Fan Photos by axeshredder

What a Rock show!
Mike on Fire!

The best Flames on any Axe...and Mike's a great Guy!

Joe & Sammy
Nice Hardware
Chickenfoot Fan
Guitar Worlds Reader Poll 2010


Chickenfoot Toons
Fillmore NY NA Test Tour
Chickenfoot Movie Mishap

a long story....but if anyone interested, ill tell it....sweet reward!!!!

Chickenoot Poker table
Chickenfoot Atlantic City, NJ 8-22-2009
Mike Manning/ Joe Satriani's Guitar Tech Station
Smokin Joe's Pedalboard

Notice EVH pedal!...A class act!

Tonight Show Wall
Chickenfoot Live!..NYC


Chad's Drums

Whats really cool about this photo is ...notice the markers on the chickenfoot matt his set is on....each piece is marked so its set up perfectly...never seen that...pretty cool

Chickenfoot Amplifier / Backstage
Chickenfoot Light Frame

too bad they werent on

Chickenfoot White

A closeup of my favorite Chickenfoot Axe...=)

Sammy Signs my Banner

This is the Second Banner Sammy Signed...first was VH 2004...He never lets ya down!