Jun 10, 2012
Greek Theater
Los Angeles, CA
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The show at the Greek was a highlight of the 2 week vacation I took with my 14 yr old son ravensjeff jr. We had excellent seats in one of those boxes- so close with a great view. Sammy is such a great artist, that it was surprising that he only played the guitar for 1 (or 2) songs. But hearing how great Joe played- you understood why. The band was great-sounded excellent. My son was wondering though why it smelled like a family of skunks attended the show!! I told him Welcome to California!! Time for another record and tour. And thanks for the great memories that myself & son will never forget.

I have seen Van halen many times, Seen sammy for the 1st Time In cabo back in 1997 when he had marching to mars Cd just released, And the reason I went down there was because I 1st met him in person In Honnolulu,Hi on the last day of my honeymoon standing in the ALOHA PLAZA Sammay came outside trying to rush to the airport an gave me a hug an spent 2-mins talkign to me an my wife, That day changed my life,Sammy is awesome, down to earth, I then decided I was goign to Cabo! well anyways I was always a VH fan & redrocker fan and the this Chickenfoot CD comes along and it is so Freaking awesome I wanna cry cause My frinds went to chicago show, unfortunatly I was already booked to go to The keys an fish in Florida & missed it! Please tell us if your ever going to add just a couple mroe shows here or there?? Thanks & Make it a Great day! Hard core SAMMY HAGAR FAN!

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Went to The Greek last Sunday!!! (Sammy, it was my 1st time at The Greek too!!!!) Flew over to LA from Mexico City & you guys ROCKED & DELIVERED!!! Also went to Staples Center the day before & have to say that in my humble opinion Van Halen isn't the same without you Mike & Sammy. There's a lack of soul in there.... (and when your guitarist & bass player backing vocals are consistently heard in tune more often & more frequently than the one's of your lead singer.... dude you have a problem....). Man I can't stress enough how much I liked the show WITH Sammy's & Mike's vocal performances!!! Guys WTF!!!! How tight must those pants be in order to reach those notes and to be answering those Joe's guitar dive bombs!!!!! You guys keep your voice so nice!!! (Nevertheless you don't fool me my friends, that tequila also works wonders am I right?? :P )

Joe you are AMAZING!!! Seeing you perform with a band that differs from what I've seen you on tour with traditionally on your solo career & with G3 was not just a big question initially for me but the MOST PLEASANT SURPRISE to witness live. You didn't cease to amaze me! Not to mention this is the first time I've seen you pull out a 12 string + double-neck guitar and not an Ibanez one but a GIBSON :O You were so "in your element" and being a such a team player throughout the show & backing up Sammy's lead guitar at the end of it... That ego-less attitude is admirable coming from such an amazing, talented & accomplished guitar player as you. Man you're definitely a person to look up to & and inspiring musician.

Unarguably Chickefoot's show stepped onto VH's (and to put things in perspective Van Halen is my favorite all time band. I had to see them live so I could rest in peace). The Other Half + Satch & Kenny is a way better show in my concert book. When will we have the Foot come down to Mexico guys??? Not just Cabo Sammy c'mon!!! Ask Joe!!! He can tell you how great Mexican fans are and how venues such as Metropolitan Theater are definitely good ones (and btw you'll sell them out for sure!!!)

Sammy you said "invite us" to the guy with the "come to Brazil" cardboard. I am. This was an amazing experience. Somebody's gotta call Mick Brigden and bring you guys over!!!! (perhaps I will!! $$$$)


So stoked for this show!!!

Let's BLOW the roof off The Greek!!!

Gonna sing at the TOP of my lungs!!!


Looking forward the concert. I'm coming from Brazil specially for the show. Can't wait!!!!

Rock on LA.....wish the biggest fan in all the land from TX could be there........The Foot rocked TEXAS baby.....Go LA....

I cant' wait to see Sammy and the guys.... I'm coming from Brazil specially for the concert.

Going to the June 10th show at the Greek-----6th row pit and tailgating before.

That event will be gorgeous. I hope I will be there and enjoy myself. Thanks dude. :)

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I'm looking forward to visiting it finally! I can't wait anymore!

I'll see all my SOCAL Redheads & Chickenheads @ the show.Can't wait to see the FOOT! Sammy & the guy's are gonna rock the Greek Theater!!!


Why didn't the Primo code work? Paid $100 premium, but had to pay regular price! Let's fix this.....

going going gone
book and can't wait till june
traveling from australia to go to chicken foot oh yeah

Just bought fanclub tix, airline tickets booked and paid for, hotel booked. We are coming from Bendigo Australia ( 100 miles from Melbourne ) for this gig!!!! First time seeing Sammy live. Can't wait!!!!!!

Just got the tickets. I thought pre-sale $40 bucks OK, we are going to be close.
We ended up in Section "B" Row "F". I was hopeing for Section "A" somewhere.
Now I'll be checking after pre sale to see if I got a good deal...
Stay tuned, Dave

Love the presale. Got 3rd room PIT for the Greek show. Can't wait! See all your Foot Soldiers there!

So I'm confused? If you're a $40 fanclub member, do the tickets go on presale to us on tues 3/27 or fri 3/30? It says preview...? What am I previewing? hmmmmm?

Presales and packages go on sale to fan club members on 3/27. When you're logged into this site, use the links above to access the fanclub member sales on the date listed with the link.

Will the show on June 10, at the Greek Theater be available for presale for fan club members when they go on sale

Yes, a presale for fan club members is planned in advance of the public onsale.

Got the Baby Blue T-Shirt, cant wait for the concert! Pre sale come on!

So the Greek Show. Still no presale ? I thought tickets go onsale to the public March 1st.. Tomorrow is March 1st ! What's up? Are we still going to get a chance or not?

I don't see any way or link to get these presale tickets ( for Greek theatre). It's after 10am? Will these be on sale another day?

When is the pre-sale link going to be active?

TICKET PRESALES for Fan Club members begin Feb 28th at 10am local time. Ticket links will be posted on the main "Tour" page as soon as they are available. Shows without pre-sale dates listed are happening after the 28th and will be announced as soon as they are determined.

What happened to all the VIPnation links?

VIP Nation moved the tickets back into Ticketmaster to make them easier to find & purchase.

When are the pre-sale tickets or links going to be active for the June 10, 2012 show? I have received e-mails that said pre-sale February 28, 2012. I see no links but the Greek Tickets are selling right now. WHATS UP???

My apologies, this show is one the few shows that are *not* going up for presale today. We will post details and links as soon as we receive them from the promoters.

Will fan club members be notified whey they become available or should I just hang tight for a little while?


Saw them at Avalon in November. Can't wait to see them at the Greek. What a Great Venue to see them at.

Joe! I can't wait to see my old bum buddy perform!


Cant wait! Vegas and LA WOO HOO!!

We will be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going for sure on this date. :)

I'll be there with Little Sammy! Limo Time Lance!

I may have to take Lance up on a ride to this show...

Went to the Road Test in LA at the Avalon and can't wait to see the Foot again at the Greek! Just picked up 3rd row PIT during Presale today.