late and don't want to miss the their opening song! Thank you

Row 13, sec A!!!! Not front row but close enough! Can't wait to see the Foot Stomp Seattle!!!

Anyone know what the photo policy is going to be for this show?

I'm going!

This will be the best ever since the "RoadTest" show we saw in L.A.! Not to mention closer to home, and the "Meet & Greet"! The Foot just keeps gettin' better!

Last Time The Da Foot Rocked Was SO Hot..The Fire Marshall Showed Up..He's NOT Invited To This Show...So Kick Ass As Always !!

So excited!

Saw Sam with the Wabos in September, now I finally get to see Chickenfoot! Hell yes!

OhYES! This is gonna be good!!!!

Yay! Got some good seats I think! Party in section D!!

YAY!!!! Scored me some TIX!!!! SEA ya!

I know everyone loves the "FOOT" but to much $$$ for the VIP packages. I hv been to Tahoe 7 times, the cruise to Mexico 2 c Sammy and Chickenfoot in Seattle. I was hoping that they would be a little more reasonable. We do plan on c'ing Chickenfoot and staying at the Silver Cloud Hotel the night of the show. Hope 2 c many of the friends and fans that I have met through the years.

I agree about the cost of the VIP Packages... when I saw the price for ONE ticket of Meet & Greet, my jaw dropped! Holy Chickenfoot!

I realize $550 is a lot of money, but people need to chill out about the price of the M&G. I for one am happy that they even offer the M&Gs. But go look at the cost of VIP packages for other singers/bands. $550 will get you a ticket and dinner to Neil Diamond (No M&G).

LMFAO - 325 (M&G)
Beach Boys - 325 (M&G)
Madonna - 1250(party/no M&G)
Van Halen - 895 (party/no M&G)
Eagles - 895 (party,dinner/no M&G)
Bryan Adams- 300 (M&G)
Nickelback - 225 (No M&G)

All things being equal, it is a good value for meeting a band like CF. Hell VH and Eagles charge almost $900 and there's no sure M&G???

Since this will be in the Seattle section, I pose this question: What price would you put on a M&G with Ken Griffey Jr (Including some merchandise and a front row ticket to see him play)?

It's not like they're asking $550 for a GA ticket. It's a once in a lifetime chance to meet the person/people that you've followed for 20/30 years.

I was fortunate to get to go to the first show in Seattle as well ! Crazy Cool. They are on fire. I will be there in 2012 for sure. See everybody there. It is time to Rock !

you guys are my new favorite band. The best band out there for sure. The latest album is killer and been on my #1 playlist in the car for a month now. I've been spreadin the word about how good you guys are as well. proud to be a foot soldier. So looking forward to the Seattle show!! See you guys there. Rock on!

Looking forward to the Seattle show and VIP tix. I also saw the show at El Co and will be in Oklahoma Memorial weekend to c u @ Rocklahoma Fest 2012.

Can't Wait for the WaMu Show in Seattle!!!! Cabo also this year!!!!! Sammy and Chickenfoot Forever, put your FOOTdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About time you came back to Seattle! See you every year in Tahoe but Seattle is so much closer! Can't wait.

Fukeneh! I am stoked for this show. Saw you Chickenfoot live at El Corazon on Seattle and about died making my way to the front of the stage. Looking to get those meet and greet tickets for me and my Dad! This is gonna be awesome!