L. Johnny Ala Jr,


April 14, 2009
Santa Maria, CA
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Sammy & Joe
Sammy & Joe
Sammy in a Purple Haze
Sammy in the lights
Michael Anthony
a pic of Sammy smiling at my daughter Lyric
another one of my daughters hand and Sammy
my daughter giving Sammy the 'rock' sign, and Sammy looking at my daughter.
Chad, call me for the Chicken & Waffels dinner!

Chad destroyed the drums!

Mr. Boombastic (can I eat Chicken & Waffels with you!!!)

Chad, can I eat some Chicken & Waffels with you? Email me!
The best personality in all the itunes clips & my favorite drummer! I cant wait for him to talk in the interviews. Funny, Funny, Funny! (please tell me those Jason Bonham rumors are not true)

The Boogie Man
"the best teeth in rock n roll"

As Dave Letterman said about Sammy in 1997. "the best teeth in Rock n Roll"

Bad Motor Scooter (my all time fav Sammy song)

This song came out the year I was born. I did not hear it until 1997 though on the Marching To Mars tour (my 3rd time seeing Sammy) I Love This song. & it was cool, to have Sammy take a seat right in front of me to play it.

Bad Motor Scooter
you can't get a closer seat than I had

I was so close, I had a hard time zooming out with my camera

The Red Rocker
Sam & Joe (smell my armpit)

I Love this shot too!

The Voice of Rock!

The best voice in Rock n Roll.

I was Bitten By The Chicken

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