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April 14, 2009
White Plains, NY
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AWESOME Meet & Greet VIP Package!!!

As many times as I have met Sammy, whether it has been with VH, The Wabos or on his own elsewhere, very little, if ANYthing could have prepped me for the Chickenfoot show this past Saturday...
As soon as the VIP packages went on sale, I immediately grabbed up two of them knowing that come hell or high water, I was doing this show OVER THE TOP, and it was going to include meeting Sam, Mike, Joe and Kenny...what I DIDN'T know, was who was going to go with me and share the Foot Soldier experience...
As it turns out, my chiropractor and friend, Leigh had recently been becoming a...

Sammy meets Sammy....

Although I WAS at the Irving Plaza show back in May of '09, I wanted to introduce you all to the newest, perhaps only 4-legged Chickenhead...

My new pal, Sammy the Yorkie is the canine twin of Sammy Hagar...they both LOVE to be wild and crazy, have a party every day, meet TONS of girls and they both only drink the best!!!

...and his favorite track off the CD is "OH YEAH"!!!

My dog put his FOOT DOWN!!!

Thanks to Joe, Chad, Mike and the REAL Sammy for an AMAZING Year of the guys rock to the highest levels of rock-ivity!!!

Jon Bassuk...

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